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[ In'Bô ]

Sport material made of wood, bamboo and natural fiber

About the project

It's amazing ...

We never could thought to get there so fast! The events of recent days require to think to a bigger developement for our company. To do this, we must invest in adequate  communication channels and why not, to develop new products ...

Thank you for your support!

"Crowdfunding: join in with the financing of our project to make our business come true.”

« It is a story about friendship and passion that turned out to be a business story » Le Bois International, n°40

When we first met at the School of wood science and timber engineering in Epinal, we decided to implement our knowledge in order to produce our own wooden sport equipment. Ski, longboard, surfboard… Nothing let us foresaw that these student projects would sway our future professional life until someone suggested:  “why don’t you do it for a living?” So we started to think about it. Eventually our will to create a work environment fitting our beliefs and need for independence and freedom, ended up bringing us together. Our student group “Cambium Makers” then became a company: [ In’Bô ]

[ In'Bô ] : “forest / wood” in local dialect. For us this name embodies the transition from student project to real business.

          Antoine                   Pierro                         Aurèle                     Quentin                  Robin

Since that Ebony Night (Nuitd’ébène) in February 2013, our group has evolved and we joined the Rural Excellence Hub “Terres de Hêtre” as pilot project. This hub has for objective to revitalize the local economy around wood resources. After working a few months at home, we have now settled in a workshop owned by the District of Bains-les-Bains, thanks to the support of the PACELOR business incubator. We are now finalizing the development of our first three products: bamboo bikes, wooden sunglasses and longboards.

Our company: a place where manual activity is reasserted, and where the Made in France regains its true meaning.

We wish [ In’Bô ] will become synonymous of efficient wooden sport products, handmade in Vosges with local resources. ThibaudLhenry can assert the technical nature of our products: “They trusted me by lending me one of their bamboo bikes in July 2013! Since then I still haven’t ridden down!” Interview Fixe France.

Thibaud with his bamboo bike [ IN’BÔ ] 4th place at the 2013 Red Hook Criterium Barcelona

Why Ulule:                                                                                                                         

Ulule is a springboard for us. We have worked relentlessly for a year to get design, technical and efficient products. Today, our products are ready. However we lack financial contributions in order to safely develop our business with professional equipment. So far, we have invested all our means in this project. Now we need you to give the final boost that will allow our company to take off. Become our first clients, get our first products and play an active part in our project’s start.

Your rewards:                                                                                                                     

Either a small help or a big contribution, we want to thank you all! According to your donation, you will be able to get our different items manufactured in limited edition for "Ulule". The rewards are described below. The pictures feature our products prototypes, solely as a guide to what our products will look like. Please note that some improving modifications might occur during the campaign. Please bear in mind that due to our handcrafted manufacturing process, no two products will be exactly alike.

Key ring and T-shirt:

Key rings are made with plywood from beech and oak veneer. Each key ring is numbered especially for Ulule.For the T-shirts, we chose organic cotton. They are available in size S, M, L and XL, both in women’s and men’s cut. They come in different colors. If you choose a t-shirt, we will send you an email to know the size and the colour you want.

Bow ties :

We have developed a limited edition of wooden bow ties combining the sobriety of the walnut to the warmth of the beech. For women, the bow tie will have an additional safety pin. It could then be worn either around the neck or in a more fashion way as a bracelet or hair clip. This product is exclusively made for our crowdfounding campaign.


  AVALANCHE                                      LUMBERJACK                               FIRE TREE                        

The sunglasses leather case

Surprisingly light and unique as each piece of wood they are madeof, the [ In’Bô ] sunglasses are crafted with two-essence plywood. We decided to use only local resources.  You can choose between 3 types of essences for the exterior façade: walnut, oak and cherry wood. If you choose a sunglasses, we will send you an email to know the size and the essence you want.

After the excitement around our project and to thank those who support us, we offer with each pair of glasses, a leather case. The cases were made by a craftsman 3 kilometers from our workshop. We specially selected the best quality leather to combine hestétique and resistance.


- 2 sizes available

- flexible hinge

- 10 layers of wood

- lens UV class (type 3)

- weight between 25g and 32 g (depending on model and sizing)

Matched sunglasses and bowtie Limited edition

For this limited edition, sunglasses and bow tie will be manufactured out of the same wood. We will use fine and precious French wood, which essence will be revealed during the campaign.




[ In’Bô ] reinvents the longboard mixing aesthetics and technical nature. Marquetry is brought bang up to date to covera core made of composite materials and flax fiber, that provides the board with flex and strength. Local wood essences are used to realize the marquetry and flax comes from Normandy. Each board is unique and made to ride your own way. The boards are delivered all fit with quality equipment. For the Origin boards the transparent grip is made on demand.

