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Horizon Transition

Documentary videos and articles in the discovery of initiatives sustainable and local change

About the project

What is acting locally and how can it be done? Is it that today, deciding to live differently, on a local scale or is a matter of militancy? Are we developing ecological militancy in our daily life choices? What is being done elsewhere?

Have you noticed since the last few years that transition projects multiply more and more in our Western societies: Didn't you observe the appearance of Gardens, platform to repair tools bike free service, new workspaces collaborative ... in some cities?

Maybe you are participating at one of these many projects collective, or you have any friends or knowledge that are engaged in this dynamic. It is certainly likely also in your social networks, articles are about it and share more and more.

And what about some documentaries as Demain that have been acclaimed and touch a very general public. Every great movement is my view, essential and important to develop and consolidate.

However, all these citizens initiatives who in cities and villages of the West, are still a minority, still smal facing the giant of globalization. Major media and speak daily about the human industry injuring planet Eath and our Healt, and yet the economics of large multinational remain the challenge the most important. links and weaving between the projects are vital and knowledge of communities put together can allow you or other of US to subscribe in this movement.


Horizon tansition is therefore a project born a desire to travel, but could not come to replace the importance of engage and to share

Ours objectives:

Want to know more? through our website, we'll share alternatives projects that we have discoveredon the road. Internet search doesn't provide all answers, going see either on site we can find new ways to make and share them.

Need indications and references? gradually as we find out projects, we will organize information on the website to be a self-service tool for a citizen who would like to begin a new project. (steps, good shots, the challenges ...) Any project is  identical to another, but there are similarities and it is possible to take inspiration in approaches.

If, on our local scale, we can make together a controllable global? It is our individual actions that allow change, it is one of the fundamental principles of the transition movement. Global is easy, it is globalization, it is this mass movement that we can not stop ... and yet. To invest in the neighborhood, in the community: is to live in it. To invest a project is also to apply a change to yourself.

What do you think is the difference between an activist and a citizen involved in a project? The documentary Demain has had considerable success in showing the citizen image. In return, we notice that militant documentaries are often less successful on a large scale. Both seem necessary to us, but the image of struggle seems diminished and questioned. We want to understand how activism is now perceived by the actors of the projects that we will meet, but also by the uncommitted people. Is it still important to talk about political awareness and coherence in our daily actions?

What is to be a consumer? According to us, consumption does not stop at the feeder or leisure function. We also think about it in terms of time, relationships, choice. Today's society pushes us to go faster and to make slowness obsolete, so that our consumption choices are not always consistent with our convictions. It is surely more than a word; is today a definition of modern man? He does less and less, he buys and he demands results. We wish to question ourselves on this subject!

What are the funds for?

The crowdfunding will allow us to continue this project to the encounters of local initiatives through these different items by different levels:

Improvement of the Snail (the truck)

We want to make two major changes in the evolution of the Snail before the end of winter 2017:

  • The installation of a bicycle rack on our front bumper in order to install two bicycles that will allow us to move by a viable, economical and ecological means of transport in the cities where we will stop.
  • An Roof Arrangement of a storage space above the truck and if possible the creation of a solar oven, a dehydrator solar and a garden of aromatic plants.

This new development will allow us to store the animation stock for future meetings and discussions and to be more and more autonomous at the level of food by the creation of a solar oven, a dehydrator and a small garden.

We want to create this design in a future makerspace and we will need basic materials: wood, hardware, paint and aluminum.

Animation equipment

  • Acquisition of an external hard drive which will allow us to store all the videos realized of the different alternatives encountered
  • Purchase a computer to make professional videos
  • Informative banners, informative tables that will be made by us with recycled material or found through exchange of service for example
  • Impressions of documents like business cards and flyers

Miscellaneous costs

We also thought of accounting for Ulule commission fees and the estimated costs for counterparties

At this level, we will meet ten transition projects and we will produce documentary capsules on our website, our Facebook page, our YouTube page.


Animation equipment

-Acquisition of a projector and a speaker kit for future external projections and discussions around the transition

With this additional level, we will be able to document five other transition projects and organize discussion-projection meetings in the cities where we will go.


Audiovisual equipment

Purchase of a camera, complementary to our GoPro which will allow us to carry out interviews of a professional quality.

At this stage of funding, we will be able to concretize the meeting of five other transition projects and consolidate our projection-discussions meetings.

10 000

External communication around the Horizon Transition project

Improved visual appearance of the exterior of the Snail by adjusting the painting of the bodywork with the flocking of the logo and the Horizon Transition website.

Ultimately, we will be able to meet all the targeted transition projects, produce their documentary capsules with a more professional equipment, consolidate our projection-discussions meetings with the Escargot using its shell for outdoor activities and realize a an audio-visual format that will provide support and reference for future transition projects


Do you know what an ephemerid is? It is a calendar that can be used every year and contains one phase per day. The counterpart that we make under the ephemeris name will be a calendar with a resource or initiative highlighted around the transition.

About the project owner

Involved in certain social groups in Quebec City, we are challenged by social and environmental issues. Using a truck, named the snail whose interior has been converted into a dwelling, we are a couple who travels across the North American continent to know and understand the stakes of local awareness and and its link with activism.

Audrey was born and raised in France, but after graduating as a sociocultural animator she decided to cross the Atlantic. It was in 2011 that she found herself in Quebec City. After working for 3 years at L'Accorderie de Québec while being invested in the city's community milieu, she embarked on her career as a musician while staying invested in alternative projects in the region

She has taken piano lessons since childhood, but it was by looking for an instrument to make animations with handicapped people or children that she started to accordion in 2014. It is now in the journey with a desire to make musical discoveries and animations that the Escargot has within it a whole panoply of instruments.

Laurent was born in France, but he traveled across the Atlantic with his parents to 11 years. Returned to France for the university in philosophy, he lost himself and ended up in South America for 2 years. Back in Quebec, he went through several jobs where he did not find himself. A member of the Quebec Accorderie, he also worked for two years.

It was at this point that he began to take an interest in local currencies and was one of the initiators of the project in Quebec City. It is also at this time that he will be involved in the Committee of the Decay and Transition of Friends of the Earth in Québec City and the collaborative workshop La Patente. It is during these encounters and implications that the desire to make these movements emerge will be born.

Without forgetting ... Hope (in pink) and Horizon (in blue) our mascots that helps us in our journey to the heart of the transition and the slowness.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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