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They salivate

Short film _ fiction

About the project

“They Salivate" is the story of a kiss. Elsa and Def kiss one other in their empty living room. Elsa spits the kiss into a glass while Def invites their guests inside. The ambiance is festive and dynamic. One of the guests drinks from the glass containing Elsa and Def’s last kiss.

Saliva protects us from external germs.
It is a mood that soothes wounds and helps with healing.
What about the wounds of love? Should we lick them? Should they lick us?
Saliva is corrosive, it prepares for digestion.
To salivate is to lust after, to trigger one’s appetite.
An adult swallows one litre of saliva a day. It is a mixture of water, proteins, electrolytes and mineral salts. It is colourless and can be foamy. Yet the image of saliva is disgusting. There must be another ingredient, a "clean" ingredient from the person who produces it.
The mouth is a place of taste. What taste do we give it?
What is salivating for a woman? I'm a woman. I salivate, you salivate, he salivates, we salivate, to take you by the mouth, by your words. It facilitates diction.
A language that says what?
Starting with the first kiss, the connection is mute. And what about the last?

Here is "Brûlée", a very short film, realized last summer, in which I announce themes present in They salivent.

Olga Riazanova is the woman who spits out the last kiss exchanged with her companion Def. The kiss is large and has a cold and magnetic charm. She starred in "Nectar" (2014) by Lucile Hadzihalilovic and "Film Socialisme" (2010) by Jean-Luc Godard.

Nikho Georgiades is a musician. The first time I met him, he couldn't resist, he did so many different impersonations of him that his great sensitivity was hard to hide. I was touched by him and he inspired his character.

Marc-Antoine Vaugeois is the first victim to drink Olga and Def's poisoned kiss. He embodies a shy young man who is suddenly transformed by an irrepressible desire.
Marc-Antoine Vaugeois made his debut as an actor in Justine Triet's feature film, "Battle of Solferino”  released in France in 2013. He played the role of an incompetent babysitter. After this first noted role, he starred in Lucie Borleteau's "Fidélio, l'Odyssée d'Alice" as well as several short films (for Maxence Vassilyevitch, Aurélien Peilloux, Pascale Bodet and Guilhem Amesland). He is also a director and a critic for the online review, “Format Court”.

Anaïs Ruales is the Photography Director for this film.
She graduated from Fémis in 2014 and received the award for “Best Photography” at the International Festival of Clermont-Ferrand in 2015 among many others.

Marie Fages, a graduate from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, will be the Set Designer for the film.

She will be assisted by Clara Fontaine a graduate from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris.

Other participants include

Julien Pichard et Jérôme Gallioz / TRANSKOM (producers)

Elisa Kepeklian (first Assistant Director)

Salomé Karsenty (production Manager)

Manon Fournier (production Assistant)

Perrine Prost (script)

Eliana Pinheiro (wardrobe)

Elodie Rivage (makeup Artist)

Hélène Robino (camera Assistant)

Thomas Burgess (steadycam)

Thibaut Grosdemange (electro)

Etienne Martinez et Naima Delmond (sound engineers)

Léon Diana (stage manager)

David Rodes (FX advisor)

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What are the funds for?

I am supported by Angénieux, Panasonic and Tissens

Your donations will enable me to complete the equipment necessary, pay for meals, insurances and consumables.

The 5,000 € requested will help me make a free, original and bold film.

With 2,000 € more, I could finalize all of the post-production for this film in better conditions thanks to quality mixing and ccolor grading in particular.

About the project owner

Director and editor, graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, my first short film "Alices" 2014 obtains the Grand Prix of the XIXth edition of Linea d'Ombra - Giovani Culture Festival in Italy. "Ghosts" 2015 is selected at Côté Court, the festival of Pantin in 2015.

" Alices", fiction, 17 min 30, 2014, 4K, (visa d’exploitation n° 134 802)
produced by Vincent Fournier, DRAGWAY PRODUCTIONS

GRAND PRIX « Corto Europa », XIX° édition de Linea d’Ombra-Festival Culture Giovani 2014, Salerne, Italy
also selected in
FICC44 2015, Carthagene, Spain
Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca 2014, 42# edition, Spain
Cinemistica 2015, Grenade, Spain
Ouarzazate International Film Festival 2016, Ouarzazate, Morocco
Eidôlon Festival 2014, Lens-Lievin, France
Festival de Soueich 2015, Soueich, France
Cannes Underground Film Festival 2015, Cannes, France
Short Film Corner 2014, Cannes, France
Mosaic World Film Festival 2015, St. Rockford, US
Grace Film Festival 2015, San Francisco, US
Muestra Internacional de Videoarte y Video Experimental 2014, Medellín, Colombie CINE UNDER Recife 2015, Recife,
Free Spirit Film Festival 2014 à McLeod Ganj, India
1st Ahmednagar International Short Film Festival (AISFF), India
Access Code Film Festival, Bangalore, India
Pune Short Film Festival 2014, Pune, India
Festival de Cine y Video del Tec De Monterrey 2014, Mexico
Viewster Online Film Fest 3#,
and Court Mais Bon.

" Ghosts ", 4 min 30, fiction, completed in 48h, Kino Off Courts 2015, Trouville, France
Côté Court 25# Festival de Pantin en 2015.

" Brûlé ", 2 min

et " Brûlée " 1 min 40, 2016,  fictions, completed in 48h, Kino Off Courts 2015, Trouville, France

" They Salivate " continues a work I  started at l’École des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg where I presented parts of the body that can only communicate by drooling, foaming and rubbing. Unlikely monsters that, in order to exist, move but cannot escape.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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