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Road to the red zone Volume 2

The epilogue of Honda sports story

About the project

In november 2015, we were launching the crowdfunding campaign for "Road to the red zone", the Honda Type R story. 

Nobody imagined this story would become so successful.

After 3 years of hard work, we printed and sold 2090 units. I'll never thank enough our 557 first supports during the Ulule campaign ! Without their help, none of this would have happened.

Moreover, this project opened us all the doors at Honda. In UK, we had a full tour of the FK8 plant. We continued in the US with a tour of the NSX plant among others.

Finally, we ended in Japan where we did very long interviews with Shigeru Uehara and... Hirotoshi Honda himself.

We now have an incredible amount of informations to finish this adventure. We offer you a full immersion in this second and last book dedicated to the Honda sports story.


Chapter 1: Civic Type R FK8. We start with a tour of the factory. Then we'll discuss about the competition, the press, tuning and racing. 

We also had the chance to see the incredible Mugen RC20 GT, you'll know everything about it too. Mugen will be very present in this book.

Chapter 2: Honda sports story in Europe. We'll talk about BTCC, Mugen UK, J.A.S., but also all the interesting specific models we had in Europe ! 

Chapter 3: We flew to the US in order to discover the NSX plant. Here again, a lot of competition with Honda Performance Development, RealTime Racing and the secret museum in California. The specific NSX Zanardi and S2000 CR will be there too !

Chapter 4: Japan ! This chapter is very consistent due to very long talks with Shigeru Uehara and Hirotoshi Honda. Japanese people tend to be very confident and optimistic with the future, they almost don't understand why we're so nostalgic In Europe. I'll share with you these incredible moments we had there. 

Each chapter will have its own foreword, written by celebrities.

You'll discover Honda from a completely original angle. The knowledge we gathered represents much more than simple automobile facts.

Sharing this oustanding experience is our goal. 

What are the funds for?

We aim for the best quality possible with this last book. We still work with Escourbiac (one of the best, if not the best, printer in France), to offer you the finest materials available.

By chosing Escourbiac, we have a complete control of all the Offset printing process. The first page is still made from the Curious matter paper, which reminds us the paint of old engine rocker covers. The book is then printed on a very nice Magno Mat 150 g/m². 

Each page is then converted into a fine aluminium sheet.

Then starts the quadrichromy process.

We check every single page before its definitive printing. The technical process is the only way to perfectly express our passion. Sometimes dozens of pages need to be printed before finding the perfect settings.

Eventually, we enjoy the final result...

The Escourbiac family is fascinated by our work ! They're also a bunch of petrolheads !

While defending the best craftsmanship in France, we offer our passion the best book possible.

Moreover, we raise the technical challenge by using new metallic and 3D varnishes. 

With 336 pages, this second book is longer than the 1st one. We bought dozens of Japanese magazines to detail everything about our beloved cars.

The text is still bilingual, written in both English and French. 

Here's the budget of the book:

Our objective is 1000 preorders. To encourage you, here are the extras available only during the campaign:

- Custom bookmark

- Specific number sequence. The buyers of the 1st book will have the same number on the second one.

- Possibility to send us a picture of your car, which will be displayed on the "contributor" chapter.

- 10 € discount on the shipped price.

And now, my wonder team !

The 1st book is out of stock but we still have a lot of demands for it. It it has enough reservations, we'll launch another crowdfunding campaign in September.

This second edition will not be numbered and the content will be the same.

Finally, we'll offer you the possibility to buy a customizable box to store the 2 books next year ! Here's the planning of the 3 projects :

But now, we need your support to achieve this incredible adventure ! We need you !

About the project owner

I never thought I could continue this work... But seeing the enthusiasm shared by everyone, the support in Japan and in the US... It would have been impossible to stop.

So here we go again ! I may have big announcements to do you in the next couple of weeks... Nothing's official yet, but stay tuned !

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