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European All Terrain Wheelchair Tour

About the project

                                    Hello, my name is Yves, I am 56 years old.

In April 2013, during a trip to Burma to visit my three Burmese godchildren sponsored through the association " World Vision ", I contracted a serious debilitating disease, the Guillain- Barré Syndrom. And as I do not do things halves I was hit by a rare variant of this rare disease ! The AMAN shape, Acute Motor Axonal Neuropathy.

Paralyzed in a few days, I was first hospitalized in Thailand before being repatriated by doctors, in France, without being able to meet my godchildren.

The first and only time I traveled by plane, lying !

During my 15 months of hospitalization, first in neurology / intensive care then in a rehabilitation center, I had plenty of time to think about my future. And I' ve never imagined it different than before.

Sports ( sailing, hiking, martial arts) , traveling, it is therefore natural that I chose to explore Eurpoe, obly with an
electric wheelchair.

The goal to reach the North Cape, the northernmost point of Europe, using possible paths and trails, and avoiding large cities.
With a range of one hundred kilometers and an average speed of 20 km / hour, I will have to recharge every day the 3 batteries of my chair .
For this, as my friend Antoine de Maximy does for his French TV show "I'll sleep with you," I intend to meet new people along the way and have them help me by giving me asylum ! And of course, I will film these encounters, and upon my return make a documentary film.

After months of preparation, the project is well advanced, the departure scheduled for the first days of march 2015 is getting near, almost financially buckled up I now need a few thousand euros.

It is at this point that begins a solidarity project.

Some friends bring me their help, and the idea of presenting the project on a crowdfunding site is launched.

I still need to get some video equipement and get help on my site through which i will communicate with my followers

What are the funds for?

The bulk of the material is already purchased.

I still have to make make bindings for my 2 cameras, buy chargers and spare batteries.

But the most important thing is the expenses during the trip.

Ferry costs, I believe 450 €

Accommodation costs, either hotel nights or gifts to people that will host me : € 2,700 or 10 € / day

Food costs : € 4,000 or 15 € / day

Spare tires : € 1,500 ( 4 sets of tires cost € 150 and allow me to travel 1500 km)

That's a total of € 8,650, plus any contingencies ( maintenance, repairs,...) and I can not quantify.

My Disabled Adult Allowance will cover part of the costs, but not all.

I estimated at € 2,500 the minimum necessary to leave.

Over € 2500 for film editing, that will be much easier, but I'll talk about that later.


Counterparties are little things that are offered in exchange for your donations.

For example, for € 25 I propose earrings I make origami and seed beads, rabbits, or " hare cousins" if you are superstitious sailor, flying cranes and parrots.

It was originally an occupational therapy exercise to regain mobility of my fingers, it became a passion.

Creole silver, gold or black 35 mm diameter, 48 cm necklace.

Silver or gold hoop, diameter 45 mm.

                          I offer other models to my blog

About the project owner

The bearer of this project is Yves, 56, an "unstable" worker who never signed a permanent contract.
 Along with my professional life (in the construction field), I always had an intense community life as well as sports oriented.

As a Sports instructor, I assured volunteer work, for fifteen years, Karate classes in 4 clubs, in Guadeloupe and in France in the Herault departement.
 I also mentored academic support classes for elementary and middle school students, French courses for foreigners, and adult literacy classes.

On average, 10 volunteer hours per week for 20 years.

I am also the sponsor/ godfather of  three girls who live near Rangoon, Myanmar, the former Burma. It is while  visiting them, in April 2013, that I contracted the disease I suffer from  today. I was unfortunate and did not even get to meet with them.
I intend to visit again as soon as my health allows me to.

Travel has always been a big part of my life.

At the sailing I visited the Channel Islands, the islands of the Mediterranean, theCaribbean, and South America.

Spain , Portugal, Morocco, Thaïlande, Burma, are countries that I have had the chance to visit.

In 2010, I had 15 days of walking on the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela, Le Puy en Velay to Cahors.

And I have created a blog to talk about unpretentious walks and other activities around my village in France, in the Hérault, mainly for children.

To tell my illness, my project, and you can follow me on my journey there this blog

For Facebook users, you can visit my page