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I N S I D E ³

The little box that will make you lose your marbles!

About the project

I am Romain-Guirec Piotte. I created a puzzle which can hold its own against Rubik's cube. Except that in this case, you have to be skillful moreover to think.
INSIDE³ is a 3 dimensions maze. You may think you have seen it before. I answer no !
INSIDE³ is blind gameplay. 
More explainations in video above or text below :


TOO COOL: if we succed to raise up to 78 600$ (60 000€ ), each people who will order for 118$ (90€) or more will receive for free a limited edition special cube!

What is it?

Inside3 is a 3D labyrinth which is played blind.

It’s a new game presented in the form of a cube. The cube holds a marble that is alternatively visible on the top or bottom face, depending on what stage of the game you are at.

On each of these two faces, the player finds a map indicating the course that needs to be taken in order to direct the marble towards its destination. The map is composed of 7 plots representing the successive layers that must be crossed.

Yep, you guessed it; the INSIDE 3 cube is not just great to look at, it is equally difficult to solve.
According to the level of difficulty chosen (see the range below), you will have to avoid the traps, take
a path backwards and swirl the cube around to retrieve the marble……

Play is simple, just loosen the marble with a finger and watch it fall into the darkness. What follows is a combination of logic and sensory perception by listening and feeling for the movement of the ball.

The idea for INSIDE 3 is the fruit of a slow maturing process. It was inspired by many references, among which are the Moria grottos, Alien, the Descent, House of Leaves,Theseus, Attack of the Black Star, Cube, Portal, Dungeons and Dragons, Hellraiser, the Raiders of the lost Ark, Journey to the centre of the Earth…

There are some images below to explain further :

A little more info can be found here :  and lots of photos of the real cubes can be found here:

This is a real cube as a prototype version. The cubes in the series will look much better!                   

The entire range in 1, 2 and 3 dimensions:

6 levels :

First of all there are 6 levels. The first four levels are accessible to the greatest number of people. the labyrinths are less difficult and the cube can be dismantled. You can always find the ball.

With VISCIOUS, things change. It will get on your nerves as the lower plate is welded. When the ball is lost, it's lost.

MORTAL is reserved for the cube elite...or for collectors. . . You cannot take it apart and there are no maps. It's comparable to Necronomicon. Once you go inside, you can't be sure you will come back out.

Season 1

Each level of each season will be laid out in 6 different labyrinths (6 easy, 6 regular etc). The first season will be 6x6 squared. For the first phase of the collection, the first 4 cubes will be available. The two most difficult cubes will not be available unless the collect reaches €40,000 


The MOTHERCUBE is the regrouping of the six seasons to come. Like the Soprano series, there will not be another season or any other episodes.

The mothercube is the beginning of the end ofthe INSIDE3 universe. A gigantic cube 6x6x6. One of the cubes, the VISCIOUS 4.3 (5th season, 4th column, not visible here) has been banned by the Vatican before its existence (maybe due to it being 666, I don’t know as they weren’t too clear, I don’t understand any Italian). It’s a bit boring, but we’re hoping we can negotiate with them.

While waiting, an external cube, an exceptional point of singularity has been created to compensate for the loss.

The story

Everything started in 2012 with a superb prototype in cardboard and  a grain of pepper as the ball !!

It was pretty bad, but exciting nontheless. Several weeks after the I discovered

the concept of 3D printing, a friend helped me to make it happen. 2 months later, thanks to SCULPTEO, I had this: 

Several weeks later I passed to this. The definitive design is the black cube. The blue was a test for fans of the 8- bit design.

Imagine my hysteria. Not only was it super playful and exciting, but it was attractive and great to hold.  Un sacré cap de passé en très peu de temps. The 3D print was a huge revolution.  I soon wanted to make hundreds for me and my friends. Apart from the fact that the 3D print had a new level of quality, it wasn’t yet ready for everyone. It’s quite technical and and also a bit expensive. I therefore decided to try marketing it as it wiould be the only way to finance the next cubes (you will see the range below in just a moment and get a better understanding)..  

Moreover, I am firmly convinced that object is more than just an IRL gadget for geeks and that there are real positives for the user. Beyond the purely playful and referential aspect, there are other things. We are obliged to put ourselves inside it, to understand it. You have to use your capacities in imagining the representation of space because there is no GPS! It also forces you to concentrate, you can’t take a break. Once you are inside, it’s difficult to stop and eat a twix bar. The ball will move and you will become lost. For these reasons it can advantageously replace beyblades in the playground because kids will use their brains and can easily exchange them without having to buy all of them.

I have therefore started searching for a way to produce them whilst reducing the unit cost (plastic injection seems to be the solution) and to find an editor and/or a distributer. There I failed. But I have not given up and I therefore decided to take my chances with Ulule.

For the manufacturing part, I had the chance to meet people from companies ECOM et MICROPLAST who immediately believed in my project. The cube excited them as much as me and they even decided to co-produce the first moulds in order to help me out, persuaded that I N S I D E 3 would be one of the games of 2010! All in all, their involvement gave me some good realtions and control over costs and production delays. They gave excellent advice for the design of the pieces and for facilitating their production. Thanks to them we are going to have a beautiful product made in France!

The details of the project:

1)      Why 40 000 € ?

Because :

1)      After the TVA there will be 32 000€ left

2)      The costs to make 1600 cubes and to do a little communication is 32 104€ (see in detail below)

MICROPLAST  10-12 route de brie-compte-robert 94520 Périgny sur Yerres

ECOM  10-12 route de brie-compte-robert 94520 Périgny sur Yerres


Note: orders sent abroad for a single cube will be more expensive. In the calulation below I’m hoping they will be balanced by group shipment which will give me a better margin. Find it in your heart to order packs if possible, that would be really kind, we can improve the margin and I can take the team to dinner.

