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Ink is my Blood - Volume Four

Apollonia Saintclair’s fourth Volume of collected drawings

About the project



Thank you so much for your tremendous support: we have reached a goal that goes beyond my wildest dreams.

As announced during the campaign, we will ship all orders November 6, 2020. For delivery times, please have a look below.

If you have missed the campaign, you can still order most of the rewards in our shop: apolloniasaintclair.bigcartel.com

For any question send us an email at: [email protected]



Ink is my Blood - Volume Four



After the publication of the Trilogy in 2018, I wondered how to keep telling my story: did I have to completely reinvent Ink is my Blood, with a new look, another format and a different way of showing my work?

The discussions I had with you have convinced me otherwise. Indeed, my primary intention remains the same: to share my drawings with you in a straightforward, authentic way, without unnecessary decoration, through a magnificent and sensual object, in a format that fits well in your hand and allows you to taste details that might have escaped you on a phone screen. I also thought of the collectors among you, who will appreciate being able to line their shelves with an additional volume in the existing row.

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Le masque de la Méduse - Object woman - 2017



Ink is my Blood has therefore become a sort of serial, in which you literally leaf through, drawing after drawing, desire after desire - and here is the fourth chapter. One page leads to the other, one idea generates the next, an image spawns a new one. Calls, echoes, flashbacks, it is a form of subliminal continuity that I offer you, a mirror of my way of working: each drawing is individual, unique. Each drawing is an island and yet together they form an archipelago, bathed by the same arcane waters of an endless sea. Better: each drawing is an atoll, the emerged part of an underwater peak, the transfigured remains of an extinct volcano, memories of an interior fire that time has transformed into a poetic cipher on the immaculate page of the ocean.

La technicienne de surfaces - Worshiping my idol - 2016


So here is the start of a new series of volumes that will add to the existing trilogy: Where will this journey take us? I do not know. There is still a lot of unknown lands to be discovered and many pristine islands to be explored together - we'll see.

La manche à vent - Pay attention to the wind direction - 2017



Finally, instead of giving you, as in the previous books, the text of an expert to reflect on my world, I decided to give carte blanche to an author, singer and actress whose work I fell in love with. We met on social media and I think I can say that the mutual recognition was immediate. I am therefore very touched that Jehnny Beth has agreed to write an erotic fiction to inaugurate this new volume. Thanks to you Jehnny.


Ink is my Blood - Volume Four



Volume Four is available as single book with different packages or if you are a new fan or look for a impressive Xmas gift, you can also order the complete series of 4 books, from Volume One to Four - also with many packages options:

  • BOOK: Volume Four
  • BOOK SIGNED: Volume Four with a dedication by Apollonia Saintclair
  • BOOK FUN: Volume Four with a dedication and the stickers
  • BOOK SKETCH: Volume Four with a small dedicated original sketch by Apollonia Saintclair
  • 4 BOOKS: The complete 4 Volume series - with the same 4 options as with the single book

The ebook versions are offered free of charge with all book options

By the way, if you miss only one of the past books, the 3 first Volume of the Ink is my blood Trilogy are available as single books onapolloniasaintclair.bigcartel.com

Book Volume Four: softcover 9.1" x 11.2" / 23 x 28,5 cm. 148 pages. Texts both in English and French


Ink is my Blood - 4 BOOKS packages


La lione blessée - Love is a killer - 2018



The books are available in ebook format as well, with two options:

  • EBOOK : single ebook, Volume Four
  • 4 EBOOKS: the complete Ebooks series, Volume One to Four

Ebook Volume Four: PDF 150 pages. Texts both in English and French


Ebook Volume Four


2 X

Ebooks Volume One to Three



10 new original ink drawings that being made during this campaign are exceptionally for sale:

  • #1: The week-end I
  • #2: The week-end II *SOLD*
  • #3: Fresh tracks on a snowy slope  *SOLD*
  • #4: The private eye  *SOLD*
  • #5: The corded couple  *SOLD*
  • #6: In the shades  *SOLD*
  • #7: The new shawl
  • #8: Solitary confinement  *SOLD*
  • #9: The bystanders
  • #10: Picnic in the twilight

The Book Sketch package, including the ebook version, is offered with this pledge

Original drawings: Black ink on 220gr acid free watercolor paper, 9.1" x 11.2" / 23 x 28 cm


For this campaign, we also decided to come up with something unique: a collection of 10 signed and numbered prints of the blue pencil sketches that serve as preliminaries to the original ink drawings of the Volume Four series.

