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Horses in Iceland, Photo Book

About the project

Welcome to the presales and crowdfunding page of the book "Hestur, Horse in Iceland".

It's a great joy for me to announce the publication of my first book. My love for the Icelandic horse has turned into a photo project, then an exhibition, and now a photo book.

Hestur, Horses in Iceland

"Hestur", which means "Horse" in Icelandic, is a photo book dedicated to the Icelandic horse.

The aim of the book Hestur is to immerse you in the Icelandic winter and to make you travel through this lost island in the North Atlantic. The horses will accompany you to discover unique landscapes and atmospheres. You will meet the icelandic wild reindeer, the ptarmigan and the arctic foxes. You will discover the sweetness of a snowflake and the violence of the blizzard. And in the far reaches of an icy night, dark silhouettes will appear in front of the Northern Lights.

Hestur also go into the intimacy of an emblematic animal of Iceland. I had the chance to rub shoulders with them until my full immersion. This book is emotions, looks and moments of life that I chose to share with you.

The book Hestur is prefaced by Icelandic photographer and Icelandic horse specialist Gígja Einarsdóttir. It's a great honor for me to associate her with the project.

Technical specifications of the book

  • Size 28cm x 24cm
  • 114 pages
  • 74 photographs
  • Hard cover
  • Refined paper half mat
  • Photographs and texts by Samy Berkani
  • Preface by Gígja Einarsdóttir
  • Print by Simon Graphic (Ornans/France)

When is the delivery?

  • For the book, printing will be done in May. You will be delivered in June.
  • For prints, you will be delivered at the same time as the books (yes, we save the costs!)
  • For workshop/ outings / services, it depends on your availability (and mine), so we will organize that together

What does self publishing mean?

That we do everything ourselves, from A to Z. And that we finance everything ourselves. From design to printing.

After obtaining the support of some "relevant" sponsors, I preferred to opt for the presales solution, rather than to associate to the project sponsors that I don't appreciate.
This book depends on you!

What are the funds for?

To print the book!

The aim of pre-sales is only to cover the cost of printing, for 1000 copies. Contributors will receive their signed copy before everyone else.

All other costs were taken care of by me. Not forgetting the help of friends at different levels (thanks to Manon Gruaz for the layout, and Elke Langenbucher for translation, their help was valued).

If pre-sales exceed the goal, then I would simply increase the number of copies to print.

The price of the book includes 2€ shipping for France. The international shipping costs are 8€

About the project owner

Born in Algeria, in the region of Great Kabylia, Samy Berkani grew up between plains, mountains and urban settings in the cities of Tizi ouzou and Algiers. 
Young, he was interested in drawing, painting and music. Photography was an inaccessible curiosity during his early years. 

He left his native Africa for Europe when he was 21 years old. In France, Samy Berkani discovered photography, experimented with different subjects before dedicating himself entirely to wildlife and nature photography.
Self-taught photographer and naturalist, he is passionate about wildlife and evolution / adaptation of species. He is particularly interested in northern cultures and life beyond the Arctic Circle.

After several stays in Iceland, Samy Berkani devoted his first photographic project to the Icelandic horse. An animal he discovered in France a few years ago. 

The project “Hestur” was born!

For two winters, he travelled to the north of the island where he met this emblematic animal of Iceland and of the history of its colonisation.
Far from clichés, he shared the daily life of a herd of horses in the extreme conditions of the Icelandic winter.

Since 2016, Samy Berkani has devoted himself to the genus Vulpes : The foxes. From the Arctic to the Sahara, he goes to meet this animal who was able to adapt to all the environments, including the most extreme. A project that pays tribute to the one who is persecuted everywhere and considered pests.

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