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Ink is my Blood - Volume Three

Collected drawings by Apollonia Saintclair

About the project



Thank you so much for your tremendous support: we reached a goal that goes beyond my wildest dreams.

As announced during the campaign, we will ship all orders November 8, 2018. For delivery times, please have a look below.

If you have missed the campaign, you can still order most of the rewards in our shop:

For any question send us an email at: [email protected]


La belle majorquine I - Roser Amills I 




Ink is my Blood - Volume Three is the final Volume collecting most of my graphic work so far.

All my drawings were published online first, incased in the cramped frame of a screen. Now, at last, they will be available as large and crisp images collected in a book trilogy that sums all these single erotic moments, all these flashes of desire and pleasure.

We have worked hard to create a third volume that surpasses the previous two. It includes more drawings, more double pages and simply more content, with many works that have meanwhile become classics on social networks. As it is a book collection we have of course kept the same size and used that very paper and printing quality which already proved to be a unique sensual experience in the two first Volumes.

As an introduction to my inner world, the book begins with an intimate conversation between Anne Hautecoeur, director of the renowned french erotic publishing house La Musardine, and myself that will allow you to learn more about how I came to draw, what nourishes my work and why I started to show my drawings to an audience.

Softcover 9.1" x 11.2" (23 x 28,5 cm), 148 pages
Texts both in English and French






As I currently have no plans for a subsequent publication, I wanted to conclude this trilogy in style and decided to create a Collector's Box, specifically designed to accommodate the three Volumes in a setting worthy of this occasion. This unique case is printed in black and red, with special 3D ink in order to stimulate your sense of touch, and the inside of the box is also as red as blood.

The collector's box will be available as a WHITE, BLACK and RED editions.

  • WHITE is for faithful collectors that already have Volume One & Two, including Volume Three signed by Apollonia, the Collector's Box and the ebook Volume Three
  • BLACK for new collectors, including all 3 Volumes signed by Apollonia, the hand numbered Collector's Box and the ebook trilogy
  • RED for hardcore collectors, as a limited Trilogy edition of 24, including all 3 Volumes signed, along with an original sketch by Apollonia in Volume Three, the stickers Trilogy, a signed and hand numbered Collector's Box and the ebook trilogy






More than 15 days before the end of the campaign, we have already collected more than 300% funding.This means not only that the book and all the planned goodies will be realized as planned, but also that we have decided to add new giveaways for all those who participated.

In addition to the new BOOKMARK for Volume Three, we will therefore add a series of free POSTCARDS.
- for 300% the postcard with the drawing "Fucking good"
- if we reach 400% the postcard with the drawing "Valentina at the gallery"
- and if by a miracle we reach 500% TWO postcards with the front and back of the Collector's Box.





  • BOOK - Volume Three
  • SIGNED - Volume Three with a dedication by Apollonia Saintclair
  • FUN - Volume Three with a dedication and the stickers 
  • SKETCH - Volume Three with a dedication and a small original sketch by Apollonia Saintclair
  • TWICE  - Two copies of Volume Three
  • TWICE SIGNED - Two copies of Volume Three dedicated
  • TWICE FUN - Two copies of Volume Three dedicated with 24 stickers
  • TRILOGY - Volumes One, Two & Three and 3 ebooks
  • TRILOGY SIGNED - Trilogy dedicated  by Apollonia Saintclair and 3 ebooks
  • COLLECTOR'S BOX WHITE - Volume Three signed along with the collector's box
  • COLLECTOR'S BOX BLACK - Volume Trilogy signed along with the hand numbered collector's box 
  • COLLECTOR'S BOX RED - Volume Trilogy signed with the stickers Trilogy, a personal sketch by Apollonia Saintclair in Volume Three and the numbered signed collector's box

The ebook version is offered free of charge with all book paper versions.


La spectatrice - Valentina at the gallery



La jubilation - Fucking good! 



There will be 10 new original ink drawings, made especially for this campaign, for sale.

Eight drawings in medium format (9.1" x 11.2" / 23 x 28 cm), that will be unveiled during the campaign progress, and two large format drawings (11.8" x 16.5" / 30 x 42 cm) - RECTO and VERSO - the very drawings that were used to create the collector's box.

