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Geek Laner - The ultimate geek lifesaver

The first RPG platform completely community-based

About the project

Geek Laner is a social platform that intends to mix all geek universes and blend their dynamics in order to create a brand new type of website.

It is an online world that matches your taste, that you build with us and which, in the future, will become entirely customizable, interactive and dynamic. Even main pages.

It is both a collaborative website, and a place to get news updates and share with others. Thanks to the HUB, content creators who want to launch their activity or just have a nice time will be able to post their live, videos, illustrations, cosplays and writings, and they will finally get visibility for their work.

As a user, you will enjoy chatting via the ultramodern forum and the pm features as well as be able to write your own news and critics while sharing them with your friends. And not only will you give to the community but also receive: missions, fame, money, titles and items with its RPG system.

By adding your preferences and top lists, you will access game, movie, anime and book suggestions depending on what you like, allowing you to discover new horizons and unlock customization options so that every single user will feel at home in their own version of the website.

But this is only the visible part of the iceberg-continent that is Geek Laner because, after learning to communicate with the NPCs, you will discover hidden quests and loot, encrypted messages and a world much deeper than you’d ever imagined.

This social platform might not only be Role Playing.