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JAWHAR - New Album!

"Winrah Marah"

About the project

Dear you,

Thanks for being here! Many of you have supported us in the past, sending us all kinds of beautiful messages for our previous album Qibla Wa Qobla. I am very happy to announce today the imminent release of our next album "Winrah Marah" which will be, I hope, a new step forward for our musical project.

To finalize this happy event we need your support and your presence. Recorded, mixed and mastered, the album needs a last push to be duplicated onto CD and vinyl and to be promoted worldwide. If you were going to buy the album it's just a matter of buying it before it's actually there and if you were going to support us in another way it's also time to do it! :-) 

You will see in the list on the right of the screen several options which are available to you, several formulas to make things happen! It goes from simple sponsorship, buying the CD or vinyl to the possibility of having your initials on the back of our vinyl like private sponsor! 

We are also offering discount tickets for our Botanique concert on February 27 in combination with the purchase of an album. For those who wish to book for the concert without participating in the crowdfinding you can do it on this link!

In any case I hope that you will be one of us (one way or another), at the release concert at Botanique (Brussels, Belgium) on February 27th 2018! 

See you soon 


Update: Two extracts of the album are now available!:)

The album Cover "WINRAH MARAH":

Artwork: Amélie Hubert

A few details about the recording and the team: 

The album has been arranged and recorded with Yannick Dupont (Bass, Keyboards and Elec Guitars), David Picard (keyboards), Louis Evrard (Drums and Elec Guitars) and Jawhar Basti (Guitar and Voices). It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Davidson at Studio Pyramide Brussels. 

It will be released by Naff and will be distributed by Mostakell, Galileo and Xango Music. 

We are working on a series of clips that we are financing for the moment with our own funds. The first video that's in production, in which the incredible actress Fatma Ben Saidane grants me the beautiful gift of her presence, is in editing; others will follow over the coming weeks and months! 


Inspired by « the withering arab spring and other happy contemporary events » Winrah Marah is simultaneously more incisive and more colourful than its predecessor. The ten songs of the upcoming album are powered by a band which has gained in complicity and coherence. A hypnotic balance between châabi and finely chiseled folk-pop.

About our previous album Qibla Wa Qobla:

"In Qibla Wa Qobla (" The Kiss and the Prayer Orientation "), pop-themed folk songs mingle with reminiscence of Tunisian mezoued so the Arabic language can reveal its inherently musical, nostalgic, and erotic nature."Les Inrocks

What are the funds for?

Here are the goals of this crowdfunding! 

If we reach 2000 euros: 
- Duplication of the album in CD digipack format

If we reach 4000 euros:  - Duplication of the album in CD and VINYL!   

If we exceed 5000 euros: 
- Launch of a more substantial promotion and manufacture of merchandising objects that we will offer to all our crowdfunders (you) to start! :)   

If we exceed 6,000 euros: 
- Creation of  light and video scenography for our live concerts!   

If we exceed 7000 euros:  - Help for the autumn tour in Europe and the Middle East!  - More promotion and promotion!   

If we exceed 9000 euros: 
-Shooting of a new clip in Tunisia, a very cinematic clip of which I have been dreaming for a while (Soutbouk: the story of the man and his donkey :))  - Even more promotion !!   

If we exceed 10,000 euros:  - Tour support in Japan, Europe and the Middle East! More and more and more promotion.

Don't stop us now, no mountain too high!!!

photo: Alexis Gicart

About the project owner

Jawhar has created his own signature style of world-folk music that one could probably describe as midway between arab chaâbi and Nick Drake’s dreamy folk lullabies


To know everything about Jawhar :) :

Born to a mother professor of Arabic literature and loving music and poetry, and a father devoted to theater and culture, Jawhar grows in the southern suburbs of Tunis, Rades. The way to school in this small and popular suburb is for him a first initiatory journey to be explored, more than the school itself. Quite early he was fascinated by a certain popular culture, by the force of its images and its verbal musical and gestural expressions, a force he could not find in the Tunisian theater his parents took him to see.

When he left at the age of twenty to study English at Lille, it's rather abstract poetry that attracts him, the poetry of William Blake and Emily Dickinson. In addition to a growing love for a certain Nick Drake who irrevocably drew him to his impressionist folk.
During his studies he participated in University English theater, playing such characters as Othello, Brick in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and Proctor in "The Crucible." He then was admitted in the drama school of Lille, but his “postman accent” being a divisive issue with the teacher / director of the theater section, he left the course after the first year ...
He then met Daniel Fatous (author, storyteller and director) who gives him the passion for a different theater, a theater based on the artist's ability to bring human on stage rather than artifice .

Meanwhile music makes its way; Jawhar writes songs and starts playing in some small venues. He plays solo opening acts for artists such as Susheela Raman, Boubacar Traoré or Keziah Jones. He recorded his first album which he self-released  and which would be released again via the Brussels label Top5 Records. "When Rainbows Call my Rainbows Fly" is hailed by the press as "a blowing first album by a prodigy of song-writing." (Les Inrockuptibles).

Since then, he and Belgium adopt one another. Settled first in Brussels and then in the countryside, Jawhar will get back to theater through a collective creation based on the text of Eugene Savitzkaya "Celebration of an Improbable and Unlimited Marriage", directed by Leslie Maerschalk.
However, at the birth of his first child, Jawhar feels the need to reconnect with his homeland. He then meets the director Lotfi Achour and actress and playwright Anissa Daoud and together they begin in Tunisia a particular experience close to documentary theater within a structure (APA) they create for the occasion. A first creation, "Hobb Story” which tackles the theme of love and sex in the Arab world and for which he wrote the music and songs, was a great success. A second creation (questioning the notion of power in the Arab world) was born in summer 2012 for the Cultural Olympiad in London; "Macbeth, Leila & Ben - A Bloody History" for which Jawhar Basti is co-author, composer and in which he plays the title role.
He also collaborates with choreographer and "citizen artist" Nawel Skandrani, first on a duet, "Arscé/seu/lement" which was improvised after the Tunisian revolution, then "100% Water ", a multidisciplinary and ecological project.

"Qibla Wa Qobla " (The Kiss and the prayer-orientation), Jawhar’s second album, was released in 2014 and won the Octave of best album of the year in Belgium (World Music category). The press sees it as a "shimmering mosaic where Sufi and Pop learned to speak the same language: that of the universal and timeless music" (Musiczine); "A second album with which Jawhar confirms a confident and deep talent of storyteller. " (The terrace).

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