These prints are available in 3 different sizes:

  • A5 BLUE PRINT: 5.9" x 8.2" / 15 x 30 cm, edition of 48 copies
  • A4 BLUE PRINT: 8.2" x 11.8" / 21 x 30 cm, edition of 24 copies
  • A3 BLUE PRINT: 11.8" x 16.5" / 30 x 42 cm, edition of 12 copies

It is also possible to order the complete series of 10 prints as a portfolio, in the 3 sizes

All Blue Prints packages include the book, with different options, and the ebook version

Blue signed Prints: fine art prints on Hahnemühle William Turner, acid and lignin free archival paper 310gr

BLUE PRINT #1: The week-end I


BLUE PRINT #2: The week-end II


BLUE PRINT #3: Fresh tracks on a snowy slope


BLUE PRINT #4: The private eye


BLUE PRINT #5: The corded couple


BLUE PRINT #6: In the shades 


BLUE PRINT #7: The new shawl


BLUE PRINT #8: Solitary confinement


BLUE PRINT #9: The bystanders


BLUE PRINT #10: Picnic in the twilight



As usual we created a new series of ten naughty stickers with the highlights of Volume Four, available a single sheet or as collection of 4 Volumes

  • STICKERS: single sheet, 10 stickers Volume Four
  • 4 STICKERS: the complete stickers collection, 42 stickers Volume One to Four

Stickers Volume One to Four: 8.3" x 11.7" /  21 x 29.7cm


More Apollonia: Order Ink is my Blood - Volume

Stickers Volume Four - Blue Page



Stickers Volume Four


Stickers Volume Three


fo More Apollonia: www.apolloniasaintclairtumblr.com Order Ink is my Blood Volume Two www.apolloniasaintclair.bigcartel.con

Stickers Volume Two


Stickers Volume One



All rewards will be shipped out on November 9, 2020, with these approximate delivery times:

  • Europe: 2-4 weeks
  • North America, Asia and Australia: 4-6 weeks
  • South America and Africa: 6-8 weeks

Please note that we use regular postal services with economy shipping and no tracking. Signed prints and original drawings are sent with registered tracked priority mail. If you wish us to send your order with tracking, please send us a message.

It is imperative that you register with a postal address and an email address valid at least until January 31, 2020. We replace rewards that were damaged during shipment, but we won't, if the address was incomplete, incorrect or no more valid

La nostalgie est une île  - The remains - 2017


L'autoportrait - The man in the mirror - 2016


What are the funds for?


The objective of the campaign is to finance the design and production of the book Ink is my Blood - Volume Four along with the many goodies included in this release.

From the very beginning, I want my drawings to be available to everyone for free and without intermediaries, that's why I publish them on social networks. I love to get in direct contact with you and share my work for our mutual pleasure. Publishing books is the way I have found to generate an income from all this and with your help, day after day since 2012, I have been creating new pictures.

So thank you for all your personal commitment, for all the ways you support me. You have my deepest gratitude in advance for your pledge.

And remember: as every crowd funding project, your pledge will only be charged to your account if the campaign has reached its financial goal.

Le Rorschach  - You are what you see - 2017


About the project owner


“What makes Apollonia’s work so popular? Aside from the mind-blowing intricacy and detail in her work, the sheer skill with which she creates her art in cinematic, post-noir, stunningly imaginative ways, is that she captures the essence of what sexuality means for each of us. Whether it’s a naked woman riding a rocket ship into outer space; or being dragged into the depths of hell by multiple hands; engaging in BDSM or octopus fetishism; the exquisite worlds she invites us into in each piece are as varied as each of our own inner desires and fantasies. (...) Rather than forcing her narrative down our throats, in the violent way in which pornography can insist that we experience our personal sexuality, she opens the door for us to discover.” Erika Lust

The drawings of Apollonia Saintclair appeared from nowhere in 2012 on the Internet. She draws essentially for herself and for your pleasure. She has collaborated with Erika Lust and La Musardine, the reknowed french erotic publishing house, and with magazineslike Dazed, Juxtapoz, Vice, Playboy and NAKID. 

Follow and support her work on her official website or on InstagramTwitter and Patreon

Le signal codé  - Our cipher - 2016



is the association that manages Apollonia's work. They have been working togehther since the very begining in close collaboration and the association takes charge of the day to day business under Apollonia's direction.

Le mystère Mang  - The Mang mystery - 2017


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