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IFSCL - Crowdfund side costs!

Let's get voices!

About the project




The fangame is still in production and I plan to end it by the year of 2020-2021, culminating to 10-11 years, supported with various and dedicated beta testers, translators and fans.

I never directly ask direct donations for this fangame, and never will. First because it’s not very legal, second because I don’t want to, and third because it would be way too much if I wanted it to cover the real costs (basically 8 years of salary).

Although, this is not the first time that I engage a massive amount of time, money and energy to deliver a product as perfect as fans can hope for. But you can help me on some side costs, and this crowdfunding campaign is all about covering one of them.

What are the funds for?

I aim to give fans the game of their dreams. I like to think that you may want to help me in return. Now that I'm involving professionals voice actors in the production, I want to pay them for the real work they put in this game. This is where you come in.

Where and when can we hear those voices?

Currently, I’ve already done some recording sessions and they’re already available in the game (english only).

Most of it will be part of the IFSCL story mode, which I should start releasing in 2019. This is a very important part of the game that will feature voice over and more.

Its goal is partially to reconcile with the darker tone of Garage Kids, the pilot episode of the series, while still being firmly grounded in the timeline of the Code Lyoko series.


The main voice we’re talking about is the one of ‘Franz Hopper’, character that is central to the backstory of the show and that will be a pillar of the backstory of IFSCL.

  • 20% of the recordings are voice excerpts that we do already hear in the show, but that are recorded again for perfect quality
  • 80% of the recordings are original lines that have been written for the story of IFSCL. As the character voiced is narrating events and more (spoilers*).

The overall content represents over 200 lines of dialogs.

Fun fact, IFSCL contains actually more lines of dialogs than what the character has in the entire show!

Just to give it an idea, in that main goal are not counted:

  • All subsequent or preliminary thousands hours of work
  • Back and forth trips payed to Paris to record english voice
  • Infinite time to prepare, write and integrate voices into the project

The goals of reference is euros (the dollar version is only an indication as its conversion is fluctuating)

[REACHED !] Main goal of 1000 € (around 1240 $) of total pledge


The voice recordings of Franz Hopper for the story mode will be completed in both English and French.

[REACHED !] Stretch goal of 1200 € (around 1480 $) of total pledge


In 2016, I had done a first record session with Paul. In the meantime, I’ve changed the content of the story mode quite a lot. In the hidden room at the end of the game, I’ll add the tale of how the story mode scenario evolved. It’s an inside look on how constraints helped me to creatively change the story of the game.

I also add all unused spare voice extracts from the recording sessions.

[REACHED !] Stretch goal of 1400 € (around 1730 $) of total pledge


I’ll fully voice and dub in french and english myself the tale of how the story mode scenario evolved and more day to day reflexions on how the project evolved. This is likely to be around one hour of content.

I also add more behind the scenes, never seen before, making of pictures of the game.

[REACHED !] Stretch Goal 2500 € (around 3090 $) of total pledge


Sharon & Sophie added to the recording cast. I’ll add new scenes in the story mode and revise all the way in which Aelita is suppose to talk and interacts with the player (Jeremy) in the story mode. I'll also be able to render a very accurate-to-the-show, high quality conversation window just like the one that was featured in first seasons and the prequel.

[REACHED !] Stretch goal of 2700 € (around 3300 $) of total pledge


This short scene is related to a message of Aelita (a dozen of lines) that the player discovers during the game, I initially planned to transmit this message via the reading of the intimate diary of Aelita (text therefore).
However, if this milestone is reached, I will record additional lines so that we can hear the voice of Aelita who reads these lines, and I will animate all of it through a video diary, similar to the one of Franz.

[REACHED !] Stretch goal of 3000 € (around 3660 $) of total pledge


This will cover the cost of potential retakes needed with the actors and actresses I engage, if voices or dialogs ends up not working. So that all of their recording matches with the quality I intend to provide.

Stretch goal of 3700 € (around 4400 $) of total pledge


For now, it is expected that the scenes in the hermitage are treated 'out of field of view', just a black screen, and we would get a summary of what happened (objects found, conversations etc.). If this stretch goal is reached, I will take the time to remodel the entire interior of the Hermitage (I could also invest in existing 3D objects to fill it faster) and I will do the flashback sequence in which Hopper (the player) go for Aelita in her room, but also scenes that are happening during the present in the story mode.

Of course the goal here is to record more voices of Hopper and Aelita in order to restore the atmosphere of the flashback and the scenes that happen in the present only with Aelita.

Stretch goal of 3900 € (around 4590 $) of total pledge

“THE INFIRMARY - And other scenes”

Expect a few short scenes in story mode directly reproducing events from the show, you'll be able to glance at the scenery from a fixed position, moving your head in full 3D environement! The best example scene to benefit from this stretch goal is the Jim and Jeremy infirmary scene.

Above 3900 € (around 4590 $) of total pledge


Covers the costs of buying various game engine plugins, the mediafire uploading account, game engine pro license subscription, software, hardware, and also goes into the future budget necessary to cover the costs of creating an IFSCL original soundtrack.

About the project owner

If you're here you probably know my work already. I'm a french artist in my late twenties, known under the aliases "Immu" or "Immudelki. I have been doing various fangames and games in my free time. I'm a dedicated, meticulous creator doing lot of different stuff (art, anim, writing, code...)

Alexis "Immu", as presented above, I’m the one behind all this! I make this project since I'm was a young teenager, and it drived me through my studies and current carrer. I'm still trying to create the best fangame ever. Recording professional voice actors is the one thing that really sets IFSCL apart in the history of fangames, and is set to be the best memory I can have on the project. 100000 hours of work = Free!


Paul, original official English voice of Franz Hopper, he very generously helped me for this project. We’ve met once, and I plan to meet him again for the final recording additions and corrections.

William, is the voice that will record the French version, very close to the original one! As (me, Immu) being a french myself, doing a fangame, it feels quite necessary to respect the original how’s langage.  I’ll also do several sessions with him to ensure the best quality I can.

Sharon, original english voice of Aelita. She already agreed to participate so I’ll record her if this goal is reached.

Sophie, original french voice of Aelita.She already agreed to participate so I’ll record her if this goal is reached.