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Engineers Without Borders Quebec

About the project



This summer, we are launching an international program to our image – transparent and committed – which will allow engineering graduates to realize several concrete cooperative projects around the world! To get this program starting, we are currently realizing not one, not two, but four projects that will change the everyday lives of the different communities involved, as well as having a real and lasting impact on the young graduates themselves.



We live in a world where borders do not exist anymore and where communication between continents have become almost instantaneous. At the same time, humanitarian causes have multiplied and the potential for change has grown exponentially, but at what cost? International aid and humanitarian work have won a bad reputation over the years: people doubting the intent, the real purpose of the donations and the lasting impact of the projects.

Engineers Without Borders Quebec aims to change this perception. The relationship has evolved: communities undertake projects by themselves and seek outside assistance for specific parts of their initiative. We can no longer come up with prepackaged solutions, it's up to us to adapt to their needs and cultural background! We believe that collaborating is the best and only way to have a lasting impact, and that is why we created this program.


After months of hard work, 15 graduates and young professionals are now ready to face this challenge. They are passionate, thrilled and ready to go make a difference. This summer they are heading towards every corner of Africa to accomplish what they have been preparing for months in close collaboration with their local partners.

Allow our young volunteers to realize what they believe in, and making this happen also means making a second edition happen – it’s your time to be part of the change !

Engineers Without Borders Quebec has spent the last 23 years working with many communities. They might all be from different countries, but they all seek the same opportunity: increasing their quality of life in a sustainable way. Our approach is based on the transfer of knowledge and on the reinforcement of technical abilities of these populations through sustainable engineering practices. Indeed, since 1994, Quebec engineers have invested passion, time and energy to develop sustainable projects in partnership with the project leaders: the communities themselves!

They are young, motivated and have been working hard preparing for months already! Here are the 15 proud faces who will be part of this great adventure this summer.

(From top to buttom, from left to right) Laurie Vachon, Mickaël Banville, Maxime Pitre, Wiliam Bélanger, Vncent Roy, Maxime boivin, Louis Béchard, Jil Hardy, Arnaud Divialle, Claudio Consuegra Martinez, Anthony Bisson, Férédrique Girard, Gildas Tapsoba, Jean-Emmanuel Pouliot et Pierre-Luc Bouillon.

Improving the quality of life of the local population of Ambatofotsy by providing access to clean water and education, with the construction of a well equipped with a solar powered water tower. Also, as only very few parents have the financial capacity to allow their children to study in town (located far from the village), the construction of a local school will allow children to pursue their education within the community. Ambatofotsy, with a population over 4 000 is situated in the highlands at about 275 kilometers west of the capital: Antananarivo.

Analyzing and improving manufacturing processes in order to install a vanilla drying, processing and refining facility within an agricultural cooperative in the Comores Islands. By using the local resources, the team will collaborate with the members of the cooperative and the local engineers to implement a vanilla drying facility that meets the needs of the population while ensuring the healthy growth of this lucrative industry.

Construction of a rehabilitation center for the great apes victim of poaching or other human activities, in addition to the construction of a clean water reservoir and housing. The goal of this center is to reinstate the apes in their natural habitat on a protected site. The construction will be realised in cooperation with a community located in the heart of a natural reserve in the Kongo Central province. The center will also provide education and job opportunities in the field of ecology and animal care, thus ensuring a long term and healthy relationship between the local community and the surrounding ecosystems.

Improving the access to clean water and the autonomy of Mukindo’s village population. Following a previous phase, which resulted in the construction of a well, the second phase of this project involves the installation of biological sand filter. The filters will produce drinkable water and the team will be teaching the community on how to build more of these filters. The improved access to clean drinking water will decrease the risks of contamination and distribution of diseases within the community.

The success of this first edition will allow us :

  • To realize 4 projects!
  • To improve our relationship with the local communities for future projects.
  • To get this program accessible to other engineers.
  • To increase the number of people helped by our organisation.
  • To improve the quality of life of more than 15 000 people
  • To create national and international partnerships for the second edition of the program!

The program’s goal is to allow you to be a part of this movement by contributing to all the projects at once.

What are the funds for?

Currently, Engineers Without Borders Quebec has enough funds to cover the logistic expenses such as international flights, visas, vaccines and such.

We are asking YOU to take part in the technical part of our projects, or in other words ... the heart of our endeavours!

Building materials, which will be designed and bought on site for the greater part, such as:

  • The manufacturing of bricks for both classrooms of the school in Madagascar
  • Bricks and other building materials for the care center in Congo (DR)
  • The water filter molds delivery for the water access in Rwanda
  • The study allowing the installation of ovens and vanilla dryers powered by solar energy in Comores

But also, necessary tools and transportation for the various constructions.

About the project owner

A great team is behind the ESQICI program and its four projects :

Engineers Without Borders Quebec’s administration: Léanne Bonhomme, Myriam Tamisier and Raffaella Siniscalchi for coordination.

Madagascar - MIARA-MIASA project's members :

Comores Islands - PROCURER project's members :

Rwanda - AMAZI's project's members :

Congo Democratic Republic - MIARA-MIASA project's members :


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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