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Social & contributive travel guide for disabled persons

About the project

Handiplanet is a collaborative travel guide that allows disabled persons to organize, plan and prepare their travel thanks to accessibility feedback, insider tips from people in the same situation. This travel guide was imagined my Melina and Emmanuel as a result of a trip to Greece for which we could not find reliable accessibility information. 

Within this platform, you will find information about the accessibility of places (bars, restaurants, museums ...) according to your own mobility but also photos, feedback. The tool, in addition to offering reliable and complete information, give "Globerollers" the opportunity to get in touch with those who have already traveled, thus enabling them to better project themselves on their journey

In 2016 Mélina and Emmanuel wanted to go in Greece for holidays. They almost give up traveling because they couldn’t found reliable informations about accessibility according to Melina's access needs. She is moving in a wheelchair with a removable battery motor.

There is more than 36 Millions persons with a reduced mobility in Europe. These persons are physically and financially able to travel  but their access needs are different from one to another. However 80 % of them don't travel because theay don't find a reliable information they trust.

That's why information about accessibility must be directed correlated to the access needs of everyone:

The problem with existing solutions?

Informations are not updated, most of the time incomplete, scattered , partially incorrect because provided by professionals.

Impossible for disabled persons to picture themself traveling safely.

ENGLISH SUBTITLED  are available on this following Video:

What are the funds for?

We already launched a test version but not quite complete. Therefore, hundreds of disabled travelers already created an acount and shared their experience about acessibility on more than 12 countries, which is very encouraging.


it is time to finalize and secure this test version into a complete plateform multidevice responsive , easy to use for everybody  and available in english. 

To create this platform we need at the minium de  €20 000 which used as follwed:

  • Simple Web design & english user interface (user experience)  35%
  • Web coding of the front and back office                                      54%
  • Website hosting and informatic maintenance                                3%
  • Ulule commision                                                                             8%


  • Enhanced user experience and web design & mutlilingual inetrface
  • New feature for standard users who wants to blog on handiplanet
  • Visulally impaired and hard of hearing will be able to use our platform

Once the plateform will be launched we really want to improve the user experience by addind 2 new essential feature for our travelers. To run such a collaborative plateform, we need people to moderate/ validate all the content in order to have some relevant and useful informations. A part of the additionnal €20 000 will be used to pay our first hiring.

This how the money will be splited:

Adding new central fetaures:                       40%

                 Create a personalize travel diary for all the travelers

                 Booking from handiplanet all your accessible hotels, restaurants and other accessible activities. 

Hiring a person during one year:                  60%

About the project owner


Due to her degenerative myopathy ; Melina is in a wheelchair with a removable battery motor. Always in search of adventure, discovery, escape and sometimes even thrills. Despite her handicap Melina crunches life to plain teeth! As an aware "globeroller" she loves to travel even in limited access places because she says it herself : "always seeing the glass half ful!"

Caughting the travel bug since he was a child , Melina's brother is an entreprenour in the digital industry, he realize he could use his skills to help disabled people around the world to help them travel safely to make the world accessible for everybody. Emmanuel like also Basketball and plays guitar on his spare time.

Our mission is to improve the mobility of disabled tourists through a social and contributory travel guide linking their specific access needs to tourism stakeholders.

  • Improving  disabled mobility: Information is reliable encouraging disabled persons being actors of the french social & economic fabric
  • Breaking the social isolation: Thanks to a centralized social tourist network. Custom information enables disabled tourist to connect with each other.
  • Guarantee mobility of  future society: Informations will be useful for tomorrow disabled tourist in France and across the world.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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