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A bra with secret pockets that will allow women to go out & safely enjoy the world with their belongings close to them

About the project

Discover the first bra with secret pockets designed to party, travel and be worry-free during festivals. This innovative bra is unique, it combines comfort, aesthetics and practicality.

This bra has been designed for women who like going nightclubbing, going out in bars and restaurants, partying in festivals, and travelling.  The additional pockets will free your hands, and help you carry your precious essentials: a credit card, an identity card, a key, a ticket or small cosmetics. It is your imagination that will define the multitude of small objects that can be hidden.

"Storing a mobile phone is not mandatory !", more seriously, we always advise you to be careful, electromagnetic waves and the human body are not always good friends. 

Two of our models gave us their feedback about their multiple days wearing this bra:

"I wore it for 5 hours in a row, it is very comfortable and the fabric is really soft and thin, it supports the breasts very well, and I did not feel the objects in the pockets." Élise.

"I wore it for 4 days during the video and photo shoot, I was initially worried that I would be to hot but the fabric is really breathable. During the last evening I forgot to remove the bra when I came home, it was under a big sweater and I decided to put my apartment keys in one of the pockets, it was really convenient!” Léa.

For comfort and well-being reasons, we chose not to put a bra underwire under the cups. Studies have shown that underwires can prevent a good blood and lymphatic circulation. Our designer has chosen the best seam techniques in order to provide the same type of breast support without having a bulky bra.

Creating an innovative bra that will allow women to enjoy life to the fullest is our main mission. We hope that every women can have their hands free in all circumstances, so that they never miss any opportunity to dance and move around. HIDE A MOON represents women that are bubbly, joyful and dynamic and above all, real woman, who go heads first into the unknown.









During a hot summer evening, on the barges on the banks of the Rhone, in Lyon, an idea for ​​an innovative bra came to us. Regularly, Paul was afraid of losing our valuables that he had in his jean pockets: our bank cards, our identity cards and some cash. Adele always used to hang our apartment key to the strap of her bra. We had to be ingenious to bring the bare minimum during our night outs .
The goal was to be able to carry everything without being cluttered and without losing anything.

So one night, Adèle came up with a simple idea : why not put her things in her bra?

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What are the funds for?

About the project owner

We are Adèle & Paul, two young entrepreneurs with a will to add a little change to the world. We work daily for HIDE A MOON, in the Observatory (our apartment), a cozy place designed to work day and night in order to reach for the moon.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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