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I N S I D E 3 Legend

Incredible adventures in your pocket

About the project

(If 100 000€, a 2nd Legend offered for the purchase of 5 or more Legends)

I N S I D E 3 Legend, these are three mini adventure games where you have to guide a character (represented by a ball) through a more or less complicated maze.



Each game has its own level of difficulty and universe. You have to find a lost treasure, steal a precious Katana or kill the last vampire...
But in any case, you will then have to run away and retrace your steps, which will be by far the most difficult mission.

Example of game: The CRYPTS of the last vampire - dimensions 11 x 7 x 2 cm - color not definitive (proto)


I N S I D E 3 Legend takes place on two floors. The bright but full of traps ground floor, and the dark and mysterious basements.
I N S I D E 3 Legend will ask you for address and cleverness. You will have to cross bridges, cross rooms with multiple arches, sneak into the right path or staircase, avoid traps, find shortcuts and secret passages... but also know how to read a map, find your way in the dark and navigate to the sound of the ball. Does that ring a bell? Welcome to the INSIDE3 universe:)

Example: INSIDE3 Legend The NINJA & the Masamune Katana - exploded view

Et I N S I D E 3 Legend est MAD(E) IN FRANCE, comme tous les produits I N S I D E :)


I N S I D E 3 Legend is played alone or with others.

SOLO: Once you have "taken control" of your Legend, you can play against the clock to try to win Grades and become, if you are crazy enough and persistent enough, the KING OF KINGS, a MASTER NINJA or a real KILLER OF VAMPIRES.

MORE THAN ONE: Challenge one or more friends and throw yourself into a battle, Raid or Stalk, to beat them all to the title of'Champion.ne','Kamikaze' or'Killer'.
Take your chance! Fair or not, by taking shortcuts and the secret passage. No holds barred.

Why do I have to participate to the project? Legends will be available in stores between 10 and 12€. Here, we offer them between 8 and 9€ (not to mention the early-bird price, where we are at less than 8€)


Yes !!!!We reached the 1st level, the campaign is financed and you will be able to receive your INSIDE3 Legend - The CASTLE of the lost treasure, but well, we don't hide from you that the goal is still to be able to release the 3 adventures.... So please be confident and buy all three of us at once! It'll be faster.


This is the easiest level. Above all, he will ask you for skill and a little thought when you have to cross the "Forbidden Room" with the help of the map to finally access the treasure.


You will have to help ËGALL, equipped with the sword of fate, to cross the maze of a ruined castle to reach one of the Templars' hidden treasures.
He trains every day, walks through the corridors and basements, falls through the traps, gets up again and again, tries to cross the plane by hand the "Forbidden Room" as dark as it is labyrinthine, explores the every nook and cranny of this damn castle in search of the secret passage that will allow him to be the fastest and hope to come one day master of the place (KING OF KINGS)


But as far as you are concerned, you will first have to prove yourself and make the round trip in less than 2 minutes to become a simple Ecuyer (ESQUIRE), then go down below 54 seconds to receive the title of Chevalier.e (KNIGHT), and pass under the mythical bar of 26 seconds to finally reach the throne and become the 4M (KING|QUEEN) !

You'll have to fight, but with a little courage and tenacity you should be able to do it, GODDAMN IT !


And BAM! You released the 2nd INSIDE3 Legend: The NINJA and the Masamune Katana!!!!!
The NINJAS are released, the sword forged by the famous Masamune will not stay locked up in the palace of the terrible Lord Komotochi for very long...


This DOJO is a little more difficult than The CASTLE. The return will require amazing agility and the basement plan to cross will be a little more complicated. But nothing impossible for a warrior like you !

The heroine of this adventure is a young Ninja (or also called Kunoichi) named JANINE. Fearless and very agile, she decided to seize the precious Katana Masamune, extremely well guarded in the Dojo of the Seigniorial Palace, to show her masters that she is a true warrior.
She slips into the corridors, crosses the Zen garden, jumps over the traps (sometimes not), slips into the mazes of the basements, gets lost, falls, but never gives up because she knows that one day she will become MASTER NINJA!

