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"In Between" double album

(update: album expected Oct-Nov 2018 )

About the project

We reached the first milestone in less than a week! This means "In Between" will be completed. Thanks!THIRD MILESTONE = 300 % or €9,000. Reaching the 3rd milestone allows me to attract professional marketing & management to start sharing my music on a truly global level. Opening the doors to international concert venues, which, as a musician, is my bigest wish. (update 2018: to really attract  professional marketing, I need at least €5000 more)

Welcome to the crowdfunding project for my third album, "In Between". My name is Steven Vrancken, I'm a musician and producer, and between now and 13 July you can become part of my adventure. "In Between" itself, a double album, will be out in early December 2017 (update: due to production circumstances this will be Oct/Nov 2018). The creative magic takes place mainly in my home studio near Bruges... exciting! 

If you don't yet know my music: my public and some media see my music as belonging to the same family as some of the works by Yann Tiersen (Amelie Poulain), Einaudi, Nils Frahm, Wim Mertens, Keith Jarret, Sigur Ross, Max Richter and more. In 2011 I released my first studio album, "Into resonance", in 2013 my second (Resonancia II) and recently also music for the Belgian documentary "Tot in den Draai", for example.

With the new double album, "In Between", you can get to know my extensive musical universe, which consists of my collected new works from the last few years. Which styles of music? Experimental neo-classical, cinematic, world, background, crossover, voice, introspective, minimal, electronic. I'd love to release the single "Eloria" as part of "In Between".

SEE BELOW FOR SOME TEASERS - I'll give you an outline below to give you the general idea, see and hear below. These are teasers, they are by no means finished, nor completely mixed and mastered.

The track-titles are also not yet fixed. I'd love to do extra studio takes to record additional strings, voice (male and female) & I need also more to compose and add some more creative juice.

CD 1: Original mainstream neo-classical music (cinematic, world, classical crossover, voice).

CD 2: This one has a rich collection of extended electronic-acoustic numbers with a high ambient factor (cinematic, electronic, crossover, voice).

What is the total duration of In Between? 120+ minutes spread across two CDs (also available as download).

What music is included on In Between? Mainly unpublished music, reworks of live recordings of new music, and remixes and re-masters of recent creations that have previously only been shared with a very limited circle.

Why "In Between"? What does that mean for the music? Please watch my main video above! In our present and sometimes really crazy society I regularly need "In Between"-moments to recharge and reconnect myself. So I decided to make for myself the music that I can use to find it.

Here's the video clip for "Carrying you" from my first album "Into resonance"

For me it is literally about the magic space of being "In Between": what do you experience in between two feelings? Between two thoughts? Between two breaths? In between the eye contact with someone else? In between two phases of life? It is about who we used to be, who we are now and who we are becoming. 

"In Between" is my musical interpretation of the existential quiet space in between two moments.

How far along are you in the creation of the album In Between? One third of the music is nearly ready, and only needs to go through the final phases of mixing and mastering. Another third is also nearly at that step, but needs some extra composition work and possibly also more recordings. For the final third of the music the basic compositions are ready, but a lot more time is needed for additional recordings and creative mixing. As for the artwork for the CD, the basic design is done, but it needs further development. Given the scope of the project, a double album, there is still plenty of work to be done (update: far more than expected).

Take a look at my most favorite acoustic instruments:

What are the funds for?

*** If you do not want to create an Ulule account to contribute (only takes a minute), please consider a direct banc transfer - see FAQ below ***

FIRST MILESTONE = 100 % or €3,000 is the absolute minimum to complete the CD

WE DID IT within less than a week!Thank you. After deducting the shares commission for Ulule (€240) and taxes (€580), of the collected €3,000, €2,180 will remain, all of which will go towards printing (pressing CDs) and graphical design.

SECOND MILESTONE = 200 % or €6,000 allows us to let the album “In Between” shine even more by hiring extra musicians & studio time - only 11 % to go

WE DID IT within in three weeks!(When we reach this goal, I will offer 2 free concerts for all my funders. One concert will be in Belgium, and another concert will take place in the virtual world for all the international funders. Love to meet you all)

As you can hear in all the teasers (see above), some of the music would greatly benefit from the violin, cello and some additional voices. With this budget I'm able to hire several other musicians for several tracks, and it will make it possible to invest in the necessary studio time to wrap it up.

This picture is taken during a concert together with all round musician Edwin Vanvinckenroye (picture by Marc Agten)

MY ULTIMATE DREAM GOAL is 300 % or €9,000 and beyond - Opening the doors to international concert venues, which, as a musician, is my bigest wish. I'm telling you, this would TRULY be FRICKING AMAZING! Reaching the 3rd milestone allows me to attract professional marketing & management to start sharing my music on a truly global level.

For (generous) donors who are not interested in the rewards in the list on the right, we can sit down together and take a look at what is possible.

All the money collected will go to GUAPA Bvba in Lier, a family company that is helping me to finance my creative creations.

About the project owner

If you are already familiar with my music, then you will of course know that I never learned to play the piano and never touched a piano keyboard until I was 24 years old. Six years later is when it all really started for me, when I gave my very first reclining piano concert in Belgium (in 2008). 

My solo albums Into resonance (2011) and Resonancia II (2013) grew out of this. I started giving more and more performances, including abroad, in Spain and Mexico, such as a wonderful period with the Soundjourney Ensemble band, and recently also the musical production for the documentary "Tot in den Draai".

What is the significance of In Between for you as a musician? For myself it is both literally and figuratively a major transition album... where I tell my whole musical story so far. From purely solo piano music with voice, like my first two CDs, on the way probably to a much greater story than I have written so far.

I would feel honoured if my music could become part of your journey to your personal experience of the deep "In Between".

Many thanks!

Steven Vrancken

ps: if you have a question, please contact me, I'll be happy to connect to you.

DISCOGRAPHY Tot in den Draai music for TV documentary (2016), "All is well - Remix 1" single by Steven Vrancken (2014), "Phenomenae" co-production, world music by Soundjourney Ensemble (2014), "Yucatan Nature Sounds" nature soundscapes (2013), "Resonancia II" piano solo (2013), "Pure Sea Sounds" nature soundscape (2011), "Into resonance" piano solo (2011), "Higher motions", composition on the album Troissoeur (2004 by EMI Belgium)

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