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Hungarian Contact Improvisation Festival

19 - 25 June 2018

About the project


We are three dancers, practicing and teaching contact improvisation.

Noticing that this dance is transforming us and our community, we wish to learn more from it and to continue to grow together.

That’s the reason why we decided to organize a 7-day-long festival in the countryside from June 19 to 25 and to make a crowdfunding campaign.


The number of participants for the festival is limited to 60 people this year.

In order to manage the financial balance, we need your support to pay the dedicated teachers who are coming to share their art and wisdom.

Your support would help us a lot this year and also it would make our project possible the next years as well. We wish to respectfully value the knowledge we are receiving, so we can grow connections and invite more teachers and dancers next year.


After several months of working, planning and spreading the news (All this on a volunteer base), we are happy to tell you that the festival is full!

Participants will come from all around the world (from 16 countries!) to join the Hungarian community in practicing, researching, sharing.

The dedicated members of our community helped and help us a lot for that.


One of the basic principles of Contact Improvisation is touching and being touched while moving.

This approach of movement can be missunderstanded, especially for beginners. Actually it is one of the best way to become conscious about what represents touch in our life, how it influences our states and our movement, it can be used as  an entrance towards support, relaxation, momentum.

It is also inspired by body awareness, fields of attention, movement exploration techniques.

It can be slow like a movement meditation and quick and acrobatic.

Everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender, experience and origins.

For Us, Contact Improvisation is much more than a dance form.

Contact Improvisation is a base for building common projects, enjoying togetherness, creating communities in which acceptance and appreciation towards each other is natural.


We started to organize events and classes two years ago.

The community is growing, we enjoy time by dancing together, sharing and helping each other.

We receive already a lot of volunteering support and we wish to develop the organizing team next year.

Why do we invite teachers from western Europe and the US ?

The knowledge and experience related to Contact Improvisation in western Europe and in the US is tremendous.

Experienced teachers dedicated to the form and its principles will come from France, Switzerland and the US.

They are going to hold intensive classes during the festival and will inspire our dances and nourish our community.

You can see below the bios of our teachers and the description of their workshop.

Why do we need your financial support ?

We have to pay for the dance spaces, the food, the sleeping and the transportation. The economical situation in Hungary shows us that such an event is already to much for people’s budget.

We decided to make the cost very minimal so that Hungarian people can afford it.

For the moment the teachers accepted to come for free.

Teaching is their profession so we want to pay them correctly.

A correct salary for their work is 500 euros for each.

The organizing team

We would like to follow the tradition of the Kontakt Budapest International Improvisation Festival which happened from 2002 to 2015 in Hungary. After a 3 year pause, we became inspired by our experiences across Europe, especially in Germany and France.

We gathered and discussed how we would like to offer it to the current community, share our ideas and concepts of this dance practice. Soon we have found our principles and started to reach out to international and homeland connections.

Ever since we had no financial base for this project, we are grateful that we could find and connect people who feel deep commitment to contact improvisation and take the cause of community experience to their heart. They were happy to join voluntarily.

The foreign teachers team :


Dancer and choreographer, met contact improvisation in 92. She was trained by Nitta Little, being her assistant during 5 years. She followed the teachings of Andrew Harwood, Kirstie Simson, Daniel Lepkoff, Sarah Shelton Mann, Nancy Stark Smith and also Julyen Hamilton, Deborah Ray, Yoshito Ohno and more recently Lisa Nelson and Benoit Lachambre. She danced for Anja Hempel, Ted Stoffer, Haim Adri, Yasmina Prolic, the Mezzanine Theater, Marie Marfaing and Thierry Niang.


In 2010, after several years of being a climber and social worker, he met Body-Mind Centering® and Contact Improvisation. These two paths became one, embodying his life's questions, redefining the way he experienced himself and the world around him. Meeting his body as a center of guidance and awareness, becoming increasingly sensitive to the physical flavor of life.

In 2011 he followed his path with trust to  the USA for a movement -therapy training with Anna Halprin (Life-art process®). In 2012 with persistent conviction he embarked on a journey of teaching, dancing, and sharing his own research of somatic principles and contact improvisation.


Dancer, choreographer, visual artist, her choices are made by her deep interest in search of authenticity in dance. As an improvisational performer, she is interested in sensation-rooted movement-explorations, action painting, and juxtaposition with words, voices, imagery and motion.

She started her dance studies at age 4 in her native Hungary. As a young adult, she searched for open forms which led her to contact improvisation, authentic movement and improvisation in performance in the USA. For the past 30 years, she has been exploring, teaching and performing. Nóra studied in-depth with Steve Paxton (the originator of contact improvisation), Lisa Nelson (Tuning score), and Simone Forti (Logomotion)


Land Art and performance artist connected to the nature, its sacred places and the elements. She realises site specific installations in the landscape on energetic places, among them in Hungary “From the Third Eye View” in Dobogokö completed by

the performance « Human Antlers » with 25 dancers and musicians. For 15 years she is leading Land Art workshops in Europe for children, teenagers, adults and handicapped people.

As a yoga teacher she is interested in body presence, she is working with European performers in multidisciplinary collaborations, bringing a sense of Nature.


It is only just 90 kms from Budapest. A wonderful retreat center, one of the treasure of our country, in the middle of a valley surrounded by hills and forests.

The program (more detailed on


Stéphanie Auberville - Acting ? // CI poetics

Alex Guex - The Fluid Body // CI inspired by Body-mind Centering


Nóra Hajós - Sensing~ Moving  // Logomotion

Sabine Fazekas & Tímea Györke - Your Creative Place of Transformation in Nature // Land Art and CI

What are the funds for?

Economical situation of Hungary

The economical situation in Hungary shows us that such an event is already to much for people’s budget.

We decided to make the cost very minimal so that Hungarian people can afford it.

We created two prices: one for hungarians who wish to join but otherwise cannot afford it, and one for the international participants.

This system is often used and accepted in other european contact improvisation festivals as well.

Our budget

With our budget we can pay for the dance spaces, the food, the accomodation and the transportation of the participants and teh teachers, but we can not cover the teachers honorarium.

With this management, we could create the most affordable festival across Europe this season! 

We just need a little help with the teacher’s honorarium.

We want to pay the teacher with the crowdfunding money 

Teaching is their profession so we would like to pay them correctly.

A correct salary for their work is 500 euros for each.

Other teachers will come as a volunteer.

About the project owner

For more detailed information, visit: