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IFSCL - Crowdfund side costs!

Let's get voices!

Handling dialogs and voices in IFSCL

I'm studying a lot the way to make you interact with other characters, and how voices are going to be handeld to have as much voices as possible, but also being consistant on the parts where non-dubbed dialogs will be added to fill everything else. Let's not forget I can't record dozens of actors for every situation, I haven't the time, nor the money or logistical team of designers for that. And I'm still sure players will want to have some discussion with Odd, Yumi, Ulrich or even William.


- Every CINEMATIC / PLAYABLE CINEMATIC (where you can move, good example in orange return to the past of version 3.3.0) has full voice acting, sometimes it's directly ripped from the show, sometimes It's filled with ulule new recordings

- Every DIALOG TREE / non MANDATORY dialogs can be triggered between YOU and ANY character you meet at any point, and can differ depending the state of the story. In those cases, no voice, only texts, so I can do it for a lot of characters. But still, all conversations starts with a voice snippet like (yes ? allo ? ok ? jérémie ? etc.)

- Every BUBBLE of THOUGHT (already introduced in 36X, when the player disable lyoko connexion for instance) from the player-character aren't dubbed. This is commonly accepted as not being a huge necessity anyway, as the character speaks to himself and those sentences tends to be very repetitive and mostly informative ("I can't open this door", "I should get this fuse" etc...)

For sake of consistency but also allowing much broader length of dialogs and avoid recording lines for Jeremy, conversation with Aelita in the 'window' will essentially be dialog trees of TEXT only, with the camera looking around, not focusing on the window itself, BUT there will be INTRODUCTION to these dialogs with dubbed sentences from Aelita (not just a 'eh ? hello ? hi ? jérémie ?'.

Of course, there's fully dubbed scenes with Aelita talking through conversation screen too, but those are CINEMATICS. All those choices are made with long term work in mind, I can't have dialog trees sometimes dubbed and sometimes not, that would look very wrong and raise questions from the player, because a pattern implied by the game would be broken.

I hope everyone can appreciate the dev process and choices that have to be done here ;)

Here's some old mockup for direct instructions, not an entire dialog tree, but something that could be used to replace phone when the character is in front of you and might inform about what dialog tree will look like

Dubbed dialog in playable cinematic (as seen in 330) :