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I N S I D E 3 Legend

Incredible adventures in your pocket

Good morning, everyone!

We hope you are happy with the games you are receiving. Unfortunately, there is a small problem:)

We have just realized that the CRYPTS mould contains a small trap. A small error when creating the mold. It would seem to affect a tiny part of the games but, well, we explain how to correct if you had the "chance" to find a trapped model! Because it is a trap ! Just after entering the second staircase of the 4 crypts courtyard, you may be blocked in a hallway.

2 options :

1) You think it's cool and you don't touch anything. By shaking more or less hard you can still pass. It adds spice to the adventure. But well, if you want to make battles or records it complicates things a little bit. It is your choice : It's a collector's model, actually.

2) You arm yourself with a machete with a silver blade (a device to kill vampires) and follow the process below. If you don't have a machete, a good kitchen knife will be perfect. In fact, it is enough to scrape off 0.01mm of thickness. Then there's no need to overdo it.

After that you can be proud. You will have "fixed" the first bug of the 3rd game of your console. The class.

To your scores!!!!! We're waiting for your console images filled with stickers to send it to social networks!

Kisses to all and 1000 apologies for this little inconvenience....

I N S I D E 3 Team