But well, for you it will first be necessary to go back and forth in less than 2 minutes to join the Ninja School, receive your first Shuriken (without Barbie and her horse) and become a Student (ROOKIE), then pass under 63 seconds to get your 2nd Shuriken and reach the rank of Warrior (WARRIOR), and finally beat the 44 seconds to claim your 3rd Shuriken and the ultimate title of Master Ninja (MASTER).

But believe me, you're going to have a hard time you pathetic cockroach....


Youhouuuuuuuu!!!!! The 3 Legends are yours!!!!! You can change your reward at any time. I'm telling you this because if you don't take all three, you'll regret it...

The 3rd adventure is released, you can wander in the haunted cemetery of the INSIDE3 Legend - The CRYPTS of the last Vampire!!!!
It's up to you to find the way to cross the 3 underground crypts and finally reach the last one to drive your wooden stake into the heart of the last vampire still asleep.

This adventure is the most difficult of the three if you are used to getting lost even with a GPS. It is less focused on dexterity but will ask you to understand the 4 plans to get out of it. Otherwise you'll be stuck at the bottom of the cemetery forever. And that's not so cool.

This time you're Eraull the vampire killer. Recollected and raised by a couple of bats, he can't stand to be associated with his father and mother with evil beings. So he decided to eradicate this cursed generation from the earth to avoid confusion! Anyway, he killed all the vampires, except one!
Now he must explore the 4 crypts of this cemetery leaning against one of the forgotten mountains of the Carpathians, to kill the last of the vampires there!  He must face the Gullies, avoid the traps, read the plans and cross each of the underground crypts in the most total darkness, find shortcuts and the secret passage to save time and reach the last crypt before the first lights of the day appear....

But before you get smart in this gloomy cemetery, you'll have to go back and forth in less than 2 minutes to become a TRACKER, then walk through the cemetery in less than 93 seconds (1 minute and 33 seconds) to get the rank of Hunter (HUNTER) and finally, cross the cemetery all the way down to 53 seconds and finally become a recognized vampire killer (KILLER).

But first you'll have to get lost a hundred times, wander endlessly through the dark basements on the verge of madness...

You have helped us to exceed our objectives and to thank you we offer you the stickers that you can stick on the back of your games and show off your different grades obtained. Kind of like on STEAM or Playstation. But physically: real stickers to stick on real games!
These stickers will be offered to all those who have taken at least 3 games. Well, yeah, what are stickers for if you don't have the games, to parody a missing singer.



Well we don't hide the fact that you'll have to start taking food supplements, change your lifestyle, and switch to intensive training mode if you want to hope one day to have all the stickers stuck on your games!

We love you! We love you! And to prove it to you, as we exceeded 40 000€, we offer a Legend to all those who have ordered 4 or more.

You can choose between one of the three Legends or one of the 3 Legends in pre-series (with all its minor defects, which have not been corrected) of a color that will not be available on the market. A rare thing! However, it will be impossible to choose the color. We'll take a chance. It'll be a surprise! We also have some models of the pre-series in grey. So there will be some really collector models. We even have three in white, a little weird translucent.

It will look something like this in the basic colors:

So, to be up to the task, we are offering a COMPLETLY NEW Legend to all those who have ordered 4 or more!

Which one? We don't know because it's still to be created. It's going to be a war between Rockyky and RG. RG will probably try to force him (he's late and wants darkness) but Rocky is sick and fast like speedy Gonzales. He can do 30 sketches in one night. Basically there will be 2 of them created and it will be necessary to arbitrate. We'll ask you, you might as well.

A pirate thing, a Mayan temple, a Vinci car park, the Saint-Lazare station or an adventure in the intestines of a gluten-resistant Vegan... We'll stick to it when we reach 40,000€.

