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I Will Crush You & Go To Hell

Feature Script Translation

About the project


I Will Crush You and Go to Hell is a feminine and psychedelic road movie telling the journey of two sisters running away from their past to give their lives a new meaning. A quest for deliverance and freedom that will bring hell to those who cross their path...

I Will Crush You and Go to Hell revisits road movies’ codes through its two main characters: the Fox sisters: carefree and raffish, seen through their Cadillac on a long deserted road.


At their father’s funeral, Colorado and Louise Fox discover the existence of an exclusive and mysterious heiress: Apple Pie. Together, they set out to find who she is and hit the road to get the money back…


22 minutes long, I Will Crush You and Go To Hell teaser presents the beginning of the Fox sisters' journey since the funeral of their father.

Gathering an international cast: Lise Gardo (Bitch, Popcorn & Blood), Finnish comedian Petra Silander (Virtual Revolution), Canadian Mike Dopud (Stargate, Smallville) and Elisabeth Duda (Run, Boy, Run), the teaser was shot in Spain, in Monegros' desert.

More than a simple teaser, the aim is to give life to this original universe, sought after in the writing of the project. Under a photographic direction by Cyril Bron, the journey takes place in a deeply reinvented America. Maud Chalard, French photographer on the road, had put her singular point of view on the filming.

PERSONNAGES (photos par Maud Chalard)


Saucy and a bit spoiled, LOUISE FOX is a kid in an adult body: she admires her big sister and considers her as a model. The young woman is completely carefree, living in a present that she instagrams everyday. Naive at times, often high, Louise has an unlikely passion for donuts.

Between her mother who died early and an alcoholic father, COLORADO FOX has quickly become the eldest of her family. Stripper by night, she grew up too fast and looked after her sister, Louise. Colorado is wild, rebellious and pragmatic. After a troubled past, through robberies and disillusionment, she is now determined to rebuild her life with Louise…

A motorcycle police officer, KURT MORRIS MITCHEL imposes his charisma and masculinity. Under a clean appearance, Kurt conceals vices. As a sexually frustrated, narcissistic lone wolf, he likes to use his authority to get what he wants and humiliate his female victims... His police uniform emphasizes his powerful stature.

Born into a modest family, MEREDITH H. CAMPBELL almost saw her life change in 1983, when she ended 1st runner-up at the Miss Mississippi pageant. Then, her boyfriend left her for the winner: Dona Fox (Louise and Colorado's mother). Nowadays, she manages an ordinary motel just off a highway, in the state of Georgia. Femme fatale adrift, she never knew how to turn the page on her past…


The German electro-rock band JUNKSISTA signed two original songs for I Will Crush You & Go To Hell, whose main theme Let Go, is a sinuous and feminine ride. Opening title, the song also accompanies the last moments of the film.

The second track, Piece of me, more pop and catchy, offers a moment of lightness with the first intimate passage of the film, in the swimming pool.

Finally, the Parisian band FAITH & SPIRIT and the London band THE DEVICES complete this original soundtrack with rock accents. The composer DOMINIQUE LÉPINE took care of the instrumental parts of the film (including the Brazilian Telenovela) with tailor-made compositions.

What are the funds for?

Afin de pouvoir démarcher les productions avec un script en version originale, nous devons faire traduire le scenario par des traducteurs professionels américain/français à Hollywood.

Kelly Reiter et Djamel Bennecib, traducteurs à L.A., qui nous ont accompagné sur le teaser, seront en charge de cette version ! Le film étant principalement constitué de dialogues, la qualité de la traduction et la révision des dialogues sont primordiales. Avec Kelly et Djamel nous avons la chance de collaborer avec des traducteurs de talent, habitués au marché américain.

De plus, nous souhaitons également diffuser le teaser dans divers festivals ! Bitch, Popcorn & Blood a été sélectionné dans plus de 84 festivals et nous espérons bien connaitre un même succès :)

Le coût de la traduction est estimé à 2900€ (tradyction des 112 pages du script + révision des dialogues). Le supplément de notre campagne servira à promouvoir I Will Crush You & Go To Hell en festival.

About the project owner

FABIO SOARES (Co-Writer/Co-Director)

Fabio Soares, visual artist educated in the Applied Arts in the first place, revealed himself as a Creative Director in advertising through collaborations and awards for brands like Orange, Samsung, Johnnie Walker, Cannes Festival, LG, etc.

The desire to create his own universe embarked Fabio on a first movie, a medium-length western: Woman With No Name, starring cult singer Bernie Bonvoisin

Bitch, Popcorn & Blood (starring American cult actress Jane Badler) has won 24 awards and has been acclaimed by critics ("A whore of massive gold nugget", "the successful debut of Tarantino (talented) offspring!", "Rough and ready").

I Will Crush You and Go To Hell continues this journey through the odyssey of two women in search of vengeance and their destiny…