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Conversion Game

Can't trust anyone, but you can convert them!

About the project

Conversion is a totally original, multimedia concept game, played both on a board and online. It's a game for special occasions. The more players there are, the greater the interest.

In the 40 rooms of a medieval castle, up to 12 players observe each other, without knowing if their neighbors have characters from the forces of Good, such as fairies or exorcists, or from forces of Evil, like werewolves or zombies. They could also be enemies who will try to convert you. As the conversions progress, the players change sides, fueling the mystery. No one is left out during the game and everyone has a chance of winning until the end.

The games are limited in time to keep the rhythm and suspense. The end of the game is epic! It happens when a player drives a stake into the heart of the sleeping Great Demon. This lethal action gives 12 points to the valiant player. If the sunset arrives earlier, the Great Demon wakes up and the forces of Evil win, each of their players gaining 20 points.

A successful conversion gives 12 points to the player, and even 20 if it’s done with surprise! Finding the crypt is worth 10 points, reading funeral inscriptions 5, finding the tomb of the Great Demon 8. 

The top-scoring player is declared the winner of the game. The points are accumulated from one game to the other, allowing players to move up in the ranking on the game's web page.

The rounds are dynamic. Players plan their actions and execute them in order of priority:

  • Runes are activated
  • Conversions and crystal ball questions are implemented using a web page accessible to everyone near the game board. This is the way to protect the identity of the characters, thus keeping the mystery.
  • Point-winning actions in the crypt are entered on the web page

  • Players share a cotton bag containing thick cards to find secret passages, crystal balls, stakes, runes and, most importantly, the crypt where the Great Demon awaits his awakening.

  • The tokens are moved on the board

Player handbooks allow you to take notes with erasable markers (included), just like on a personal whiteboard.

Players in the same room of the castle can chat in secret, away from the other players. It's time to talk strategy, bluff about your identity, share the notes taken during the game. You can use strategy, or play casually. No matter your level of play, you will have created a memorable experience with your friends.

The game can also be played without an internet connection.

Download the rules from here.

What are the funds for?

The funds will go towards the production of the game and certification for sale in Europe and America, as well as shipping costs to distribution centers.

The objective is to cover half of the production costs.

If contributions exceed the target, funds will be used to cover, in order:

  • The balance of the production, certification and shipping costs
  • Fees related to the game's website
  • Professionals fees (illustrators, translators, video designer)
  • Prototyping costs

If the contributions meet the objective, the game will be produced using very high quality standards.

If the contributions surpass the objective and reach $9900, the game design will benefit from a deluxe upgrade:

  • The tokens will be made of ceramic, instead of cardboard and feel satisfyingly solid,
  • The cotton bag containing search card will be made from high quality cotton and feel soft,
  • The rules booklet will be printed on glossy paper.

If the contributions reach $29000, a User Experience professional will redesign the game website to achieve great usability, robustness and responsivity.

About the project owner

It’s the work of a lifetime!

12 people played the first game of Conversion in 1996, most of them graduate students of McGill University, like me. Despite the black and white board and the perfectible mechanics of searching for secret passages, the players were delighted, men and women, experienced players and novices alike. This experience convinced me of the game's playful potential. Repeated experiences like this one over the years prevented me from abandoning the concept, despite the setbacks.

Advances in technology and hard work have allowed me to simplify the mechanics of the game. Through many interactions with professionals in the board game industry, I have transformed this one-of-a-kind game into a set that fits in a box and a web browser. Despite everything, this game remained too ambitious and innovative for editors.

Through my day-jobs, including several years as a project manager in high-tech companies, I was able to develop the skills to have equipment produced in local and overseas factories. This work also made it possible to finance the illustrations of all the elements of the game by a highly talented professional, Yannick Bouchard. The characters were designed by David Cérat.

More recently, a slime shop on Etsy with my daughter gave me the experience of selling online, preparing orders and shipping. So I feel ready to start this great project, with your help. Few things make me happier than knowing that people have fun playing Conversion.

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