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Not Another Boring Course About Investment

Enroll in the most comprehensive online course for Canadian newbie investors, built by Hardbacon. It’s guaranteed Yawn-Free!

  • We're will be taking your calls during the course

    This news is reserved for project supporters. You know what you need to do !

  • Last call to attend our event

    This news is reserved for project supporters. You know what you need to do !

  • Follow-up!

    Hello everyone! 

    I’m sorry for not writing sooner since the end of the Hardbacon crowdfunding campaign! As you know, the campaign exceeded our wildest expectations and reached a record amount of $67,880.

    Thanks to you, we can provide a much more exhaustive online course than expected, and we now a safety net that will allow us to ex! Thank you. I will not forget you.

    The campaign was so time-consuming that I neglected many things while it was going on. I must also admit that I was tired, but I’ve now got my “mojo” back and I’m starting to work some crazy weeks, which is self-evident when you want to transform an industry worth $13,000 billion USD per year.

    I’m writing to inform you that, as planned, the course will be delivered during this coming month of July.

    If your contact information has changed or if you want to choose a different reward than the one you had originally selected, don’t worry. You can let us know by responding to the survey we will be sending in a few days.


  • We have reached $60,000!!!

    I love you! Seriously. Thanks to you, Hardbacon is in a better position than ever and we will design an incredible course with many additional modules!

    As we have exceeded the $60,000 mark, I will also write an eBook about investing that will provide an overview of the most important parts of the course with concrete examples.

    I know that many of you have shared the campaign and harassed your friends to contribute! I want to extend a big thank-you for all of your help! It’s amazing!

    As soon as I have finished writing it, we will send the eBook to everyone who contributed to the campaign, without exception. This also means that anyone who chose the $10 “beta tester” level will receive my eBook just like all the other contributors.

    I don’t know how much the eBook will cost after it’s launched, but it won’t be free! Therefore I think that this is a compelling argument that might convince your friends who have not yet pre-ordered the course to do so today!

    Keep in mind that the campaign ends today (Friday, March 24) at 5:00pm, so your friends need to make a decision without delay :)

  • Check this out!

    We made this small video to tell the story of our crowdfunding campaign. I won’t be mad if you share it :