With the Mini-Stach, [ In’Bô ] brings out again old school skateboards. The sober design is highlighted by the oak veinsand the grip plays with symmetry. The kick tail provides good handling of the board that will take you everywhere. Many good rides to come…

Origin features:Mini-Stach features:

- cruiser style                                                                         - mini skateboard

- sizing :  100*24 cm                                                             - sizing : 55*15 cm

- components:     5 beech wood layers                                  - components :    7 beech wood layers

                           2 flax layers                                                                            2 decorative layers

                           2 decorative layers                                      - trucks :Slant / Bennett

- trucks : Caliber                                                                     - bearings: ABEC 5

- bearings: ABEC 7                                                                 - wheels: Penny

- wheels: Seismic / ABEC 11

[ In’Bô ] Cycle

Fixed gear bikes : Le Lhenry

Road bikes: Le Ventoux

Each bike frame is for us an original piece of work. Harvested in Anduze, our bamboos are carefully selected to meetthe technical performance requirements of road bikes. Bamboo and flax fiber are combined to provide stiffness and comfort. ThibaudLhenry was the first to confirm its mechanical characteristics finishing 4th and 8th at the Red Hook Criterium in Barcelona and Milan. For the more sceptical, note that our frames have passed the French standard tests for road bike. If you choose a frame or complete bike, we will send you an email to know the size you want.

Fixiebike features:Road bike feature:

- 3T carbon fork                                           - 3T carbon fork

- component 3T                                           - component 3T

- wheels Mavic Primato                                -  wheels Fulcrum Racing 5

- drive Miche Primato                                   - SRAM Force 22 group

- weight :  about 8 kg                                   - weight : about 8.8 kg

What are the funds for?

This crowdfunding will help us gather the necessary funds to buy professional tools and machines to start crafting our first commercial items. This will be achieved through acquiring safety equipments in order to evolve in a safe and sound work environment. With you we aim to raise 9 250 € to cover the vital financial investments required to take up our activity.

With 9 250 € we will be able to finance:

- 4 250 €: raw material, equipments and tools to make the first series of products

- 3 000 €: an aspiration wall for the finishing stage of manufacturing

- 2 000 €: specific equipment for sunglasses manufacturing

Currently, we still have access to the School of Wood machinery. However this won’t last forever. If thanks to you we can overstep the 9 250 € targeted grant, then we will be able to invest in our own state-of-the-art professional machines and be completely independent … but that’s another story.

About the project owner

If youhave read down to here, you willknow a lot about our project. Still, if you want to learn even more about us, come visit our website ( and our facebook page (

“We have the trust, the competences and the energy. Provide us with the means, and take part in this adventure!”


Email : [email protected]

Cell phone : 07 70 01 52 66

ZA Les Bouleaux

88240 Les Voivres



  • Comment se passent les livraisons et quels sont les délais?

    Nos délais de livraison pourront varier en fonction des produits et de la demande. En effet, tous nos produits sont fabriqués à l'unité et à la main. Nous nous engageons à vous livrer maximum un mois et demi après la fin de notre campagne.

    Pour les lunettes et les longboards, vous les recevrez par transporteur. Pour les vélos équipés, si le lieu de livraison est en France, nous nous déplacerons spécialement pour vous les remettre en main propre.

    Last updated: 5 years, 4 months ago

  • Vos produits sont-ils garantis?

    Oui, nos produits sont garantis!

    Nous garantissons nos montures de lunettes et nos planches de longboard pendant six (6) mois contre tout défaut de fabrication. Les verres et équipements sont sous la garantie de leurs fabricants.

    En ce qui concerne les cadres de vélos, nous les garantissons pendant cinq (5) ans. Les équipements sont sous la garantie de leurs fabricants.

    Last updated: 5 years, 4 months ago

  • Est-ce possible d'essayer vos produits?

    Nous serons heureux de vous acceuillir dans nos locaux pour que vous testiez nos différents produits!

    Last updated: 5 years, 4 months ago

  • Vos lunettes sont-elles fragiles?

    Nos lunettes sont faites d'un multi-pli de bois contre-collé ce qui confère une grande résistance à la monture. Néanmoins, comme n'importe quelles lunettes, le fait de s'asseoir dessus peut les endommager...

    Last updated: 5 years, 4 months ago

  • Quels sont les avantages d'un vélo en bambou par rapport à un vélo en carbone?

    Nos vélos sont faits à l'unité, à la main et avec le plus grand soin. Le bambou allié à la fibre de lin apportera une bonne absorption des vibrations, ce qui améliorera votre confort de route. Cela permettra aussi une meilleure adhérence au sol dans les virages.

    Last updated: 5 years, 4 months ago

  • Quels sont les frais de port?

    Les frais de port sont offerts pour toute livraison en France métropolitaine. Pour tout envoi à l'étranger, des surcoûts seront appliqués (voir frais de port additionels liés aux contreparties).

    Last updated: 5 years, 4 months ago

  • Peut-on adapter des verres optiques dans vos lunettes?

    Nos lunettes sont fournies avec des verres solaires catégorie UV3. Pour l'instant, nous ne pouvons pas adapter de verres optiques dans nos montures. Cette option sera très prochainement disponible.

    Last updated: 5 years, 4 months ago