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Not Another Boring Course About Investment

Enroll in the most comprehensive online course for Canadian newbie investors, built by Hardbacon. It’s guaranteed Yawn-Free!

About the project

Not Another Boring Course About Investment will teach everything you need to become a self-reliant investor... even if you’re a total beginner with money.

Through 4 hours of video content, this course will teach you about money, money, money: from budgeting to building an investment portfolio that will kickstart your dreams.

Still think it sounds boring? What if we told you that we are going to crack open a pinata to illustrate a hostile take-over, a leaking bucket to talk about interest rates and throw actual pies to teach you about investment portfolios? Ya. Not boring. We thought so too.

Goofiness aside, we’re going to tell amazing stories to help you better understand the society we live in. For example, we'll recount the tales of:

  • How a monopoly tycoon amassed a fortune equivalent to five times the wealth of Warren Buffet in the 19th century
  • How a young Canadian immigrant turned $25 000 into $640 000 and then lost everything (and why you shouldn’t try that at home)
  • How playing with the supply of money can lead to a revolution
  • Why some people are laying out cable in the arctic ocean to make trading faster between Tokyo and New York

You can’t really understand how the world works if you don’t understand the financial system. And you can’t change the world if you don’t get involved. 

The world is not run by prime ministers, presidents and kings. It is run by CEOs, investment bankers and the financial professionals who oversee your money. But the world could be run by you, if you pay attention to where your money is going - as a consumer and, more importantly, as an investor. Companies say they to listen to their customers, but they have to listen to their owners.

Not Another Boring Course About Investment will teach you how can have an impact on the world by investing, starting today. We’ll teach you:

  • How to pick socially responsible funds and stocks
  • How to get heard by major corporations through their investor relations departments
  • How to attend a shareholder’s meeting and make a proposal

Not Another Boring Course About Investment focuses on investment, but we've snuck in a section about personal finances to help you too. After all, many Canadians are in enough debt that they are prevented from being investors at all.

If you're in debt, it usually doesn’t make sense to invest because the interest accumulating on your debt is higher than the historic return on investment (ROI) on the stock market. We’ll teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of major debt, covering almost all forms of credit available to Canadians, from credit cards to crowd-lending and mortgages. If you’re already in debt, we’ll teach you how to get to a better place. This section will teach you everything you need to know about consumer credit,budgeting and financial hygiene.

We'll teach your how to:

  • Reimburse your debt using a waterfall approach
  • Reimburse your debt by minimizing interest payments
  • How to use a 6-month 0% interest period to pay back the bank even faster
  • How to make a consumer proposal (if you have no other options)
  • How to file for bankruptcy (if you really need to)

Even once you know the basics of investing in theory, it’s hard to know where to start. Now you need practical tips. 

Not Another Boring Course About Investment is all about giving you actionable tricks you can apply right awayin the real world. We’ll teach you how to open a brokerage account, set up an investment portfolio that make sense to you, and place trades online. We’ll literally do it in front of the camera, so you can see what button to push and in what order.

We’ll teach you other practical skills like:

  • What kind of accounts (TSFA, RRSP, Cash, etc.) you should invest with
  • How to invest with a robo-advisor
  • How to invest with a discount broker
  • How to save on fees (not matter who you invest with)
  • Where to find model portfolios you can copy
  • How to set up automatic deposit to your investment account

Our goal with Not Another Boring Course About Investment is to empower you to manage your money yourself. After all, no one cares more about your money than you do. 

The neat thing about knowing the basics of investing is that you’ll be able to understand your investment advisors. Not only that, you can challenge your financial advisor if need be. At Hardbacon, we don't discourage the use of financial advisors. But we do want investment to be accessible to everyone, and that starts with learning how it works. By the end of this course, you will be able to see right through any financial bullshit. If that's not empowering, we don't know what is. 

Among other things, we’ll teach you:

  • How to read an annual investment report to see how many fees you are paying
  • How your life goal should affect the asset allocation in your portfolio
  • How mutuals funds work and what kind of fees you should never pay
  • How to assess a financial advisor’s credibility and track record
  • How to file a complaint about a financial advisor

Ok, maybe not a millionaire.

The skills you’ll learn in this course won’t allow you to become a millionaire overnight. But we’re totally serious about you getting rich. If you have a reasonable income and start to invest early in life, becoming a millionaire is totally within reach for most Canadians. In fact, if you give up your daily double-shot mocha at Starbucks and invest that 5$ every day, you could be a millionaire in 53 years (assuming a very realistic annual return of 7%). And if 53 years is too long to wait before embracing your millionaire status, invest 50$ dollars per day ($350 per week) and you'll be seeing seven figures in 23 years... Not bad!

To help you in your quest to become a millionaire (or whatever financial goal you have), we will teach you:

  • How to build your own stock or ETF portfolio online
  • How to minimize your tax bill using registered accounts and various financial products
  • How to pick stocks
  • How to pick ETFs
  • How to build an income generating portfolio using ETFs, dividends stocks and REITS
  • How to reduce your fees by taking advantage of Robo-advisor and brokerage promotions
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes autonomous investors make 

We are very serious about this course being interesting. Therefore, we have invented a Yawn-Free Guarantee. If at any point you find yourself dozing, yawning or otherwise feeling bored by Not Another Boring Course About Investment, send us a message and we will reimburse you in full. No questions asked.

What are the funds for?

While the Hardbacon team is pretty smart, we’re not building Not Another Boring Course About Invesment by ourselves. We’ve invited a whole host of experts:  Certified Financial Planners and Portfolio Managers (among other financial titles) and to answer the really tough questions. Of course, we’re only inviting professionals that are going to knock your socks off!

Here are few fascinating experts that are working with us:

A campaign like this doesn’t come to life without the incredible hard work of many people - it takes a village.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Ian Marcoux, who filmed and edited the campaign video. Thank you also to La Gare and Centech who have housed and supported us for months, Budgeto and Metrics Watch who let us use their icredible products, as well as MACI and Sauvegardezvous.ca who helped us maintain our website. Thank you also to Didacte, the online platform who is going to house this course, and for their unflappable support. Thank you to all of our ambassadors for your support. 

Thank you also to Connor Tessier, Felix Charest, Marjorie Théorêt -Thériault, William Charbonneau, Zorah Zaheg, Tony Doan, Olivier Six, Nicolas Léveillé, and Felix the cat for your time, skills and beauty.

Finally, a special thanks goes to BMO for sponsoring our campaign.

About the project owner

Hardbacon is on a mission to turn investing in the stock market a simple and profitable process for everyone. To achieve that, the Montreal based fintech startup is developing a mobile app that will allow anyone to invest on the stock market without getting lost. But Hardbacon is much more than an app. On Hardbacon.ca, the company helps Canadians pick robo-advisors and brokerages (among other financial services) through its easy-to-use comparators. Hardbacon also publishes content about investment that's relevant and interesting. And, if this crowdfunding campaign is successful, Hardbacon will be a monopoly in the unboring online investment courses sector.