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"I will follow, U2 by its fans", the book

They live everywhere in the world and have a common point : U2

About the project

♫ Let's be mad, let's reach 300%! ♫

The first target has been reached in about 4 days thanks to your supports ! And as 2016 begins, we've reached 200% of the initial amount.

Thanks a million. The project will be edited at about 50 copies for sure. But the crowdfunding campaign is far from being over. So we've set a new target : 1800 euros, which means 300% of the initial amount !

Reach this new target would mean the book could be printed at 100 copies which is just incredible for this small project that has become bigger and bigger thanks to you.

I personnally believe we can do it! So make noise for "I will follow, U2 by their fans"!! ♫


The project

More than 40 fans from 12 different countries have taken part in the book project « I will follow, U2 by its fans ». They live in Belgium, Brazil, Australia, USA, Spain, Canada, Sweden, India, Indonesia, Peru, Switzerland and France and they all share the same musical common point, U2.

In this book, they talk about their relationship to the irish band, they try to analyse their passion and tell what extraordinary, weird, unusual things, U2 made them do.

Crédit photo : Felipe Vidal via CC license on Foter

Why this book? 

The book project was born a year ago, in december, after U2 announced another tour to support their album « Songs of innocence ». It's thirty years now that each time there's a tour, dates are quickly sold out. Even if years go by, the audience remains.

But why? Why, as thousand of people around the world, do I feel the thrill when U2 is on stage? Why are people ready to travel the world just for a two hours show? Why do they still feel the same emotion after hearing a song for a hundred time? Why have these Dublin kids managed to seduce four generations of fans?

Crédit photo : Felipe Vidal via CC license on Flickr 

How the project began

Well...why not asking the fans themselves ? I posted a message on the forums dedicated to the band in France first, then I posted on foreign websites and on the official U2 website.

What was the deal? Fans were asked to answer questions and send back their answers by mail. The final goal was to gather all these testimonials and edit a book thanks to crowdfunding. Here it is :)! 

Crédit photo : Mary Bieze via CC license on Flickr

They had to answer around ten questions like "what do you feel when you listen to their music?", "To what do you attribute the longevity of the band?" or  "What is the most extraordinary, unusual, funny, weird thing that you did or experimented because of your passion for U2?"

>>> Bary (Belgium), Henrik (Sweden), Kya (Indonesia) and Lily (Australia) accepted to share their thoughts

“For U2, I went to Honolulu »

In about 15 days, several fans answered the message. At the beginnning, there was a majority of French. But quickly, answers came from different countries in the world (12 different ones at the end). Everyone played the game, answered to the questions with honesty, and sometimes linked them to personal moments of their life.

For example, there's Dodgers who was in Sarajevo in 1997 when U2 PopMart Tour played in the olympic stadium. Claudia who first heard of U2 when her country, Brazil, was turning from dictatorship to democracy, or Patrick who will never forget the Slane Castle show in 2001 : he stood next to Bono's brother as their father Bob had died a few days before.

Other testimonials put a light on what passion can make you do? Go to the other side of the world for Séverine who traveled to Honolulu to attend the last Vertigo Tour date. Peggy saw U2 on stage 32 times since 1992!

Finally, what is surprising, is that all these fans are not from the same generation. Some have discovered U2 in the 80's like Bary, some others have become U2 fans in 2000 years. It's the case of Kya, 14 years old, the youngest fan who took part in the project. Some have seen U2 live more than 30 times, others have never seen them on stage.

The book

At the moment, I'm still working on the book. It will be written in french and english. It will be 100-130 pages with 100 pictures, taken by fans (other fans than these who took part in the project) who allowed me to use them for free or via the Creative Commons licence (I thank them very much). There are 43 testimonials in it. Half of them are french fans testimonials.

Crédit photo : Mary Bieze via CC license on Flickr

I would love to print the book on an ideal paper for pictures. The amount of money to reach is for 25 books (with posting fees and Ulule fee as well).

Of course, we all hope the minimum amount will be reached quickly and that many other exemplaries might be printed.


What are the funds for?

How will your money be used?

The book will be printed in Spain. I still haven't chosen the print place as it will depend on the final amount of money we will have.

If you give 25 euros : - 13 euros will be used to print the book

-7 euros to send it by mail (that's the price for France, it's more for other countries of course)

-what remains will be used to pay the Ulule fee and some counterparts

At the end, if money remains (who knows? :)) why not giving it to RED association?

About the project owner

Claire Talgorn, I'm a french journalist and a U2 fan since age 12. This band has been part of my life ever since, in the good and bad moments. When I launched this project, I wished to understand why they are still around 35 years after their debut. I was surprised by the number of answers I was given and I read interesting testimonials. 

If you want to know more about the project, there's a Facebook page here >>>

I've started working on this book a year ago. I deeply hope it will interest a lot of people.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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