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The "Humans of Paris"'Book

Discover Paris through a 250 pages book with 400 exclusive portraits

About the project

Welcome on the project page Humans of Paris, a 250 pages with 450 exclusive photos. Share, participate, this project is yours :)

Who is the project leader ?
My name is Marco, and for the last 3 years, I have been managing the “Humans of Paris" Facebook page, which I created.
You are almost 235 000 humans to follow this page. I am very grateful to every last one of you, and thank you for your trust, your support and your appreciation.
In order to celebrate this anniversary, I want to publish a book dedicated to the Humans of Paris community.
This book will show only exclusive content, made for this specific project - pictures you haven't seen yet.

This book is almost a reality, and I am very happy to offer everyone the opportunity to support this project.

What is the goal of this crowdfunding campaign ?
This campaign will gather the necessary funds to publish a book that lives up to my and your expectations.
I want to thank you for your continued support by offering a qualitative, non-expensive, beautiful book filled with new content, that shows Paris and Parisians as they have never been showed before.

I think this is a good initiative for this city, well known for its architecture, restaurants, bars and fashion, but less for its inhabitants. However Parisians are what makes Paris such a vibrant, magnificent city, thanks to their ideas, their kindness, their desires and their solidarity, which is also the message I want to pass on when I created the HOP Page - and now with the upcoming book.

Why crowdfunding ?
In my opinion, it is the best way to engage my community and involve them in this project as they have always been : for example, by voting for their favorite cover. 
Obviously, this will also let me to know if my project is appreciated.

What will the book be like ?
The book will count nearly 250 full-color pages.
It will be printed on a matt coated paper - the best for pictures !
Because quality - and the feeling of it - is important, even more so for a graphic project such as this one that I hope will grace your bookshelves, the book will have a nice hardcover.
The dimensions of the book will be 17 x 23 cm.
All the names of the people who made this book possible - that is, you ! - will be included.

You will be able to pay via Paypal within a few days, I'll warn you as soon as possible.

Here is an example of what the book will look like :



This visuals are an indication of the look and feel I want to give to the book, but they might still evolve - it is still a work in progress.

How can you get this book ?
Through the Ulule.com platform, this book with all those exclusives pictures is now available as a preorder.
Once the target of 250 preorders is reached, the funds raised will allow me to print and distribute the book in bookstores and through the upcoming website humansof.paris.

What are the advantages for preordering ?
You get a discounted price (27€ instead of 35€) and your name will be in the book.
I will also autograph the first 50 books purchased via Ulule.
Furthermore, you will all participate to an independent and original cultural creation, which does not happen every day :)

I was helped to build this book by :
- My publisher : www.centmillemilliards.com, and especially Marine Vidal and Guillaume Martin.
- My friends : Alain DavidEytan Levi, Cat Lau, Alex Bozzette, Rafaela Teixeira and Camille Davis.
- And, last but certainly not the least, you, the Humans of Paris community.

Thanks again for helping me make this project a reality !


What are the funds for?

The book needs to be created, laid-out and printed.

My publisher will take care of these technical aspects, which means I need to pay them for these tasks. The funds will also go towards building the website humansof.paris, where you will find my latest pictures and be able to buy the book. And Ulule is a crowdfunding platform : 8% of the total funds gathered will be used to pay them. On top of all of this, the French VAT is 20%, which needs to be taken into account.

To meet these costs, I need to reach at least 250 preorders.

About the project owner

I am a law student with a deep passion for photography and for Paris.
I like to meet people and discover their stories.
Please feel free to write, comment, ask, request anything - or just say hello !

You can contact me on Facebook and Twitter.