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Help Reduce Human Trafficking

through developing WIKICHARITIES, a Wikipedia for Charities!

About the project

Help us meet our next goal of $10,000 to fight Human Trafficking!

Help Us Reduce Human Trafficking!  This project will develop an online platform to increase collaboration between nonprofits and communities. We are initially focusing on nonprofits working with human trafficking in the Bay Area, CA. WikiCharities is the solution to improve collaboration and help victims faster and more effectively.

Technology can help us create a better solution to helping reduce human trafficking through developing a collaborative online tool between nonprofits, community leaders and even the victims.  

WikiCharities, is a Wikipedia for Charities, where we will initially target nonprofits and community groups working on human trafficking. Here is a simple mockup of the website to help you get an idea..This is a work in progress, but as we do our research, this design will be refined.

Did you know that California is one of the worst places in the U.S. for human trafficking.  And did you know that the Bay Area is one of the worst places in California for human trafficking?  We will be doing research in the Bay Area, California targeting nonprofit organizations focused on human trafficking and other topic related to human trafficking (homelessness, poverty, etc.). We will be collecting data on the collaborative networks currently existing for nonprofits in the Bay Area in the hopes to develop an online platform to help improve human trafficking and other issues in the world. 

Here is more information about Human Trafficking if you're interested...


What are the funds for?


STAGE 1: $2,000 - Access to Online Survey/Research Tools  (Targeting Nonprofits in Bay Area)

STAGE 2: $10,000 -  Research Team Expenses (Outreach Team Expenses + Hours (p/t, 6 months , 4-6 members)

   - Data Analysis + Final Report & Research Conclusion

STAGE 3: $25,000 - Website Design (Based on Solution of Research & Website Designer Expenses)

STAGE 4: $150,000 - Website Development with Basic Functionality  (Basic Website Functionality & Nonprofits Searchable by Topic)

STAGE 5: $400,000 - Website Collaborative Network Fully Designed and Launched (Based on Research Findings & Development of Website Collaborative Functionality)

  • WikiCharities.org is a Wikipedia for charities that allows you to search for any nonprofit in the world by topic and location.
  • WikiCharities.org also shows who vetted every nonprofit. 
  • WikiCharities.org hopes to provide a collaboration platform for nonprofits, community leaders and researchers to collaborate based on topic and location. 
  • Stay tuned for the results of this research and how we plan on moving forward with this platform!

About the project owner

My name is Angie Holzer. I'm getting a doctorate degree in Learning and Leadership and specializing in Organizational Leadership. My research is on how to reduce human trafficking through improving collaboration through nonprofit organizations, community organizations and leaders. 

I've lived in the Bay Area, California, for almost 20 years now and worked with nonprofits throughout the world for the past two decades.

I've worked throughout Africa as an International Development Director for an HIV/AIDS prevention program and continue to support nonprofits throughout the world who support education, disease prevention and sustainable small businesses.

I run a small nonprofit, Given Tree, that helps support small nonprofits around the world. As I interact with nonprofits around the world and in the Bay Area, I see the need for a better and more technology savvy way for nonprofits to collaborate with each other and the communities they work in.  WikiCharities.org is a solution to this problem. 

Recently, as I see human trafficking in the news, it's apparent that we need to improve how we do things and help those who are victims of human trafficking particularly where I live. I aim to develop WikiCharities and focus on Human Trafficking and Homelessness for the first focus areas. 


But..This could be our headlines in the future!!

The Solution...

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