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New EP and first music video

About the project


Inglenook is a french band based in Paris. Agathe, who plays the ukulele, sings, writes music and lyrics, is joined by Albane on the piano and Corentin on the percussions. The three of them work on the arrangements to create their unique sound. They share a common taste for very eclectic music genres : classical music, their first love (and training), folk, pop, french song.
Delicate poetry, Intimate balades, fiery dances, in french and in english, they blend vocal harmonies, ukulele, piano and percussions with contagious delight.


Our new EP

We are recording a new EP : 4 songs, all in french, that we arranged with passion for brass and chords (in addition to our own instruments). It will show what we have become, but also what we tend to be. We put a lot of ourselves in the making of this music.

It will be a way, for us, to communicate on our project, to do more concerts, and to find a label that will accompany us in our next adventures.


Our first music video

The signature song on the EP is La Voleuse ("The thief"). A mysterious character has forgotten her mother tongue and is now trapped in foreign languages. To help us create the visual world around this evocation of language and identity, we asked Geffroi Ridel and Joseph Wallace, two amazing directors from the Caravel Collective, to shoot a video where live movie and animation would cross paths. The film will take place between the beautiful canadian bookshop The Abbey Book Shop and the multicoloured Divan du Monde.




What are the funds for?

We are asking you to help us raise 6000 € ( 4850 £ / 8193 US $ ) in order to cover all the costs associated with completing our new Ep and our first music video.

Here is how the money will be used :

EP : 

Music ( recording, mixing, mastering, packaging ) : 3000 €

Visual identity ( picture, design, editing ) 1000 €

=> 4000 € 

Music video ( pre-production, shooting, editing, post-production) => 2000 €

So EP + Music video : 6000 €


About the project owner

It is in the streets of the Avignon Festival, one summer, that Agathe started to play covers on her ukulele. She would sing her songs too, but she was too shy to say she wrote them. Encouraged by a friend, she wrote more and more melodies and lyrics, and, soon, feeling a little lonely, she asked Albane and Corentin to join her. Albane took her piano, Koko his percussions, and the three of them started to sing vocal harmonies, because, well, there's nothing quite like singing together, right ?

It all went quite nautrally from there.

We played our first gig at Albane's dad. Then we played in small bars in Paris, until Lifelive, a historical company that has helped many artists to start a carreer here in France, discovered us and took us under their wing. Thanks to them, we played at the Francofolies de La Rochelle Festival, and in other really cool festivals in France and in Belgium. We also continued to play in Paris, in beautiful venues such as Le Divan du Monde, les Trois Baudets, le New Morning, la Maroquinerie ...

We are above all a live band : we love doing concerts, we love that special connection with the listener. For us, music is all about this exchange of good energy.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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