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Les Jardins de Bakel

Help us create a collective garden in Bakel, Senegal. Let's work together to harvest Bakel!

About the project

What are the funds for?

About the project owner

I had the chance to discover bakel two years ago when I traveled there to complete an internship at the end of my BA.. I immediately fell for the raw beauty of this border town and it's inhabitants.

Bakel and its population have a very rich history and culture this fact was obvious. However the poverty striking the region was just as evident. I almost immediately began looking for a way to do my part in giving back to the people of Bakel who had welcomed me so generously.

Then one day a friend and bakelite told me a story, he said:
"The women, they came to my garden and asked to buy my vegetables. When I asked them what they would do of all this food they replied that they would sell it at the market in order to have money to buy their own groceries." S. Badiane. 

That's when I chose agriculture as my axis of intervention in order to get to the root of a fundamental need. To me, this garden represents hope in perseverance which has been an intrinsic part of my life and that of bakelites. Also the collective aspect of this garden stands in honor of the Senegalese "Teranga" a word that signifies their eternal hospitality and togetherness.

Your donations, will allow the us to complete our research and lay the groundwork that is necessary for the survival of this project.

Help us attain our goal: Let's work together to harvest Bakel!

Thank you, Nawari, Djeredjef!

From the bottom of my heart!