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About the project


You can pre-order the CD + Vinyl (ecospatial pack) as well as the box (ultra collector's pack) at this address:

[email protected]



“Thundering across the stars to save the universe from the Monster Minds...”

That opening line immediately brings us back to the exceptional opening credits of Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. The music, one of the show’s masterpieces, contributed to its overall success.

But where can you find the music today?

After much research, we found some of the background music (BGM) which was composed by the genius Shuki Levy. To this day, it remains completely unpublished!

What are the funds for?

The music has been sought after by the show’s fans for many, many years. The CD and vinyl will be released in October for the general public and in September for contributors.


The funding will allow us to finance the different stages of production while maintaining control over the design. We will pay special attention to:


  • Different album covers
  • The mockup
  • The mastering and mixing, which will be managed by Erwin, a passionate and remarkable sound engineer
  • A 16-page booklet to be provided with the CD. It will contain an exclusive interview with the singer Nick Carr as well as never before seen visuals!
  • A boxed set that will include the CD, the vinyl and a poster
  • Everything from the mixing to the pressing of the vinyl and the CD

A Step Further

We will coordinate the mastering, pressing and assembly of these products. We spent several weeks contacting different partners, receiving quotes, and finding the best deals so that we could include this information in the campaign.

Details of the Project

Digitizing, mixing and mastering: 2500 €

Copyrights, manufacturing of products (CD, 33T and box set), graphics costs, taxes, manufacturing and distribution costs and various taxes: 6500 €

Details on CD / Vinyl

There will be 24 titles (with the American opening and ending) and as a bonus, one of the titles will contain a very large number of "musical bridges".


Making a Difference

By purchasing the pre-order on Ulule, you'll be among the first to receive the CD, vinyl or collector’s box set.




We are very happy to offer you 3 drawings (A3 format) by Jérôme Alquié which gives us a generous boost on the project. These are the original and UNIQUE drawings (in A3 format) which were used for the DVD boxes and Jayce's art book released in 2019 at IDP. Each drawing was made in blue pencil, enhanced with Indian ink and felt-tip pen and then colored with alcohol markers and watercolor.



About the project owner

We are three passionate about cartoons co-produced with Japan ! 

 There is Maroin Eluasti, Nordine Zemrak and the Télé 80 team. We have a special affection for the Jayce series and the conquerors of light and like many of you, we appreciated this incredible music composed by the incredible Shuki Levy!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and a very special thank you to everyone who orders these different media :-) Your comments are appreciated and your questions are always welcome.


Special thanks to Jérôme Alquié, IDP and WILDBRAIN.

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