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HapPap happy paper craft!

Happy crafts for the Happy kids

About the project

Hello! I am the creator of the HapPap project (Happy Paper crafts)!

Two years ago, I created my own technique of making fruit and vegetable from tissue paper.

The Story of My Discovery: "While I was developing my finger puppet project, I wanted to make my first cartoon video for the one of the fairy tale and wanted integrate the characters in a beautiful landscapes with a cardboard house, paper trees ... I also wanted to add a small vegetable garden for the image becomes more beautiful and to better feel the atmosphere of the village. And I found a small piece of green tissu paper at home, and a packet of the paper handkerchiefs was on hand.

So I began to make cabbage from the tissue paper, and that's how I started my new project HapPap! 

Gradually practicing, I chose the tissue paper because it is soft and pleasant to the touch, there is a large choice of colors and it allows to create many fruits and vegetables, and much more. Inside, there are always  handkerchiefs. With these, young and old can easily shape each shape: an oval, a sphere, a cube ...

It is an exciting and fun activity, an excellent exercise for the development of motor children's skills ... and also of adults, a work of patience and simple creation.

In today's World that is looking for a healthy lifestyle, good food, looking for using the eco-friendly products, a World that looks to the direction of nature, I believe that we need projects that allow us to give our children a good education, to consider beauty in everyday life and to learn more about nature and all that it gives us.

Today I would like to share with you my discoveries and offer you the Creative Kits (suitable for all ages) to have a fun of making fruits and vegetables from tissue paper and even dishes like a set of sushi, a hamburger, pizza ... the only limit, our creativity!


What are the funds for?

I need your help for:

Once enough funds have been collected, I could pay for the work of a professional photographer.

Thus we will be able to organize a professional photo shoot of the process of creation of fruits and vegetables (and other original creations) from tissue paper according to my own technique.

From these photos, we will be able to make a detailed instruction (tutorial) for the creation of each fruit, each vegetable and more!

I will publish these tutorials of the process of manufacturing fruits and vegetables. We can also develop the packaging and assemble them to make a finished product!

More ... if I'm going to have more
I can create new tutorials for you (photos and videos) I will have other new ideas related to my project to discuss later. Let's start that already.

About the project owner


Journalist of specialized of PR, I worked in the field of the media (magazines, radio and television), the organization of events (public or private), I also directed a department of advertising agency . Professional, responsible, sociable, determined and free from any commitment.

Larst years  I have developed my own projects:

- OMIKSE - creation of finger puppets on fairy tales and animal puppets
- HapPap - creation of fruits and vegetables made of tissue paper.

I am the mother of a 7 year old boy. Thanks to him, I discovered my ability to create. Each of my creations was practiced with my son. He loves to create vegetables and fruits of tissue paper.

I like to animate creative workshops and see the pleasure of the participants and share with them a pleasant moment.

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