So this one, since it was not planned in the program, it will necessarily take a little time. We'll have to draw it, produce 2 or 3 prototypes, launch the mold, produce it... It smells very strong T1 2020. But we take care of everything, you will receive it by post at our expense. It'll be the cool little surprise at the beginning of the year. Moreover, it will not be available (except on our website) for sale until the end of 2020. With this one, you can REALLY show off.

In addition, it will inaugurate our concept of a "game cartridge": we will only send you the board (you will already have at least 4 boxes, we will save fish like that). Because I N S I D E 3 Legend is a 100% analog low tech console.

As you are madmen, we propose you a 2nd unpublished cartridge!!!!!!!
As for the 1st, you will receive it exclusively at the end of the 1st quarter of 2020.
What will it look like? What do we know about it? We didn't even have time to draw the first cartridge.
You're madmen, we tell you!
But that's also why we love you!


I N S I D E 3 Legend is played alone or with others.

. Release the ball
. Put the game in front of you
. Start the clock and catch the game to get there and back as quickly as possible, passing through the room where the mission's purpose is located (treasure, Katana, vampire)
. Once the ball has returned to its starting point, put the game down
. Stop the clock.

. Each player releases his ball
. Start the game by shouting "BATTLE!"
. Any player who reaches the final room shouts "GRAAL!" when he arrives at the treasure or "HIPPON!" when he touches the Katana or "Go to hell! "when he reaches the last crypt (everyone stops playing at that moment), and shows the others that the ball is in the room, then he gives the top start again at his convenience
. The first one to the starting point shouts "CHAMPION", "KAMIKAZE" or "KILLER". Because he has become one, for this fight anyway.

With several, if there are many of you, challenge yourself to a tournament.
Fight two by two (draw). Same rules as for the Battle.
The winners start again with each other, always two by two. Until there are only two left, who will compete for the title of GREAT CHAMPION.

ILLUSTRATIONS of the packaging

We contacted three stars. And all three said yes. We'll rank them in order of seniority so as not to offend anyone. Unless being old is a problem.

The 3 boxes of the packaging


1) BOULET (http://www.bouletcorp.com/)

We're not going to do the insult of introducing him to you, are we? What's for sure is that he took the time to do 3 incredible illustrations while he was working on an album and he looks a little addicted to twitter. What's crazy is that when you zoom in on the images he provided us, there's no limit. In fact, we are reaching the molecular level. First of all, we find drawings inside the drawings as in fractals. Then when he reaches the size of a 10 atomic groin, he tries to arrange them to make another drawing with them. You can't see it on the images below because ULULE blocks the images at 4MB (the equivalent of half a pixel for Boulet) but take my word for it. Moreover, the delivery of illustrations cannot be done by internet. It is necessary to meet it physically because each image is provided on a 1TB (recorded) disk. That is the price to pay.... And if you don't know him, read his blog. From the beginning if possible. Not only are the drawings crazy, but it is also funny and very, very relevant. And apart from his blog he draws and writes some comics, I let you look for it...

2) LAUREL (https://bloglaurel.com/)

Ditto, I don't think it's worth introducing it to you. Especially if you're the type to hang out on ULULE. If not, check out his 3 projects. It'll give you a kick. What is quite frightening is that it puts (like Boulet, by the way) its comics online for free in real time. But despite that, we all buy the paper version at the end so much that it's too good (and because it's a little normal too, right?). She was the first to say yes. So she was able to choose the darkest model (THE CRYPTS) and made it into a crazy thing. I never get tired of looking at the siren skeleton. I was expecting to have something cute and sober. She put LOT of blood on it. We almost have a PEGI16 game now! Go read his blog, it's incredible. The accuracy of the characters, the roundness of the drawings. Everything is great.


3) K'me (https://fr.ulule.com/ankh-sul/)

Maybe you don't know her yet.... But that may change. An old Ankama girl who draws monstrously well. And who is coming out with a pavement 100% made by her (see her ULULE project) that might be a masterpiece. It's so easy for her to draw that she made us a lot of sketches, we put the characters she proposed to us (well no, she didn't copy and paste the flame, she drew 4, what a patient...). Hard to choose, huh? As she drew the simplest level she had the chance to avoid drawing the underground. But she loses nothing to wait for. You can imagine that we may redo some models in the future.


