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Not Another Boring Course About Investment

Enroll in the most comprehensive online course for Canadian newbie investors, built by Hardbacon. It’s guaranteed Yawn-Free!

  • An important next step for Hardbacon

    Hi everybody!

    I wanted to thank you once again for backing our crowdfunding campaign on Ulule more than a year ago.

    I’m writing to you because we just launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on GoTroo:

    How is this campaign different from the one we launched last year on Ulule?

    Well, this is a campaign where we’re offering our backers a stake in the company that owns the Hardbacon brand, and the Hardbacon mobile app.

    With this campaign, we’re not asking for a donation or a pre-order, but for an investment in our company.

    If the company is successful and end up being listed on an exchange or acquired by another company, those who invested at the very beginning (via our campaign on GoTroo) should get a nice return on investment.

    It’s more risky than investing in the stock market, but I wanted to make sure that you were aware of this investment opportunity.

    You were the first to believe in Hardbacon, so it would be pretty cool for you to become co-owners of Hardbacon with my co-founders and me.


  • Already 850 subscribers for our iPhone app

    You were informed that we launched our app if you've read the Hardbacon Newsletter. But if you're not subscribed, here it is : We're pleased to confirm we launched our iPhone app in February and we already have 850 subscribers. If you have not already done so, download our app using the following link:

    Thanks again for your contribution!!


  • We're will be taking your calls during the course

    This news is reserved for project supporters. You know what you need to do !

  • Last call to attend our event

    This news is reserved for project supporters. You know what you need to do !

  • Follow-up!

    Hello everyone! 

    I’m sorry for not writing sooner since the end of the Hardbacon crowdfunding campaign! As you know, the campaign exceeded our wildest expectations and reached a record amount of $67,880.

    Thanks to you, we can provide a much more exhaustive online course than expected, and we now a safety net that will allow us to ex! Thank you. I will not forget you.

    The campaign was so time-consuming that I neglected many things while it was going on. I must also admit that I was tired, but I’ve now got my “mojo” back and I’m starting to work some crazy weeks, which is self-evident when you want to transform an industry worth $13,000 billion USD per year.

    I’m writing to inform you that, as planned, the course will be delivered during this coming month of July.

    If your contact information has changed or if you want to choose a different reward than the one you had originally selected, don’t worry. You can let us know by responding to the survey we will be sending in a few days.