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He Kakano Aroha

Intuitive Sacred Singing & Cristal Bowls

About the project

Hello everyone, THIS IS IT! the time has come to realize the 1st album of the group BODSHA!

Chloe Oliver offers her  Intuitive Sacred Singing & Mathias Allart play with his 9 Cristal Bowls. Together they create a music that takes you on a journey to the heart of your being.

We made it to our first goal ... Waaaaaaa !!!! THANKS YOU TO ALL, it's just wonderful, amazing, great, in short our heart feel warm and filled with YOUR LOVE to record this CD for you on Saturday !!!


So our Stretch Goal is now 3570€

Because here is the friend who could join the family to serve you in our Concerts & Sacred Sound Journeys:

A Feng GONG .... We almost hear it make our cells vibrate  :-))


Of course you will continue to receive your CD's & perks !

For a sample of what we create, have a look on our site www.bodsha.com

and here is our first video clip, enjoy! :-)

Our intention is to contribute to the well-being of our planet and all its inhabitants, to meet on the same wavelength. Welcome to the Good Vibes :-)
Thank you Thank you thank you all, even with 1 € YOU also contribute!

By the way it's CHRISTMAS soon... you could offer this CD to someone you love ;-)

What are the funds for?

All your donations will be useful and will allow you to:

- Realize the registration (salary ingé sound, rental equipment, studio, transport ...)

- Mix and mask recording (salary inge sound)

- Press the CD and the jacket in 250 copies (to start)

- Send CDs to donors

- Print "Special Limited Edition" cards He Kakano Aroha

About the project owner

Chloe received the gift to sing the Souls. After being initiated to Maori Culture and Light Language in New Zealand for a year, she created the Intuitive Sacred Singing. She practices and develops vibrational healings using Voice, Cristal Bowls and the Energy coming through her hands.

In her workshops and private sessions, she invites everyone to grow in their responsibility and autonomy by using numerous tools she developed over the last 20 years in which she has been a nurse, an actress and a singer.

Mathias has been a long-time traveler for thirty years as a builder and gardener. Today he's the one taking you on a journey thanks to his Cristal Bowls and their high frequencies. Through its sacred connection to the animal, mineral and vegetal realms, he brings you to a state of deep relaxation, towards the Essence of your being.

BODSHA is an association and its name is an acronym which means BODy & Sound-healing Heart Association.

For a year now it has also become the name of the group that form Chloe & Mathias.

So far it's been 25 Sacred Sound Journeys, 2 concerts in churches and here's where we played:

In France: Périgueux, Bordeaux, Paris, Nantes, St Léon sur Vézère, La Coquille, Excideuil, Corgnac sur l'Isle, Bourrou, Thiviers, Nantheuil

In New Zealand: Haruru Falls, Auckland (Kawai Purapura), Waitakere (Savitri Chapel)

A BIG thanks for your contribution, koha, donation from the heart!!!