What are the funds for?

WHY the ULULE project ?

The project was initially financed on its own (and by borrowing some money). The overall investment cost of molds and prototypes is about €60k. At this stage, we now need to finance the initial stock in advance of the phase. To have a reasonable selling price of 10€, it would be necessary to launch a significant production of about 10 000 pieces of each model. To do this, we need about 6000€ per model.

We will therefore launch the ULULE project in steps of 6000€, each stretch goall triggering the availability of an additional model. Ideally, even if only one model is available for the first level, we are counting on you to order 3 at a time. We are rather optimistic since on previous projects we had about 1200 contributors for a much more complex and expensive game. With 700 contributions, we unlock everything... So we believe in it quite strongly:)


1st level (validation of the CASTLE): 6 000€

2nd level (NINJA validation): 12 000€

3rd level (validation of THE CRYPTS): 18 000€

4th level (creation of special ULULE stickers to stick on your toy your victories and show off to your friends, like badges on STEAM or playstation): 25 000€



Inside3 was born in 2013 on ULULE. A nasty headache game that strangely raised €70,000 on ulule at one time for crowdfunding was as popular as guts in the elementary school canteen. In short, we were all surprised. That was it: https://fr.ulule.com/insidezecube/

Some images of the initial prototypes....

A little later and because it was working well we launched a second project to launch easier and harder cubes. That's what it was:


An image of the new series:

Almost 6 years later, instead of releasing one more cube (which we almost did), we decided to listen to everyone and get back to work.

We listened:

1) Charlie (the boss, the one who takes care of the money and frames us when we still want to make a stupid geek game), who was crying for a flat cube (yeah, it's weird to ask that, especially for a polytechnician). A cheap cube. An easy cube.

2) Distributors, who wanted a product at the price of a game made in China, in order to be able to sell it. It sounds strange but INSIDE3 as it stands can't be sold by some distributors, unless you sell it for 25€. So they wanted a much lower production price. Be careful, I'm not saying we made a product made in China. But we listened to them, and we found a solution, staying 20km from Paris.

3) The players. Not ours, but the others. Those who need to see a little bit of what's going on and who didn't get anything at INSIDE3. "What is it? Why is it so hard? I don't understand anything. Is it a piggy bank? Well, that's bullshit, you can't see anything! ». We decided to be nice this time. And to bring out a fun and accessible game. But not that... let's say there are several levels of play.

4) Children. Who, for the most part, didn't understand anything about INSIDE3. But who need so much more than watching kitten videos.

By the way, we integrated the fact that we REALLY wanted to have a tangible universe associated with the game. Get out of the abstract game.

So we made a product with little assembly (that's what's expensive in fact), only 3 parts. And with an ultra simple and explanatory packaging. The packaged product being flat (as at ikea), the distributors are happy because it is cheaper to transport them. We have associated super exciting universes that allow a strong immersion. We put a plastic cover on to give a partial view of the game. It wasn't that easy. We didn't get much sleep. We will put on facebook the 10 000 sketches of Stephane who designed the first 2 models. You can also follow us on the social networks, we post a funny photo novel about the project.

About the project owner

The initial team is the same. But now we have a cool cool name. DOuG for Designing Oustanding Games.

A small novelty of size on this game : the initial idea came from the inescapable Charlie who spoke about it as early as 2014 (the flat cube that fits in the pocket) but was developed this time with 4 hands. And especially two brains. Stéphane and Romain-Guirec. The half-bald guy in 3rd position agreed to work in a team and obviously it was useful to listen to others a little for once. And don't think that Valery is useless. He shares with Charlie all the things that guys in hoodies or t-shirts can't do. And that's a LOT of things. Develop and maintain the site, handle online sales, manage financial aspects, strategy.... And a couple of things you can't write here.

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