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IFSCL - Crowdfund side costs!

Let's get voices!

New stretch goals, more Aelita and visit the Hermitage!

The crowdfunding is going very well, thanks to you. I'll be now able to record original lines for Aelita original English actress in the game! You are very much awesome.

Here's upcoming goals:

Stretch goal of 2700 € (around 3300 $) of total pledge


This short scene is related to a message of Aelita (a dozen of lines) that the player discovers during the game, I initially planned to transmit this message via the reading of the intimate diary of Aelita (text therefore).
However, if this milestone is reached, I will record additional lines so that we can hear the voice of Aelita who reads these lines, and I will animate all of it through a video diary, similar to the one of Franz.

Stretch goal of 3000 € (around 3660 $) of total pledge


This will cover the cost of potential retakes needed with the actors and actresses I engage, if voices or dialogs ends up not working. So that all of their recording matches with the quality I intend to provide.

Stretch goal of 3700 € (around 4525 $) of total pledge


For now, it is expected that the scenes in the hermitage are treated 'out of field of view', just a black screen, and we would get a summary of what happened (objects found, conversations etc.). If this stretch goal is reached, I will take the time to remodel the entire interior of the Hermitage (I could also invest in existing 3D objects to fill it faster) and I will do the flashback sequence in which Hopper (the player) go for Aelita in her room, but also scenes that are happening during the present in the story mode. (which means present AND past versions of the hermitage)

Of course the goal here is to record more voices of Hopper and Aelita in order to restore the atmosphere of the flashback and the scenes that happen in the present only with Aelita.

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