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H.urna Academy

Learn science with your senses: a free educational space for all!

About the project

There are algorithms, mathematical formulas, physical concepts that we meet, but without being able to represent them easily. H.urna transforms these abstract objects into something that the senses and the mind can easily appropriate.

The intention is to promote and make available to all the education and practice of science. The project implements the transmission of knowledge as well as the free availability of the necessary tools for its practice through visualization, interaction and play.

The approach is to "awaken joy in creativity and knowledge" as expressed by Albert Einstein.

We have the following principles:

  • Knowledge belongs to everyone.
  • It must therefore be permanently accessible and available to everyone.
  • Everyone can learn what they want and everything can be learned ... just find the right approach and the right tools ; )

An existing ecosystem

These are months spent in the Matrix (often several consecutive weeks without leaving the code) that allowed me to build the foundations of H.urna and to be able to offer today a set of tools to explore the sciences:

The two major platforms are:

  • H.urna Academy, the digital school containing courses and teaching materials free to use. All content is available in French and English. I hope I can quickly make this content available in many other languages.

  • H.urna Explorer, is based on interactive animations to understand algorithms, data structures, equations ... In theory, wherever there are lines of code, symbols, equations or simply scientific logic.

For example, you can consult our Artificial Intelligence and Mascot: Globo. He can already who can easily explain to you how to solve step by step all your first and second degree equations: equations of the first and second degree:

For the most curious, we can it is possible to play visually with mathematical models, curves, x², tangents, memories ...

H.urna Explorer also includes educational games for learning computer logic. These are an introduction to fun programming and no line of code for young people. Discover below one of “Globo in labyrinths” levels.

Do not hesitate to visit H.urna to discover many other modules from which anyone can learn, teach and communicate through a virtual space in a creative and interactive way. This will help to translate abstract concepts into concrete ones.


Regardless the cultural or social background learning science is often difficult and is perceived as something too theoretical and elitist. This lack of accessibility to scientific knowledge remains problematic today and is mainly due to the following factors:

  • Apprenticeship costs (school, equipment, subscription, transport ...)
  • Difficulty in representing some abstract scientific concepts
  • Lack of support (limited teacher availability) and interactive tools

That's why I started developing a free and accessible solution at all times available at any time. Based on visualization and interaction, it enables the learning process to be faster and more efficient.

The philosophy

Education is a fundamental right and learning science allows us to better understand our world, which is essential to meet the great challenges of tomorrow. Access to education and transparency also enhances inclusion and equity.

"Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world" - Nelson Mandela -

HELP US to build a public space for free science education open to all.

What are the funds for?

Thanks to you, we will be able to offer a decidedly different pedagogical approach, which meets the current need to rethink education!

Unesco - Rethinking Education


Funding levels
100 %

At 100%, we could continue to pay for hosting, computer server maintenance, domain names, etc. Future modules for the youngest ones would also be developed. These modules would include digital and paper games (to be printed) for learning how to handle numbers and quantities (mathematics for children).



Achieving this second step will allow me to cover a larger part of the curriculum and reach a size large enough to create partnerships with educational institutions: a larger scale.

This will also enable the improvement of our artificial intelligence Globo, in order to help adepts solve more and more mathematical problems through step by step explanations.


At this step, I could start completely in the development of version 2.0 of the ecosystem! This version would be a revival and will offer a complete user space to manage courses, progress, register creations, create groups of works etc.

I could also pay other essential services such as: translators, illustrators, devops, infrastructures ...


Reaching this level of the project would allow the creation of a legal and administrative structure to support and supervise the project. Accountants, lawyers and other costs could be taken care of.

We could then have this digital school recognized as being of public interest. This would be the beginning of a great adventure and the promise of being able to scale up new accesses to science.


Help us differently

H.urna is focused on sharing and expanding science knowledge, so your participation in any specific way (translations, corrections, suggestions, feature requests or any other type of participation) is more than welcome and every comment will be taken into account.

Our goal is to make the voice of the community heard in the development process, so yours is important!

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