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Giufà's Clothes

multicultural costume-design project for the original play 'In Giufà's shoes'

About the project


When Nuova Accademia degli Arrischianti, cultural organisation, met CruneLab, sewing workshop for refugees, they suddenly decide to cooperate in order to create the costumes of the summer production ‘In Giufà’s shoes’ – multicultural and multidisciplinary performance based on the character of Giufà, the protagonist of several stories and myths across the Mediterranean sea.

The motto of the play is:

'Be careful not to stop people or you will end by stopping stories'

Nuova Accademia would really like to open up the doors of the place where we store the costumes and enter into CruneLab hub in order to create together unique, ethnic, original, migrant clothes for the caracthers who are going to crowd the woods of Castello di Sarteano – setting of the play.

The starting point of the costume design are Sicilian puppets with their colors and strong Mediterranean tradition, together with iconic colors of migration as: deep blue of sea and boats, orange of  life-vests, gold or silver of survival blankets. We want to mix, with CruneLab participants, all the elements they find important to be depicted on the costume design in order to carry our idea of unity of cultures and we wish to realize typical costumes from their country of origin in order to show their abilities.

To create something special and peculiar, we need hours working at the sewing machine alongside fabrics and materials; so, we need your help to realize our ideas.

Our project is special since we wish to draw common roots and to clothe migrant characters together with people who really travelled the Mediterranean and surely have something to say about the issue first-hand. We wish to discover elements of different cultures and weave them together in a sort of artisanal dialogue.

Moreover, the play comes as a result of research lead thanks to different projects (with children and migrants in lower secondary schools, collaborations with Cantiere Internazionale d'arte di Montepulciano, creation of a music Ensemble Giufà by Istituto di Musica playing live music during the play). Artists joined the project giving their personal contribution (the composer from Portugal Sara Ross is writing the original music scores; Ella Squirrel, English painter, is going to help in set design; Irina Maria Ganescu, graphic designer, created the iconic images and logos of the project you can see either in this presentation).

The play takes also part into a bigger frame called ‘The Giufà Project' spreading through Italy, Portugal and UK in 2018 and promoted by Nuova Accademia, Glyndebourne Youth Opera, Opera Circus, Crisis Classroom, Festival di Setubal and A7M (visit: www.thegiufàproject.com).

What are the funds for?

If, with your help, we manage to go beyond the objective, we will use the funds for:

- artistic reseidency of international partners (PORT, UK)

- set designing and the reproduction of the work of art 'Porta d'Europa' by Mimmo Paladino for NGO Amani

- general fees.

REWARDS are nationally avaiable only.

International crowdfunders will receive a postcard (if possible) with the linocutted logo of BaleneVolanti and the motto of the play OR a bookmark realized by CruneLab and personalised video and audio previews by the actors and the Ensemble Giufà rehearsals.

WANNA GIVE US A SPONSORSHIP? The name of your business or association will appear in the credits of the play (minimum 100 euros).

About the project owner

Nuova Accademia degli Arrischianti was born on 1986 thanks to a group of volunteers passionate about music and theatre, wishing to give life to Sarteano cultural life. The name comes from the older Academy, founder of the theatre, on 1731 and literally means 'the ones who dare'.

Nuova Accademia, over the years, hosted many collaboration at local, national and international level; organized various workshops and courses; produce several plays and performances and distinguished itself for its attention to social issues.

Among the volunteers of Nuova Accademia, a group of creatives and project-managers was born in 2017 with the name BaleneVolanti (flying wales) wishing to internationalize the activity of Nuova Accademia and find funds to realize quality projects for the rural area they live in. The first testing ground of their abilities was the logistic organisation of TCFT project in 2017, now they are in the spotlight for the project (financed by FMPS and Comune di Sarteano) MUOVIL'ARTE bringing Parkour for inclusion in historical and iconic places. BaleneVolanti are in charge of the crowdfunding and all the members are involved in the play 'In Giufà's shoes' with different roles (set and costume design, direction, assistants, actors, project managers).

CruneLab was born when Nicolette decided to bring some sewing machines and fabrics to a centre for migrants and refugees. So they started their journey and are, nowadays, a recognised association weaving sustainability and dignity for all. The name is ispired by the italian word for the eye of the needle and is the acronym of 'unique an ethnic creations'.

Nicolette and Stefano, founders of CruneLab, Roberta tailor and teacher at Crune and member of Nuova Accademia, Vittoria member of BaleneVolanti and costume designer for Nuova Accademia, will be the facilitators of the 'Giufà's clothes' project. 

Together with the participants we will tell Giufà's stories with fabric and clothes and we will prepare the handmade rewards for all those who will support us and our idea of a shared identity.