"I am here" - Sketch for original ink drawing #1 (SOLD)


"La femme à la cravate III" - Sketch for original ink drawing #2 (AVAILABLE)



La Madonne des cimetières (The woman in the dark) - Sketch/original ink drawing #3 (AVAILABLE)


"Full-contact knockout" - Sketch for original ink drawing #4 (AVAILABLE)


"Freaking Friday" - Sketch for original ink drawing #5  (AVAILABLE)


Les affamés (The forbidden fruit) -  Original ink drawing #6 (SOLD)


"Batman's workbench" - Sketch for original ink drawing #7 (AVAILABLE)


La panthère et le zèbre (Jungle fever) - Original ink drawing #8 (AVAILABLE)


Recto - Original ink drawing  (SOLD)



The 10 original drawings of this campaign are also available as single signed prints or as complete portfolio of 10 large format signed prints (11.8" x 16.5" / 30 x 42 cm).

Limited and numbered editions printed on Hahnemühle William Turner paper 310gr.


Verso - Original ink drawing (SOLD)



As usual, the book will be available in ebook format as well with a new series of twelve naughty stickers.


Stickers - Volume Three series


Stickers - Volume Two series


Stickers - Volume One series



All rewards will be shipped out on November 8, 2018, with these approximate delivery times:

Europe: 2-4 weeks
North America, Asia and Australia: 4-6 weeks
South America and Africa: 6-8 weeks

Please note that for stickers and books, we use regular postal services with economy shipping and no tracking. Signed prints and original drawings are sent with registered tracked priority mail.

It is imperative that you register with a postal address and an email address valid at least until January 31, 2019. We replace rewards that were damaged during shipment, but we won't do that if the address was incomplete, incorrect or no more valid.


Le vertige - Gaze into the abyss

What are the funds for?



The objective of the campaign is to finance the design and production of the book Ink is my Blood -Volume Three along with the many goodies included in this release. 

This project should remain between you and me: from the very beginning, my work was published on social networks to avoid intermediaries, to get in direct contact with you, with the sole purpose of sharing my drawings for our mutual pleasure. Intermediaries automatically would increase the price that you pay as a customer. Your pledge is more than just a purchase: it is your personal commitment, your way to support me and my work.

And, as it is a crowdfunding project, your pledge will only be charged to your account if the campaign has reached its financial goal.

Une Américaine à Paris - My 4th of July in Paris

About the project owner


“What makes Apollonia’s work so popular? Aside from the mind-blowing intricacy and detail in her work, the sheer skill with which she creates her art in cinematic, post-noir, stunningly imaginative ways, is that she captures the essence of what sexuality means for each of us. Whether it’s a naked woman riding a rocket ship into outer space; or being dragged into the depths of hell by multiple hands; engaging in BDSM or octopus fetishism; the exquisite worlds she invites us into in each piece are as varied as each of our own inner desires and fantasies. (...) Rather than forcing her narrative down our throats, in the violent way in which pornography can insist that we experience our personal sexuality, she opens the door for us to discover.” Erika Lust

The drawings of Apollonia Saintclair appeared from nowhere in 2012 on the Internet. She draws essentially for herself and for your pleasure. She has collaborated with Erika Lust and La Musardine, the reknowed french erotic publishing house. Her drawings are regularly featured in many magazines, including Dazed, Juxtapoz Magazine, Vice, Playboy and NAKID. 

Follow her work on TumblrInstagramTwitterFacebook and Linkedin


Le geste furtif - Stealth rapture



is the association that manages my copyrights. We have been working togehther since the very begining in close collaboration and the association takes charge of the day to day business under my direction.


Le silence des cigales  - The midnight lights



  • The Red collectors trilogy includes the three e boks?

    Hello Allan,

    Yes, RED Collector's Box includes all 3 Volumes signed, along with an original sketch by Apollonia in Volume Three, the stickers Trilogy, a signed and hand numbered Collector's Box and the 3 ebooks

    Last updated: 1 year ago