2) Towards infinity and beyond!

The aim of this fundraising: to produce moulds of the first 6 cubes in order to have the first line of the first season.  With this we will have a good base of moulds and it will be possible to sell it through other channels (unless it is done on Ulule). At this point I hope that a distributor will take us on and we will be able to continue.

What would be grat is if we could go even further. With 20 000€ more, I would have the capacity to add two more moulds to the collection. Cubes for the geeks out there, not a bad idea huh? So go for it and order in bulk!  

And if we pass 100k€ I will send a little surprise to those who ordered the 6 cubes.

2)      Special cubes:

 In each season there will be a special cube.

 The most observant of you will have noticed that VISCIOUS 3 doesn’t exist in season 1 (watch season 1 closely). Plans to build the Deathstar are on the horizon. Of course it would be necessary to go to skywalker ranch to negotiate with Georges. I won’t tell you straight away what it is but it’s exceptional.  The cleverest of you might be able to guess…the first ten people to send me a good guess will win a cube. 

In season 2 the special cube will be the peach rescue. You can also try to imagine… but there is no prize this time! It will be necessary to negotiate with Nintendo this time, which will be a good opportunity to travel!

About the project owner

All the team:

So here you have all the people who have worked on the I N S I D E   project because when it comes down to it I always say, “I” but in fact a few people have helped me along the way.

Valery Sorriaux. The head GEEK. Supplier of techno, webdesigner, webmaster, networker and quite frankly crazy. He is a little bit like the number 2 of the project. He has become a little like me in the last few months and lives breathes and eats cube.

Martin Seeman: (He is german so it’s pronounced Martine) Our secret agent who tries to infiltrate our German cousins!

Martine and Valerie. My team of geeks is pretty killer right?

Habramou Nouchoki (Charlie). For the financial help, the administrative work and the unconditional support of this bizarre project.

Eric Pluvinet. The meeting which changed everything. My neighbouring exhibitor at the Lépine competition. He modelled the first cube in 2hours with Solid Works! A revelation. It gave me the courage. He gave me the courage to get off the ground as well as giving me lots of advice  and being a generally cool guy.

Habrouma Nouchoki. The brother of Habramou. Technology supplier.

All the team at ECOM + MICROPLASTDavid Anger, Thierry Rouault, Serge Lelard and Albert Pontet for opening the doors of their factory for me, for their knoledge and for their kindness. 

Gilles Trillard. For the superb prototype photos which can be seen here:

All the beta testers who were terrific and confirmed via the internet that I N S I D E 3 really was a cool object.

And Romain-Guirec Piotte: Inventeur/Designer. I should add that I have already released two or three things. Currently I am an engineer in a large company but in fact it was my dream to make horror movies. But I didn’t succeed.  I became a big game player. I wasn’t so bada t killing orcs and goblins with dice and also pads and I have a dog called Zombie.i sincerely think that url and irl are perfectly compatible.


  • What is the House of Leaves?

    It's a book. Or rather, a voyage in to the darkness. The genre of the book which comes back to haunt you. It's a little bizarre and it stays with you, especially the last part. You have been warned. I think this book has a stong influence on mu subconscious and led me to creat I N S I D E 3.

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • Where can I find a spare 6mm ball?

    On weber métaux  ( ) you can buy 100 and it's inexpensive, but cos I'm cool, Ulule contributors can have one for free. Send me a stamped and addressed envolope and I'll send you one without charge.

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • Where can I exchange them?

    For the moment I suggest that everyone puts them on a site for free exchange (such as gumtree, or an equivalent) and if it goes well in its country, the INSIDE3 webmaster will start to develop something

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • Who can play it?

    Everyone. It wasn't planned that way initially if I am honest. i wanted an obscure and complex object, puzzling and cast in one piece with the marble truly always encased. Finally I accepted making the cube openable and to make levels.Everyone can explore their limits. Everyone can vanquish their fear and descend into the cave with a pocket torch knowing that they can get out by car when the GPS doesn't pick up the satellite. 

     In any case, my initial will will be respected all the same with the VISCIOUS  and MORTAL cubes.

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • Why Ulule?

    Because their logo is just too cool

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • Why is it marked RENDU 1 and CILFA 1 on the portfolio cubes?

    Because I grew up speaking slang and because I saw on small scale and only expected to be selling to riff raff who did further maths but I realised I needed to open up a bit in irder to share my passion

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • What's the point of INSIDE3?

    To look pretty and to create a topic of conversation between geeks and the rest of the population. It will also focus the entire population on a single issue and put an end to conflicts ravaging the planet. Everyone will hold hands to overcome the MORTAL 5 and it will change the world.

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • Why did the Vatican ban Viscious 5.3?

    To be honest I don't really know why, but you can ask them here: 

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • What is the Mothercube

    It's the end of the INSIDE3 uinverse. A 6x6 matrix of solid pixels in 3 dimensions. Each solid pixel is a cube.

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • Why haven't you predicted profit?

    The purpose of this collection is to launch INSIDE 3 on Ulule. Sales on the site are not a priority, but  a first step in the conquest of the world by MOTHERCUBE. The collection provides funding for molds and with this we can start to have weight in the industry  to offer an attractive product that has already proven its worth.

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • Why 40,000 euros?

    This is the cost of production / shipment of 1,600 cubes and it will allow the financing of the first molds.

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago