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I'm 6 years old and I created a game

... or how our child lost interest in playing video games on his touchpad !

About the project

« Hi, my name is Mark and my game is called Action & Attack.

It's a board game with cards and characters. It has 3 modes :  "Captain 1 mode"

 "Captain 2 mode"

 "Creative mode"

I invented the rules and made all the drawings. To get to the final version, I tested it with my dad, my mom, my little brother and all my friends.

As it's a game that came from a child's mind, adults lose all the time ! Strange, isn't it ? Do you want to play too ? »

What is the purpose of the game?

It's a board game created by a six and a half years old child. As parents, we were attentive to his vision of the world and respected his aesthetic choices and his imagination. We helped him materialize the prototypes.
The dynamics of the game, the scenario, and the rules come from his pure and naive world that we -adults- left for a long time.

Setted to be played from 3-4 years old with 2 to 3 players or as team with more children, the parties last around 15 min.

Concerned public -The 3 game modes


The child "Captain 1" is between 4 and 6 years old, begins to recognize numbers and letters. He must count the cannonballs (up to 3 cannonballs drawn on the cards) to advance or attack, recognize images (e.g helicopter) and associate them with letters.


The "Captain 2" child is over 5 years old, knows how to make additions and subtractions to calculate his cannonballs. Captain 2 trains to read and calculate while playing.

If you have two captains of different ages, they can play together each with the cards suitable to their age.


Captain 1 and Captain 2 want to invent new characters, traps, tricks or rules.

Blank cards are provided to allow them to let their imagination blossom, enrich the game or even create a brand new one. After all, the world imagined by Mark can easily inspire your child's world.

The benefits of the game

The game "Action & Attack" is not supposed to become the next board game in your closet !

Here's what we observed during the tests with friends :


Each time Mark proposed his game saying "Look what I did, do you want to play on it?" His friends, without any exception, choose to play on it rather than watching TV or play a video game. They build the game with great pleasure : exploring, cutting, collage, learning and discussing the rules.


The rules being simple, after 2 - 3 games, all children wanted to modify and improve the rules and introduced resources according to their own worldview and emotional experience. One of the girls introduced princess characters and two others poney characters.


Once the game was mastered, the children asked to play as a team against an adult. They quickly understood that pooling skills increase success ! Possessing the knowledge (the new rules invented by themselves) confer a strategic advantage even compared to an elder opponent. The parents were defeated thanks to incredibles strategies. Moments of joy illuminated our games with friends.


Without exception at the end of the test- game evenings each child wanted to create his own game.

Their motivation came from a simple idea : "If a child of my age (or smaller) managed to create a real game in a real box, why not me ?"

Some arrived in the space of a few hours to make a prototype with platform, personalized box and a game idea quite different from the initial. We then played on the newborn games and the conclusion of the creators was : "My game is better than your, now I'm going to tidy it up to play with my other friends".

It's important to tell you that we (the parents) never gave them any suggestions in any direction ; from the modification of the rules of the initial game to the creation of their own new game, the progression of ideas was natural and common to each of them.

Our conclusion:

Pediatricians and child psychologist are inanimate on the fact that screens harm our children. The imagination and dreams of a child are precious and fragile, they must be encouraged and we -adults- should leave them the space to flourish and blossom. This game and the whole process of making / testing allowed our family to take our child away from touchpad games and TV by showing him that to be creative in real life, is much more fun and rewarding. He always looks at cartoons and asks for the touchpad... but he gets bored of them very quickly. Now he prefers observing nature and its incredible details, changing the plots of the evening stories, making small films, photos and creating scenarios of "real human" games where he and his friends are the heroes while playing outside.

Why finance this project ?

You will help a 6 years old to edit his game "for real" and get the satisfaction of fully managing a project.

To acquire an original and funny board game!

Looking for a way to get your kid out of the world of screens ?

To spend good moments with your family with a game adapted to your children.

To offer a nice and original gift

Board games fans, with Action & Attack we challenge you to win against a younger opponent !

What are the funds for?

What will the funding be used for ?

The cost of editing and distributing a game in small series is exorbitant, we opted for a version PNP (print 'n play) revised.

The funding will be used to cover the following estimated costs :

59% manufacturing cost (graphic + edition + materials)

23% shipping costs

10% donate to the Faverges toy library for animations and purchase of new games 

8% Ulule comission

About the project owner

Marc is a six and a half year old boy who lives in a small mountain town in the French Alps.

Until recently, he loved building legos, eating sweets and playing with friends outside, riding a bike.

One day, his grandmother gave him a tablet. In a few weeks, our sweet little boy, dreamer, adorable little devil, has turned into a little zombie with glassy eyes and a single question on his lips: "Can I play on the touchpad ? (...) When I should play again with the touchpad ? (...) Now, what should I do? (...) I'm bored, everything is sooo boooring ! "

Facing the tablet, Mom and Dad became annoying characters of the real world's greyness, present only to stop him from playing his video games. Screens line our walls, fill our bags and our pockets, for us -adults- it's hard to manage our own digital addiction, so how to judge and protect our children ?

The repressive method brought tears, conflict and sulk. As we were already fans of board games, we wanted to show him another way to enjoy playing games, so we took him to the toy library several times. One day the miracle happened ! Marc saw two guys playing a wargame. He was not allowed to participate because the game was for more child over 8 years old, but he watched carefully throughout the whole game. The following Wednesday we borrowed this game and as it was not adapted to his age, Marc struggled to follow the rules but took a great pleasure from it.

During the fowolling week, the touchpad took dust in a corner. Mom even made a risky offer : "Mark, do you want to play on the touchpad ?"

The totally unexpected answer changed everything : "Mom, I want to create MY game !"

Thanks to all the testers from Marc, Dad (Ben), Mom (Anna)

Victor, Noah, Axel, Edouard, Kelyane, Leo, Julie, Frank, Juliette, Damien, Cécile, Charlotte, Goulum (the cat), Octave, Justine, Iris, Frédérique, Julie-Anne, Thomas, Angélique, Marie, Arthur, Nathanael, Michael, Daria, Erin, Soan, Lily-Rose, Loïc, Charlotte 2 ... and Malone who'd love testing it !