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I N S I D E 3 Legend

Incredible adventures in your pocket

  • Envois de Legend !

    Bon comme vous avez du le remarquer, nous vous avons envoyé un questionnaire pour savoir ce que vous voulez.
    Nan ?
    Vous avez rien reçu ?
    Ben alors c'est certainement que vous faites parti des relous à qui on n'a pas encore envoyé le questionnaire :)
    Ben oui, on a gardé les cas difficiles pour la fin, ceux qui par exemple on fait plusieurs contribs avec un même compte.
    Alors on ne vous a pas oubliés, mais comme on a plus de 2800 envois à faire on évacue déjà les plus faciles.
    Donc regardez votre boîte mail, vous aurez bientôt de nos nouvelles.

    La team INSIDE3

  • Project closed !!!

    95 266€ !!!! We can't believe it... Okay okay okay we were a little helped by ULULE, Boulet, Kme, Laurel, the JDG and also all of you who harassed your friends. But still! We are very proud of our new game and we are very happy to see that many of you like it too. Anyway, for the moment you think you like it:)

    For the rest:

    - Valery is working on the choice email you will receive very soon. Try to answer as soon as possible and check your SPAM box. It's from insidezecube.

    - The factory has already manufactured 2000 games that ESAT Vitry has (perhaps) already assembled and packaged:)

    - We start mass mailings next Wednesday or Thursday.

    As a bonus, a small drawing by Rockyky for the possible project of the next Legend. A pirate thing with a volcanic island. He also created a pretty crazy bank robbery thing, but the sketch is ugly. RG hasn't done anything yet. He claims to adapt a very hard thing he created at the beginning (to be seen on the prototypes pictures) to a Lovecraft story. But so far we haven't seen anything.

    We're trying to send you a news as soon as things are going well!

    Kisses to all!

    I N S I D E 3 Team


  • JOUR J !!!

    Et voilà, c'est la fin !

    On va la faire façon vendeur de légume sur un marché. "Aucu mesdames, aucu mesdame, AUCUUUUUNE hésitation ! Pour 26€ vous n'avez pas 1 jeu, vous n'avez pas 2 jeux, mais bien 3 incroyables jeux I N S I D E 3 Legend livrés avant fin novembre".

    Que dire de plus ? Vous avez capté que vous n'avez que jusqu'à minuit pour en avoir hein ? En cliquant là : https://fr.ulule.com/inside3legend/

    Et ce soir rendez-vous à Ground Control (https://www.groundcontrolparis.com/) à partir de 20h. Il y aura à boire et aussi un peu à manger dans une ambiance cool. Et on aura des Legends. Et Charlie sera là !!!!!


    Sur cette seconde image on a mis une version console + 3 jeux. Ce n'est pas comme ça que vous les recevrez, ne stressez pas. Mais on adore l'idée qu'on a créé une putain de console low tech ! Qui marche même sous la pluie. Et que vos petits enfants pourront léguer à leur petits enfants. On a pas peur de polluer : personne ne jettera ses Legends...

    Bisous à tous.

    I N S I D E 3 Team (Val, Rockyky et RG)

  • Nouveau palier à 100 000€ !

    Halala, it's getting complicated. Crisis session last night for the team. Except Charlie doesn't care, he's tinkering with his house.

    Apart from offering one more cartridge, it is not clear what could be interesting. So we're gonna do this. However, we did the counts. We can't offer it for 34€. With the extra bonuses we get to €4.86 per game (with a double expedition), we won't get away with it financially... We will therefore offer this new cartridge for people who have taken 42€ or more. As we have a guilty conscience, this level which should be at 110 000€ (in theory we need +35 000€ on ULULE to develop a new game), we put it at 100 000€. It's financially limited but as we think we won't pass it we're pretty quiet:) We're even thinking about not going to ask Boulet, Kme and Laurel for help to make sure we screw up.

    Below is a small diagram that summarizes what you will get depending on the amount given and the level passed. We hope everything is clear!

    FAQ (the basics):

    1) Yes, it is easier to cancel one contribution and take back another rather than add money. In any case, it will greatly simplify our lives. Especially to Val.

    2) At the end of the project, you will receive an email to find out which games you want. Knowing that for bonuses, you won't be able to choose!

    Kisses to all of you,

    I N S I D E 3 Team

    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

  • Party time at GROUND CONTROL !

    Good. This project is a great success. So we're not going to skimp, we invite everyone to drink a few local beers or weirdoes or Breizh cola light or I know what else stronger at Ground Control. Why there? Because it's quite convenient there are plenty of RER and metro lines. And it can accommodate up to 2000 people. So you can almost all come....

    It's here: GROUND CONTROL 81 Rue du Charolais, 75012 Paris

    Friday the 15th of November 8pm.

    On the spot there is plenty of corner food and table football and pinball machines and even music. Anyway, it's gonna be great.

    Come to the temple of the Parisian hype and put yourself in a lousy position and try to beat Rocky (The Castle and The Ninja) or RG (The Crypts). We'll have Legends on site. And Rockyky, from 10:00 p. m., he'll be easy to beat. Valery since he didn't draw a Legend (since he has something else to do) you'll just have to try to beat him with beer. But you won't win. For Charlie, we will install a telephone on the loudspeaker for those who want to talk to him. And by the way, we may introduce you to Helen, who has just joined us!

    Try to confirm this on facebook or twitter or on ULULE or by email or live if you know one of us.


    I N S I D E 3 Team