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HeadDodger - Avoid the obstacles!

Dodge Objects by Dashing Between Points, and Bring Education to Game Makers!

About the project

With this original game you are guaranteed to be challenged(and to have fun too)!

HeadDodger is a game where you must dodge different random objects by moving between points in all the directions.

For you to trust me and know whether to contribute or not, check the "WHY HELP" section!

"WHY HELP" is the most important section to check if you are new!

I made my own game making tutorials(samples)!

Some of the funds, will go towards better recording equipment, to make the youtube channel great! (for better sound, video quality and shorter editing)

Contribute to help YOURSELF and EVERYONE that wants to create games! Think about the awesome games that will be made in the future, thanks to your investment in game development!

Everything that interacts with you in this game is alive, and in fact has it's own personality! We just need YOUR support to make them show it to you!

Even if they are aware and don't really hate you, the magician still controlles them and makes them attack you. 

Here is a list of all the enemies at the time of the campaign creation(the rest will be announced through "News"):

(The comics will also feature the characters)

  • Lamp: Turns his light on and off when it gets near, but it's not that effective at daylight.

  • Pineapple: Looks like a thing to collect or eat, but don't forget it's still controlled by the magician!

  • Hat: Too bad you are getting attacked by a hat with such a wonderful design...

  • Gem: Stays with you and pretends to be your source of value.

(Designed by Clint Bellanger)

  • Mr. Big Pants: He cut the holes in his pants, with his bare hands, after he realized the pants were too big for him.

  • Couch: This couch seems comfortable. Too bad it hurts you if you are on his path.

  • Bookshelf: He hunts you as if it had the most boring books on it, with no reason!

  • Anvil: They should only hurt you by landing on you. Too bad this anvil hurts you no matter the approach you take, just like most girls in reality.

  • Gasoline: He would make things burn, only if he knew how to rotate...

  • Barbell: Seems like a normal weight, but he will prove you wrong if you try to lift.

  • Bowling Pin: Unfortunately, the ball that was bullying and knocking the pins down is not here to protect us.

  • Pig: Just a regular pig here. Nothing to worry about, except his weight, MAYBE...

  • Car: Much faster than most of the characters, science says. Should we trust some smart strangers?

  • Wheel: You should be skeptic about this wheel since it doesn't rotate, like normal wheels do. Strange fact: It still moves.

  • The Magician's Dog(Max): The only dog you'll find in the game. He is the chosen one, the prophecy says. Good boy!

  • Guitar: I recommend against playing this guitar! 


  • Octopus: It can hurt you from every direction, with that many tentacles.


  • Penguin: Nobody knows why he wears a scarf even if it's hot outside...


  • Phone: If it picks you up, then he's going to hang you up too!


  • Plant: I'm sure that even this plant can hurt you, somehow...


The whole story mentioned below will advance ONLY by reaching the stretch goals!(See below)

You as a player, have to confront a magician who has a dog named Max.

The player notices that the magician's dog looks ill and wants to help him. The magician sees you, and believes you want to steal his dog. You can't tell him what you're actually doing, because you speak different languages. He is the one who is attacking you with all those random objects, that he has taken from the citizens.

The story has an end which you have to discover, by reaching a score of 630, the magician's objects explode, and you can finally talk some sense into him. But the game doesn't end there! You can also set higher scores after the story ends.

-There is only one simple control:

Swipe to move, in any direction! (N, E, S, W)

You have to dodge the different random objects, which gradually increase speed over time.

You can choose your difficulty, in case you want a bigger challenge and additional score and money.

There are blue gems and hearts that you can collect.

There is a shop where you can buy gem colors and characters to play with. For each unlocked gem you get a bonus point, no matter which gem you play with.

What are the funds for?

I want to offer a really fun and challenging experience with this game. Some funds are required to work with the best pixel artists out there and also to not diminish the game's potential while doing so.

I already got in touch with a few people who might be interested, but I don't have anything to reward them which is another reason why I am asking for your support.


This is where your investments will go towards:

  • Development (programming and patterns): 30%
  • Art (all the pixel art objects, players and others): 25%
  • Project Management (organizing the project and the rewards, delivering them): 20%
  • Game Design (the ideas and mechanics): 15%
  • Comics & Ulule Fees: 10%

Reaching the first stretch goal will result in:

  •  Adding a response for each object if it gets to kill you (the object which lands the last blow).
  • A short comic page at the beggining and at the end of the story.(Help the player know what is going on, what is happening and what is the game's story)
  • At this point, I can happily confirm ads will not show in the game, UNLESS you want some instant coins.

Reaching the second stretch goal will result in:

  • Creating and expanding the game's story.
  • Adding the magician in the game, and making him spawn ocasionally.
  • Making the magician launch waves of objects at you, for a more dynamic experience!

About the project owner

At the time of the project's publishing, there were 2 people working on this game:

Stana Silviu(and the project creator, also known as "WhyteSeal"):

All that should be here is up there in the "WHY HELP" section so I can address everyting from the beggining and explain that this is about the tutorials too, and not just about the game!


Youtube Channel

Chris Taylor:

He is a good friend that helped me by creating most of the objects that are in the game and he currently studies game development as well. He is a really passionate man who is driven by improvement.


The person who receives and manages this project's funds is Stana Gabriel.

More members will join in the development of the game, soon.


  • What will that youtube channel be about?

    Game Development tutorials where game characters will be the teachers!

    Things that you will learn there:

    • Creating Games
    • Marketing your Game(including crowdfunding)
    • Finding teammates(artist, programmer to help you)
    • ...and other related topics!

    Last updated: 4 years, 1 month ago

  • What's different to other game development channels?

    That's where I am coming to help and promising better games and developer education! Everybody can learn if it's entertaining.

    Last updated: 4 years, 1 month ago