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Hylla the Shared Wardrobe

Develop Hylla's e-shop, clothing rental with a monthly subscription

About the project

What's a shared wardrobe? It's a concept allowing women to rent clothes and fashion accessories thanks to a monthly subscription.

It's THE place for women who wish to change styles daily without overflowing their wardrobe, nor emptying their wallet. Farewell to clothing waste! It's a way to treat yourself, try out new styles, unique and colourful clothes, without ever getting bored... Great, isn't it?

Hylla is the new way to consume fashion, an economical and sustainable alternative to ready-to-wear overconsumption. How many of us have faced their wardrobe thinking "I have nothing to wear", even though it's full to breaking point? (You know the feeling, don't you?) Hylla wants to solve this universal problem by offering a unlimitted, accessible and collaborative wardrobe!

In order to play with everyday fashion and (eventually) wear what you've never dared to, what better than unique, colourful and vintage clothes, from any brand? (yes, it's a very large wardrobe)

Fashion is the world's second most polluting industry. Food wastage is often discussed, what about clothing waste?

In the everything-is-disposable and overconsumption era Hylla offers a more reasonable, more rational, more sustainable and slower way to consume. Long live slow fashion! Buy the essential fashion basics and rent the rest.

We wish to inscrease the value and history of your clothes through a unique rental experience! Farewell to discarding clothes and leaving them to the back of your closset collecting dust. Advise you, have a chat with you, make you feel unique : these are our challenges. This is why we wish to offer you an out-of-the-ordinary shopping experience in a friendly place. The first shared wardrobe in Paris, doesn't it sound great? Discover an economical, friendly and fun shopping experience!

Hylla is the shared wardrobe of hyllarious people !

Moreover, Hylla is an optimistic (never blaming) movement raising awareness about fashion and its impacts. We love talking about fashion alternatives, so let's get ready for workshops, screenings, debates and other cool events to exchange views with us!

Did you know that this concept comes from the nordic countries?

Pioneers of the shared-wardrobe concept in France, we decided to test the model and to come and meet you before launching our own shop in Paris! To do this, we chose the coolest urban farm in Paris : La Recyclerie. "Hylla à La Recyclerie", "We rent our clothes", does it ring a bell?

"Hylla à La Recyclerie" has been the unmissable monthly event since March. To sum up: we selected cool clothes from our treasures found in second-hand shops, that you could rent for a month in a positive and fun atmosphere!

Hylla supports the Fashion Revolution in France! A worldwide initiative which created #whomademyclothes and inspired us to launch our unifying movement : #werentourclothes

Today, Hylla is :

- several events, including 7 at La Recylcerie, one screening at le Comptoir Général, one screening and debate at the University of Nanterre, and many more to come! (Do L'improbable and à la folie ring a bell?)

- over 70 hyllarious customers

- a community of over 900 facebookers, and counting

Time has come for us to see bigger!

We want to offer you, o hyllarious people, a physical shared wardrobe HYLLA in Paris along with an e-shop, where you could subscribe, find your favorites, order, order again, recieve and enjoy! All that thanks to a monthly subscription with a point system.

How does it work? Clothes are valued with points depending on their cleaning instructions, their type, their quality and their degree of uniqueness.

Let's explain! Thanks to your subscription you can rent the equivalent of up to 200 points in clothes, and send them directly in your virtual shopping cart! It means that you can make whatever combination you wish within these 200 points.




If you don't want to commit to a subscirption, but just test the concept, the annual card is the right fit for you!

Want to rent a Hylla piece of clothing just for once ? It's possible thanks to the one-shot card!

And to do all that, we need a rock-solid e-shop (pun intended, only the actual store will be made of stone!). After negociations we found THE web-developper who believes in our project and whom we trust! But now, we also need YOU! YOU, contributor, who will test our e-shop's beta-version before the others! This new e-shop will replace our current website.


To thank you for your support and your generosity, we have prepared some great rewards, only for you ! 

We will write you a lovely note on a beautiful customised thank-you card

THE Hylla sticker which you can stick on your laptop, your notebook, or on the forehead of your neighbor : in short, where ever you like ! 

A "Be yourself, Be Hyllarante" badge so that you can feel yourself even more unique and hyllarious !

A lovely pocket? Yes, but it's even more than that ! It's a lavender-pocket (yes, like in grandma's house!). Besides, did you know that we sew these cute pockets with the fabric that we had extra ? The fabric coming from our... (wait wait wait) 

... great tote bags "Made in Hylla" ! Designed and produced by the Hylla team, they are 100% recycling and 100% handy ! We offer you the choice between several tote bags made out of fabrics which we found on flea markets. And these lovely bags also have a pocket on the front, very practical to put many little things in it ! 

You'll also get this tote bag made out of organic cotton, THE perfect tote bag for your hyllarious shopping !

Not forgetting the invitation to our party to celebrate the end of this crowdfunding campaign, the possibilty to subscribe early to our concept, a photo shoot with our photographer or an image consulting session with our partner My Happy Style ! 

What are the funds for?

This fund-raising is for us a necessary additional input in order to complete our personal capital contributions and to boost our global financing. With 8000€ we can finally complete our global financing and get off the ground! 

About the project owner

Céline Zimmermann, graduated from the University of Nanterre with a franco-german economics and management bachelor.
Her hyllarious side : a "fragerman" (in love with France and with Germany), always optimistic !

Amandine Valcares, graduated from the Universty of Paris Descartes with a management and sustainable development bachelor. 
Her hyllarious side : a chaty girl always full of energy !

We have met one year ago (wow already? Time flies!) in Hamburg, Germany. It was a little bit like a coincidence : the perfect match between a shopping-addict and a bio-addict!

At that time, Amandine was writing a fashion blog, specially an article about this german innovative concept : a shared wardrobe, where you can change your style everyday without overfilling your wardrobe, or even without emptying your wallet.
With the idea of implanting this successfull concept in France, Céline came across Amandine’s article on her blog and that’s how she has met the creative part she was looking for to concrete her wish. 

This was like an evidence : that is how we’ve decided to launch Hylla penderie partagée, in August 2015. We’ve started to work on it in September 2015 as we came back to Paris.

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