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Help us to get the Moon!

Allowing the Natural History Museum Vienna (Austria) to acquire an extraordinary lunar meteorite

  • Ludovic FERRIERECreator

    Dear "jim_cartfield"
    Thanks for your comments, but first of all how can you be so sure that the stones you have discovered were meteorites??? Plenty of terrestrial rocks, even in such a desert area look like meteorites but are not meteorites! Then, what your guide told you is total non-sense, as in Morocco they belong to the person that found them (as tourist they find plenty of ways to tell you non-sense in exchange of money, this is very typical!). Note that I was in some deserts searching for meteorites, but most meteorites you will find (if you are "lucky enough") are ordinary chondrites!!! On the more than 50,000 recognized (classified) meteorites, less than 200 of them are from the Moon (knowing that a good number of them are paired, i.e., the same meteorite but with different names!); Knowing that in addition you have several thousands of meteorites (mainly ordinary chondrites) that are not classified and thus not included in this total... If one guy go to "meteorite hunting" lunar meteorites, better to play lottery as you have statistically more chance to win to the lottery than to find a lunar meteorite yourself! Thus, again and again, this meteorite is not expensive!!! and anyway it is unique!
    Guys, this is not a blog, you have plenty of blogs on meteorites on the Internet if you want to discuss (and especially to learn!!!) about meteorites...

  • jim_cartfield

    Hi Ludovic,
    I went on an expedition to the south of Morocco last year. After crossing the Oued Draa we came into a vast sandy plane east of the town of Zag. Although we were not looking for them, we found two black meteorites within three days not far from our track. Our guide told us they belong to the Government, but he has the license to sell them to us for 500USD. We declined, but felt we could have lowered the price. I think that this region is a good place for meteorites, they are easily spotted on the bright sandy surface. Maybe you go there and check it out yourself. It's a lot of fun and comes considerably cheaper than buying this meteorite. Just a tip. best

  • Frederic Artner

    sodawater wrote:
    >>No other known lunar meteorites or Apollo sample are similar to this very strange specimen. This sample offer the possibility to develop many science aspects and diffuse the knowledge in the public... More cheap that a government program for develop science in the large public<<

    _This cannot be better said in words_


  • Ludovic FERRIERECreator

    Thanks "sodawater" for your very nice comment and encouragements!

    "tarraleah_man" (as "john_myers"), I will not comment much here as you obviously did not read carefully the project and seems to ignore that being in charge of one of the largest meteorite collection worldwide, I am more than aware how research works in meteoritics!
    I still do not understand why people like you take the time to register here, only to propagate some non-sense personnel point of view. This is not a blog! but a call for interested explorers...

  • sodawater

    I think that the interesting aspect is the display of an unique and very nice "planetary" meteorite, with a green fusion crust, in the most prestigious meteorite collection in the world. Giving a large visibility of the Moon to all visitors of NHM

    It's not just a lunar sample similar to others, collected on a basalt area of the Moon, but it's a fragment coming from an unknown area of the Moon.
    May be that it comes from the montains areas? From deepest craters? From dark side? From an area where minerals are rich in chemicals elements, enough for transform a black fusion crust in a greenish aspect, totally unique in the family of lumar meteorites and in the all others 50 000 know meteorites.
    No other known lunar meteorites or Apollo sample are similar to this very strange specimen. This sample offer the possibility to develop many science aspects and diffuse the knowledge in the public... More cheap that a government program for develop science in the large public. I support this action. Thank you very much Dr Ferriere!!!

  • tarraleah_man

    Well, the gold price fluctuates at a daily basis, but that's certainly not the point here. I guess what john_myers wanted to say is that your approach is not economic. If it's really about doing research with lunar rock why don't you get in touch with one of those academic institutions which keep such kind of material (moon meteorites and Apollo samples). They are mostly located in the U.S., but in principle accessible to a sound scientific collaboration. That's how lunar rock research is done usually.

  • Ludovic FERRIERECreator

    Thanks for your help and encouragements :-), even a donation would be really more helpful...
    Knowing that the current price of gold is of ~30.8 euros/g, with 110 000 euros, you would be able to buy 3.57 kg of gold (and not "only" 2.80 kg), and then what will you do with this gold???
    This meteorite is way more precious than gold!, for all the scientific works (and discoveries) that we will be able to achieve and for the possibility of our visitors to see and almost to touch the Moon and dream of space exploration for the next centuries. I am very sorry for you that you only see the monetary side here and I recommend you our book ( in case you are interested by other things than just money...

  • john_myers

    For that price you could buy more than 2,80 kg of gold. Why do you have to purchase this meteorite? I recommend to negotiate some scientific examinations with the current/future owner, he/she would probably be happy to have you a look at it for less than 2,80 kg of gold...

  • Ludovic FERRIERECreator

    Thanks to you all for your very generous contributions and encouragements!
    We are almost at 3 percent after only a few days, what is good, but we should definitely continue the efforts. I will post in the next days the first New, the idea being to tell you more about this meteorite, the discovery, what are the plans, and many other things...
    Be sure to circulate the information to all your friends, colleagues, all around!

  • Frederic Artner

    Dear Dr. Ferriere,
    Dave Scott on Apollo 15: Man must explore, this is exploration at its greatest! .
    Dr. Ferriere thank you very much for re-living this great words with your effords and pain in getting Oued Awlitis 001. I hope you are cuccessful in your mission.

  • Herbert Raab

    Just one small click for a man, but in the end, hopefully be giant leap for the NHM!

  • Ludovic FERRIERECreator

    Thanks for all your generous donations, after only a few days, we are almost already at 1% of the "landing of the Moon" at the NHM Vienna...

  • Ludovic FERRIERECreator

    Dear "Jules-26",
    Sorry, but you do not seem to be aware of prices of lunar meteorites, as it is usually around 500 euros/g (in some cases way more!) and this one is extremely fresh (classified WO), nicely oriented, etc. Thus, the price is really good; If we do not manage to acquire it, I know that some private collectors will buy it for twice the price, if not more, and then it will be lost for the scientific community and the public...
    Best regards, Ludovic

  • jules-26

    248 euros a gramme for a lunar. Seems pretty much expensive (usually 100 euros in Morocco). You might negociate better to reach your goal.

  • Ludovic FERRIERECreator

    I will Andrea! Thanks for your contribution and for your support...

  • andreakourgli

    Habs zufällig von Vera auf Facebook gepostet gesehen, bitte mach ein Rundmail, das ist ja sonst viel zu versteckt und gar nicht zu finden. Liebe Grüße Andrea

  • Ludovic FERRIERECreator

    Danke Conny!

  • connymeyer96

    Ludovic, ich drück die Daumen für Dein Projekt!