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Hortense - nosce te ipsum

Ready-to-wear high-end brand specialised in Kimonos

About the project

A story, a dream, a passion, that’s what Hortense, the eponym creator, relays.

With the Kimono as its emblem, the brand defends elegance and originality. The kimono is an “iconic piece of fashion that goes through times and ages adapting itself to every single style”.

Positioning itself in the ready-to-wear high-end market, each creation is unique and made in small batches to create a phenomenon of exclusivity and to offer an opportunity to be different.

With the environment in mind, only high quality fabrics are used and every single item is conceived and made in France.

The designer’s motto “know yourself” invites people to discover the brand’s universe to make it their own.


What does Hortense mean?

Hortense takes its roots in the latin word “hortus” which means “garden”. It also comes from the surname Hortensius that derives from the adjective “coming from the garden”.


What does « nose te ipsum » mean?

Nosce te ipsum is a Latin sentence which means « know yourself ». The father of philosophy Socrates passed it on to us.


Why an elephant as a symbol?

I’ve always had admiration for elephants. I consider them to be spectacular animals with presencestrength and intelligence that look at us with kindness and gentleness.

Moreover, different cultures all around the world look up to elephants.

Half of humanity venerates the animal as a symbol of luckwisdom and great intelligence.


The concept

Hortense - nosce te ipsum proposes short-lived collections composed with different designs sold in a small number to guarantee exclusivity and let you make the difference.

For your purchase, you will receive your Kimono or accessory well wrapped with tissue, with all informations about production, maintenance, composition and the values of the company in a tote bag printed with company’s logo and symbol (elephant’s head). 


I really appreciate the fabrics to be able to give you the best quality. I select and test every single fabric for every single item. I really care about every different stages of the creation : pattern, cutting, assembly, dyeing.

Hortense - nose te ipsum is handmade and made in France. Following traditional and individual sewing methods,  in contradiction of industrial factory made.


Why naturals fabrics ?

Naturals fabrics are gentle, confortable and light made from natural fibers coming from animals or plants. They respect your skin and environnement, protect biodiversity and reconnect ourselves with nature. 

Creator’s opinion :

Nowadays, we all live in this influent consumer society which pushes yourself into regular and impulsive purchases.

Advertising, massive effect, and low prices of big industrial chains, make us buying a lot in a regular and impulsive way. On the other hand, they offer a low quality, made with chemical and synthetic materials such as polyester.

However,  this production is mostly coming from underdevelopped countries with exploited labour and extremely poor working conditions.


Why a Kimono as a specialisation?

The plan was about the creation of a luxurious and chic clothe, pushing the woman up, as we can look at her feeling beautiful and sexy in every different situation.

Kimono is « THE ONE ». This clothe drawing your outline and feminity.

Most of all, what’s important is to accept yourself and feel confortable before other ’s opinion.

How should I wear it ?

This is a feminine clothe, bringing glamor, refinement and comfort together, which can be worn everywhere and all the time. During your daytime with a short or a long pant, or a dress, during your night time to go out, to go to the beach with your bikini, at home to feel confortable. Summertime as much as wintertime. It doesn’t take so much space, light and easy for maintenance, your kimono is coming with you all day long, for travels and journeys, and for every different seasons.

Each Hortense- nosce te ipsum kimono is design to be worn with an open way which suggests free elegance.

There is just one single size but you can find a long, three-quarter or short length, and different materials such as silk, linen, cotton.

The collection

The first Hortense- nosce te ipsum collection will be composed of two different designs of short and long Kimonos, of one fringed scarf and one tote-bag printed with the brand symbol.

This collection will be made of  plain items, printed or dyed by myself using shibori method.

I let you discover by yourself  my creations on my website


What is Shibori ?

Shibori comes from « shiboru » in japanese which means to twist, to squeeze.

Since the seventh century, this old method traveled all over the world but has really been continued to become a full art. It was used to decorate luxurious samurai clothes or sumptuous silk kimonos.

They are dyed using folding, twisting, stitching etc. Magic because unique!

According to the material, design and color, the methods can differ. 

Stages of dyeing :

  1. The item of clothing is going to infuse in a basin with a fixative for 20/30 min.
  2. After a while and a little spin, it’s placed on a flat, dry and clean area.
  3. Then folded, twisted, stitched.. to create your design and soaked with dye.
  4. Finally you let it stand for 24 hours to make all the fibers dyeing and you just carefully wash it.  

What are the funds for?

Your support


Your donation is going to help me to complete the project. Buying supplies, materials, for communication and my first fashion runway in September in Lyon, France.

I will be able to start a fashion career and use everything i have to talk about my work.  I would defend my fashion values : a conscientious proccess in harmony with environnement and human being, using natural and sustainable fabrics offering good benefits for our planet and clients.

That’s why i really need you help! I would be really touched and pleased by your offer. I thank you so much for spending your time reading this introduction to my work with interest.


What is financing for :

-  46% for buying materials

-  28% for compensations

-  18% for communication

-  8% for Ulule

Compensation :

Tote Bag :

230g, cotton 100%, made with a numerical printing for the best quality. 

Special ulule price 22,50€ 20€


Mug Special Ulule :


Phone case special Ulule :


Scarfs :

- Linnen printed with palm leaves

- Silky cotton dyed with shibori method

Spécial ulule price for scarfs  : 89 €

You can find it on my website

Kimonos :

Click to choose the one on my website  Hortense -  nosce te ipsum :

Every single item is unique, don’t wait to let me know the one made for you! 

Special Ulule prices : - short kimonos 250 €

                                - long kimonos 380 €

About the project owner

-The creator

I am a french fashion designer. I am 27 and deeply trust in my objectives since i was a child. 

When i passed Communication  and Sewing degrees I kept going with a stylist one in Paris in order to make a living from my passion : clothes creation.

After travelling around France and abroad (Italy, Morocco, Israel, United States) i felt a lot of influence and inspiration for artistic creations. They come from my dreams, they come from my world, they are myself.

My philosophy about ready-to-wear :

"when you don't dress like everyone else, you don't have to think like everyone else" Iris Apfel,  an American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon.

This sentence is so close from « nosce te ipsum ». I feel the same opinion about originality and self inspiration.


The message ( i want to convey ) :

Hortense - nosce te ipsum is made to share my world, my creations with you, and the values i defend. I want to upgrade professional knowledge and craft work. I really care about our planet and every single person who share it together : you, me. Together.


Website :

Instagram :

Facebook :


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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