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"In Between" double album

(contact me for pre-orders, concerts & co-production)

  • Into the recording studio

    A short newsflash about the upcoming recordings, which start today!

    Until soon,
    Lot's of love,



  • Upcoming free concert

    After an amazingly successful crowdfunding campaign (THANK YOU!!!), I needed some time off to resource, relax and spend time with my family as well. We already may have found a music studio to do some live recordings with cello and violin this August - stay tuned! This is so exciting.

    As promised two free concerts: the first one is on August 11th, 8pm in Oostkamp, Waardamme. You are most welcome! Please confirm your presence with this simple contact form.

    The second concert, which is a live streaming concert, will be announced at a later date.

    Hope to hear or see you soon,

    warm regards,

    Steven Vrancken

  • The final hours of the crowdfund are ticking away!

    A month ago, a couple days before the launch of my crowdfunding campaign... I remember it well: my legs were trembling and I was shaking.

    All kinds of thoughts, doubts and emotions came up: "why wouldn't I postpone it to a later date? What if nobody is interested in my music? What if I fail?". And now, a month later, we have almost reached 300% (we're at 297% or €8913). What an exquisite adventure!

    From the bottom of my heart: thank you for joining me in the creation of "In Between"! 

    I added some carefully selected last minute rewards - only for the last couple of hours of the crowdfunding campaign. Please look below. All future news message will be about the music production of "In Between". Starting from tomorrow, I will take a little break, and in August the cd production begins!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

    Warm regards,


    Last Minute Special 1: hardcopy CD "Into Resonace", normal price €18 + shipping, now only 10 €

    Last Minute Special 2: 15 CD's "Into Resonance" for resalce, normal price €180 incl. vat & shipping, now only €100 

    Last Minute Special 3:A Musical Track Created for You for only €500, normal price €1500

    => look & order the last minute specials on the crowdfunding page until 11:59 pm Central European Time tonight.


  • I can't thank you enough: we reached the 2nd milestone!


    as promised, I will announce the dates, for a free virtual & live concert you can attend, later this month. Yup, thanks for your support, my crowdfunding campaign is a succes! I'm so happy, we're now at 219 %!!

    Yup, we reached the 2nd Milestone of 200 % or 6000€, and there is one week left to reach 300% and beyond. Reaching the 3rd milestone allows me to attract professional marketing & management to start sharing my music on a truly global level. Opening the doors to international concert venues, which, as a musician, is my bigest wish.

    Meanwhile, you can take a look at this video I uploaded yesterday on Youtube, where I play the Xaphoon in an amazing sounding garage in Portugal,

    stay tuned and thanks again for your support,
    Steven Vrancken


  • Welcome to a free concert when we reach the 2nd milestone

    Amazing! With your help we are almost able to let the album “In Between” shine even more by hiring extra musicians & studio time. Thank you very much!

    When we reach 200 % (currently we’re at 189 %)you are invited to a free concert - in Belgium. If you can’t make it because you live abroad, then rest assured, I will do something special for you too: a live virtual concert. Exact dates to be announced. As you can see on the picture, my instruments are ready!

    Since there are still 10 days left to raise another 11 %, I’m confident we’ll achieve this 2nd milestone. Maybe we can even accomplish more!

    Just wanted to share this update!

    Stay tuned for some holiday music videos,

    Warm regards,

    ps: do you have friends or family who want to contribute, but do not want to create an Ulule account? I’d love to let you know it’s also possible to do a direct bank transfer:

    IBAN: BE25 9791 4965 9382
    BIC: ARSP BE22

    Please mention: "Crowdfund In Between“ & notify me via email

    Abtsherbergstraat 13
    2500 Lier