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Govert Combée

hoxolotl Somewhere in Sol system

... lets just say I'm weird and lovable, very smart on some things, and not so smart on others. I have an extrovert personality and do not hide my opinion when somebody asks for it. Unconventional (yet no hipster, mind you), I have the ability to look at things from different angles, some of them comming from dimensions most people are unaware of. In the past I hid this ability with much difficulty, and now that I have something resembling a life I think it's time for the "big reveal". People who take everthing seriously and can only handle "honest opinions that conform to their views" often have trouble putting up with me, as only clear and concise argumentation will sway me... I admit mistakes in my reasoning and change my worldview accordingly when made aware of something new... and as a curious person (in all meanings of the word "curious") I enjoy new and old, daily routine or the occasional adventure... however once I've seen or learned something I don't dwell on it: "Seen it, putting it in memmory, thank you, NEXT!"