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I N S I D E 3 Legend

Incredible adventures in your pocket

  • Day 2 - 200%. On the 3rd level turn

    We'll repeat ourselves, but thank you. We will add the 3rd THANK YOU to the 3rd level, the one that will unlock The CRYPTS, including the illustration by Laurel.

    It's safe, firm and definitive, now the INSIDE3 Legend The CASTLE and The NINJA can be launched to arrive under the trees and conquer the world (I want to say Mouahahahaha but I hold back).

    Let's go for the 300% and the Legend trilogy!

    Remember that you can change your contribution at any time.

    Big kisses

    Team INSIDE3

  • 150% past! On the way to The NINJA !!!

    The 150% mark was crossed during the night. We now know that we are launching the game and that it will be sent before Christmas so that you have the coolest thing in the universe to stick under your chrismas tree. And above all, a trilogy while we're at it.

    We're now almost at nothing from the second level at 12000 that unlocks The NINJA, episode 2, and its famous Janine drawn by Boulet (a famous french drawer)...

    I remind you that you can change your counterparty without any problem at any time.

    We kiss you

    Team INSIDE3

  • 100% in 3 hours...

    We're almost disappointed.... No, I'm kidding! It's just great. Considering the progress we already know that the 3 games will be available very soon. Keep talking about it around you. It'll be the Christmas toy that no one will ever have. Well, except you!

    Here is below the great toy you have unlocked.


    Kisses everywhere.

    I N S I D E 3 Team.

  • 50% en 50 minutes !

    Merci à tous vous êtes géniaux. Si ça continue comme ça ce soir on lance directement la prod du premier modèle...

    Partagez bien le lien. Saoulez vos amis :)




    Inside3 team