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I N S I D E 3 Legend

Incredible adventures in your pocket

Production of Legends !

Good morning, everyone.

We haven't been very talkative lately, but we've had some production problems. We're late, but we're going to make up for it! The 30,000 games have been produced and delivered to ESAT (Etablissement et Service d'Aide par le Travail) where many nice people are busy assembling and packaging your Legends!

Some pictures of the place. We blurred the heads because we don't have people's approval on it yet. They're not dealers from a shitty TV show, nor are they guys in a clandestine lab synthesizing Crystal Meth. Just cool people who agreed to work with us.

A number of packages have already been prepared at the factory, the mailing will start on Monday and should end on Friday.

Kisses everywhere.

I N S I D E 3 Team