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  • Would you like me to write an ebook about investment just for YOU?

    Hey Guys! We reached the the $55,000 mark yesterday, which means we'll add a module about our relationship to money to the course. The next strectch goal, $60,000, will unlock nothing less than a free ebook about investment for all the backers, wether they've given 5$ or $1500.

    I honestly never tought we would reach $60,000, so I tought I wouldn't have to write another book. I already wrote two, and it was a lot of work :) But you you know what? I feel I'm going to enjoy writing this one. It's going to summarize the content of the course, but through real stories experienced by investors just like you. 

    Our crowdfunding campaign will end on Friday at 5pm, so if you want me to write an ebook for you, you need to convince your friends to contribute ASAP :) 

  • What Would You Do If You Suddenly Became a Millionaire?

    I had an idea yesterday. Seeing one of these ridiculous chains on Facebook, I thought that since they are so prevalent, they must work. So I decided to start my own Facebook chain to promote the Hardbacon campaign and make people think about investing. So I shared what I would do if I had a million dollars in my bank account and tagged three of my friends, asking them to do the same. In principle, it's a great plan, because if my three friends cooperate and tag three of their own friends, we're going to reach 12 people, and if the friends of my friends also cooperate, we’re going to reach 39 people… In fact, if the chain actually takes off, my Facebook post could result in a viral spread of the campaign. In short, it could look like this:

    I will be honest with you. Launching a viral chain is like trying to light a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together on a rainy day. The chances that the viral fire will die before spreading are very high. On the other hand, if 428 (yep, the campaign now has 428 backers!) of us are trying to burn a forest, even on a rainy day, the probability of a wildfire is much higher. (I don’t want to burn any forest; it’s just an example).

    So, here's what I would like you to do. First, save the following image to your computer or phone.

    Then copy the text I posted yesterday on Facebook:

    If I had a million dollars in my bank account, here's what I would do. 1. I would pay down my debts ($15,000) 2. I would rent a larger apartment with a dishwasher ($ 12,000 for one year of rent) 3. I would invest $300,000 in Hardbacon, so I don’t have to raise a seed round and can therefore focus on execution 4. I would recharge my batteries with my wife on a paradise island for 10 days ($3,000) 5. I would keep $100,000 in high-interest savings account. 6. I would put the rest, or $ 570,000, into a relatively conservative stocks and bonds portfolio. And you, Ilias Be, Marc-Antoine Bonin and Nadir Marcos, what would you do if you had a million dollars in your account today? Now that you’ve been tagged, you have to copy/paste this status on Facebook, replace what I would do with my million with your own plans, and tag three of your friends. You will not become millionaires just by doing this, because money does not grow on trees, but you will make your friends aware of the importance of investing ... and give a helping hand to Hardbacon, a Canadian startup offering an unboring online course about investment on Ulule:

    Then, create a new post on Facebook by adding the image you just saved. After that, paste the previous text above the image. Finally, replace what I would do if I had a million by your own game plan and my three friends by yours. 

    You'll see. It’s an interesting exercise, because it allows us to determine what is really important to us. If what you would do with a million does not cost a million, why wait to be a millionaire to do it? You could save and invest right now based on that goal and do what really matters to you before you need a cane to walk. :)


  • We are on Product Hunt!

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  • Next stretch goal: Personal finance to the max

    We reached the $30,000 mark (300% of the campaign goal) last night! You have been many to share the campaign these days and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. Thanks to you, we will add a module about real estate investing to No Another Boring Course About Investment. The campaign raised $30,242 so far, which means that we only need $4,758 in additional contributions to add a module called Personal finance to the max. We already planned to do a module about personal finance, which would mainly deal with debt. Even though the course focuses on investment, teaching the ABC of debt was important, because some people should pay off their debts rather than invest in the stock market (depending what kind of debts they have). The module we will add if we reach $35,000 (or 350% of our goal) will address both strategies that allow one to save (and invest) more: increasing your revenues and lowering your spending. There are 407 supporters so far including you that are par of the movement we created. With such an army, I think we will be able, together, to blow up the next level. Go Go Go 350%!

  • A Facebook Group for You!

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