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INSIDE3 Code Rose.

The first puzzle game that looks like a sextoy.

About the project

INSIDE3 code rose. What is it ? A new INSIDE3 cube but pink like a dildo. Still it is a cube. So you can us it only if you have a square sex or a square anus. Like wombats.

For people that are new here : INSIDE3 is an annoying game were the goal is to bring the ball form one side to the other side of a cube but without seing anything. You just have the map engraved to help you. It is not a cool game...

There is already a full range of 12 models (soon 13) organized in 3 series. The new cube (Awful noVICE) is part of the noVICE serie but it is also an "awful". So it is pretty hard...

We already made 2 ULULE project (ULULE1 et ULULE2). Just check if you want to know some more. To make it short, INDIDE3 is born thnaks to ULULE community. So this project is here to thank you and all new people here by providing the new cube to a very low price and before the official commercialization !

What are the funds for?

We already payed by ourselves the mould. So the goal is very low... We just want to launch the first test serie and make a small party :)

For one cube (10€) :

- Cube production : 2,5€

- VAT : 2€

- Ulule part + Paypal 1€

- Shipping : 3€

We still have 1,5€ par cube. At least 750€. Enough for a launching party :)

And now a little bit of history of the project with a few pictures...