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I N S I D E 3 Legend

Incredible adventures in your pocket

  • A 4th Legend ?

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. We didn't really plan this. The 25k and 40k level passed the same day! Considering the price of the Legends, we had expected the end of the campaign to be between 30 and 50k€ maximum, given the number of contributors we had had so far. Obviously the I N S I D E 3 Legend has taken us out of this framework. So now we improvise:) In summary:

    The first 3 Legends are available (Castle/Ninja/Crypts)

    The sticker sheets will be delivered with (from 3 Legends ordered)

    A Legend of random color will be offered in addition for any participation of at least 34€.

    The next step is at 75 000€: we are creating a new Legend for this campaign which will be offered for any participation of at least 34€. As we didn't anticipate, it will be delivered T1 2020 for free.

    If everything blows up, we think we'll add another one at 100,000€. Basically a mould costs 10 000€, so we can afford to create one more and also offer it with a thank you note. After that, with 4 or 5 models in catalogues we'll be able to manage all this by ourselve, thanks to you.

    1000 thanks to you again for the participation.

    And continue to share around you! We're already working on the next one but as there are 2 of us there's no reason not to add 2 in fact.

    Kisses in your bodies.




  • New stretch goals !

    Stretch goal 40 000€: a free Legend (weird color) of the current series.

    We love you! We love you! And to prove it to you, if we exceed 40 000€, we offer a Legend to all those who have ordered 4 or more.

    You can choose between one of the three Legends or one of the 3 Legends in pre-series (with all its minor defects, which have not been corrected) of a color that will not be available on the market. A rare thing! However, it will be impossible to choose the color. You'll take a chance. It'll be a surprise! We also have some models of the pre-series in grey. So there will be some really collector models. We even have three in white, a little weird translucent.

    It will look something like this in the basic colors:

    Stretch g 75 000€: creation of a new Legend!

    So, to be up to the task, we are offering a completely new Legend to all those who have ordered 4 or more!

    Which one? We don't know because it's still to be created. It's going to be a war between Rockyky and RG. RG will probably try to force him (he's late and wants more darkness in the range) but Rockyky is sick and fast like speedy Gonzales. He can do 30 sketches in one night. Basically there will be 2 of them created and it will be necessary to arbitrate. We'll ask you, of course.

    A pirate thing, a Maya temple, a London car park, the Saint-Lazare subway station in Paris or an adventure in the intestines of a gluten-resistant Vegan... We'll stick to it when we reach 40,000€.

    So this one, since it was not planned in the program, it will necessarily take a little time. We'll have to draw it, produce 2 or 3 prototypes, launch the mold, produce it... It smells very strong T1 2020. But we take care of everything, you will receive it by post at our expense. It'll be the cool little surprise at the beginning of the year. Moreover, it will not be available (except on our website) for sale until the end of 2020. With this one, you can REALLY show off.

    In addition, it will inaugurate our concept of a "game cartridge": we will only send you the maze part (you will already have at least 4 boxes, we will save fish like that). Because I N S I D E 3 Legend is a 100% analog low tech console.

    And we remind you that I N S I D E 3 Legend is the coolest Christmas gift mad(e) in France in the universe.

    Kisses everywhere.

    I N S I D E 3 Team


  • Using the stickers

    The next stretch goal is 25.000€. If it is unlocked, you will receive a stickers sheet for every minimum order of 3 Legend (2 sheets for 6, etc...)! What for? What for? To make Legends even more addictive and fun!

    1/ When you play solo, you can just go back and forth (and again, you'll have to work a little bit for the return). But if you do your journey in less than 2 minutes, you get your first rank, and there, you can stick the sticker on the back of your box to prove it. A class act! It will be like the picture below but BEAUTIFUL. Not made with rotten adhesive tape.

    So I'm not telling you how you're gonna show off when you get the rank of KING, MASTER Ninja or vampire KILLER !

    2/ When you play with your friends, you can start battles. Here, the time doesn't count. It is the one who makes his round trip as fast as possible who wins (with the same game model of course). With traps, even the best can fail. And then you can stick the sticker proving that you beat a KING (for instance)! Top class!

    And of course as soon as you have a victory, you run everywhere and we show off our I N S I D E 3 Legend with the sticker. If you're lazy, you send it to facebook, twitter or insta.

    The next news will give you the next steps. They will be very beautiful. Stay aware.

    And share ! https://fr.ulule.com/inside3legend/


    I N S I D E 3 Team


  • You are our wardogs.

    Good morning, everyone!

    So here's the news that can change everything! Already a big thank you to all for the participation and all the positive feedback, it makes us happy and motivates us to death! It's weird for the moment we haven't been trolled yet (but that's okay, right...).

    Many of you have asked us how they can help. Well, it's quite simple, by making as many people as possible talk about INSIDE3 Legend. And especially by getting stars or influencers to talk about it! That's what works best. However, you will see, it is NOT EASY at all. Big youtubeurs or bloggers or twitters or instagramers are often nice but they receive 1000 messages a day and sometimes have to ask for money for their participation (it's still their job, let's not forget...). But they are often very cool and sometimes they talk naturally about something they find interesting. In short, it is always possible. Adapt your speech according to the person you are speaking to. You can talk about low tech mini console with game cartridge, made in France, puzzles games etc.

    To reward you, we have decided to offer you the Legends' prototype studies (see photos). There are 11 in total (there are 3 pictures of the blue one apart because he hangs out at Valery's, who is very reluctant to offer it. You'll have to soften him up). Strange things far from the final concept and others very close. To know who will win what, we will simply make the most objective ranking possible. You state who you have been able to motivate to talk about us. We count his followers. If you catch more than one, we cumulate. And at the end we put everything in an excel file ! And the winner will choose first and so on. If you have found a way to bring a lot of people back to us without using an influencer, don't worry, you will be rewarded either!

    We're counting on you (because we're not very good at it)!

    See you soon,

    Kisses everywhere.

    I N S I D E 3 Team

  • 300% - INSIDE3 Legend : We start manufacturing

    It is now official, the INSIDE3 Legend range is launched.

    The production has started, the marble bags are ready, the ESAT team with whom we work is thoroughly to complete the assembly at the end of the factory.

    Now all we have to do is fill all this with the strech goals to come. The next one's 417% just to take ALTitude (25000 euros).

    To achieve it, either you modify your contribution by taking 3 Legends instead of 1 or 2, for example. Either you get your friends, your family, your hamster harassed so they finally have something super cool to stick under the Christmas tree.

    Because yeah, as we're heating our moulds at microplast (our factory), we're going to deliver one of the best games in the universe in time for Christmas for the price of a portion of chips including shipping costs.


    INSIDE3 Team