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IFSCL - Crowdfund side costs!

Let's get voices!

Franz recordings and Jeremy reconfirmed!

So...FRANZ recordings! They're done, they're finished. They're beautiful. We've recorded everything I wanted.

That was a bumpy road and you'll love the PDF making of (for those who choose that reward, to be released around March 2019), full of twists and turns! (I'll try to add the session of Sharon too. Currently planned for November)

The exclusive 30+ seconds mini-trailer (25e or more reward) of Franz Recordings was planned for August 2018. Of course the recordings have been delayed so I'll make sure to do that trailer soon. Probably after the release of 3.6.6, which, I guess, has the highest priority for everyone!

Don't forget that you'll probably need a youtube account to get private access to that mini-trailer. I will use your existing ulule mail adress. If you didn't used the same for your youtube account, you'll probably have to send me the corresponding adress.

The personal thanks of Franz/Paul have been recorded as expected and will be available in the final room of the game for those who choose that option.

On the overall, I can say that Paul was very, very, very happy to get that letter full of your kind words!

Also, good news, I'm doing a full revamp of story mode voiced scenes to ensure I'll be able to finally record all of Jeremys scenes with the official actress in the very little time that we'll have to record.

I've cut lot of stuff, but in the end, that's better. As always, obstacles are wonderful ways to find more creative solutions.

I converted some of the voiced scenes into what I now consider to be "ifscl cutscenes" (which are text only, with 2D portraits and camera that pans away from the 3D faces - non animated, and use 3d body animation as a way to convey more information). They were scenes with less emotional impact, so having voices was an unnecessary luxury.

So, voiced scenes will now refer as 'cinematics', and are planned to be full 2D animation, like the show (especially to convey great facial animation, not crappy 3D replica). Plus they'll be in 16:9 format ^^

Animatic example:

Thanks again, see you soon ;D