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Huxley Met Soda - First album

Funding our first album

About the project

Huxley Met Soda is an alternative music band based in Paris. Since 2008 the band has been experimenting on music, looking for new sounds and its own style. The first project (Urbaani Eraama - 2009, available on Jamendo) was made like a trip through Nordic atmospheres. Finnish artist Molly Benn did the visual work. Then the band performed a lot on stage with the same idea of mixing images and sound through veejaying shows. Huxley Met Soda is now recording its first album (expected in May 2012).

Here's our website:

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Listen to our music here:

Lyrics :


Distant explosions
Wall of flames
Strange colors
Anf Walk of Shame

Not far from here
She stands alone
With her eyes closed
She needs protection

The skies are changing
Our land is wasted
She is our shelter
Our new home

Distant explosions
Wall of flames
I hope the colors
Will change again.

Anger Fields

The ocean has captured our people
And it will never stop
Anger is running in the streets
Trying to kill us
No, no, no, no
Don't come to me
You'll never come in my house
Never come in my house.

Engineers (bonus track)

Oh! Is there anybody on this train
I'm feeling useless
Oh! It's machines are rolling and I'm crawling
Am I the only one left

Please guide those wheels to keep me safe
For my eyes must be opened

Oh! There's a thing ahead that is shining
Behind the mountains
Oh! The towers all around are burning, eaten by flames

Pleas guide those wheels to keep me safe
For my eyes must be opened

What are the funds for?

The funds are going to be used for three main things :

  • Finishing the album (mastering) with a professional.

We record and edit on our own but the mastering is a big deal. We want it done by a professional (Bruno Gruel @ Elektra Mastering who worked with Wax Tailor for instance).

  • CDs 

We would like 500 copies of the album.

  • Gigs (equipment, rehearsals, flyers...)

We want to be able to play live in good conditions so we need money for basic things (stage equipment, cables, gas...)

About the project owner

So the band started in 2008 around experiments on sound textures. At that time only François, Hadrien and Michael were playing, trying to find their own "world". We use the word "world" because we really wanted to create a whole atmosphere that would feel like a trip through empty landscapes. We had lots of influence from nordic coldness, science fiction (Huxley's Brave New World) more than music bands. At that time we were very depending on the few music equipment we had (Kaoss Pad, guitar/bass pedals, karaoke microphone...). But still, we managed to record Urbanni Eraama (available here for free: in collaboration with the finnish photographer Molly Benn who did the visual work. The band got bigger with Élise Monceaux (keyboard/voice/dance), Gwendal Bars (drums), Julie-Anabelle Beaugé (voice) and Baptiste Saugeron (keyboards/bass/guitar) in order to play to play live. We performed many times in Paris and made some music for short movies. We wanted the live show to be more like an immersive experience. We worked again with Molly Benn so she could veejay during the shows. At that time we were still working as a collective in which everybody could put its own touch. But last summer we decided to work on new songs for our first album. And here we are, Huxley Met Soda as a band.

About our inspiration, we can name bands like Massive Attack, Trentemoller, Radiohead or Mogwai because we really like what they do and especially HOW they do it. We do everything on our own without any help from professionals. That's how we try to keep authentic and more than everything independent. We really want to play "our" music, even if we don't think music as property. This is also why we created our own label: PANDA Perception and Art.