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Guilhöm, first Album

An introspective and acoustic musical journey.

About the project

I am GUILHÖM, singer, guitarist and songwriter , originally from Montpellier (France). My folk universe is nourished by many influences ( blues, rock, Oriental , African ... ). On stage it's a musical journey that I propose , enriched by loops recorded live and several instruments ( I play the acoustic and electric guitar, clarinet, duduk , percussion ... )

Music is the engine of my life, the essence of all my feelings, forever. After having walked the scenes for almost 20 years with my bands Ipecacuana (hardcore fusion) and Bran Terror (electrodark wave), I felt the need to compose more introspective, acoustic and personal songs. And since 2011, solo or duet, I had the opportunity to travel these melodies in France and Spain.

Finally I recorded my first album: 10 tracks have been boxed in The Mirador Studio in Corconne (Scotch & Sofa , Crunchers , Poussin, Department ... ) and in a XIIth century Romanesque church (the church of St. Felix of Bayssan) by Infernale Machine. I worked with two professional audio engineers recognized for the quality of their recordings: Matteo Mannoni and David Darmon .

For the occasion, talented musician friends have been guests on the album:

> Sam Burguière from Ogres de Barback on trumpet.
> Gaelle Costil Cello for Miossec, Général Alcazar, Laurent Garnier, Dimoné...
> Valentin Sanchez drummer of Koléorchis, Dr Eggs...
> Lucie Folch from the band Harp N' Gun aux vocals.
> David Darmon of War Of Love and from the Mirador Studio on bass and keyboards.

The recording of the album was a long and complicated process, because I had very specific ideas in mind. I wanted to offer quality album, we worked long and reworked arrangements, explored ways to provide the best possible recordings. The choice of using the pieces for some magical and special acoustics of a church was such a conscious choice for example.

A first crowdfunding campaign was launched and then abandoned about a year, at a time when the project was questioned ( choice of music and musicians). But this episode was ultimately a blessing in disguise and one year after a more artistically successful album is recorded, of which I am particularly proud !

What are the funds for?

The making of an album is expensive. 10 tracks have been recorded with many arrangements, many instruments (electric and acoustic guitars, clarinet, drums, duduk, cello, vocals, xylophone, percussion, analog keyboards, using different configurations, amps etc.) But the recording sessions are only a first step.

Today it remains to finance all those important steps that will offer you a true finalized album:

> Mixing: around 3300€
> Mastering: around 400€

> SDRM (french authors' rights tax): around 400€
> Pressing of 500 cds digisleeve: around 800€

> Ulule costs: around 360€

A total of about € 5260 that I unfortunately do not have. That's why I solicits your help because without it, all the work already done on this album and the money already invested would be useless. In order not to risk too much , I solicits your assistance for only part of that amount.

However if your generosity is even greater, if the total sum needed was outdated, I could offer you a more elaboraterecord sleeve, but also make posters, greater promotion for the release of this album . Everything would obviously be reinvested in full in this project that's so important to me.

This album will be supported by three associative structures :Broken Toys (Italian label) Phazzz and Yaldise Music(association) and I'm also looking for a label in France and a distributor. However nothing can replace your support : Buy this album in advance is the way to give him the clout to defend it by now!

About the project owner

My official website:
My facebook page:

A live video in duet (for the "festival des Nuits Couleurs"):

A cover of Lhasa de Sela (one of the artists that I love!)

With this solo project, I had the chance to share the stage with many talented bands and artists among which She Owl ( US folk / Italy ), Peter Piek ( Folk Germany) , Ghost To Falco (rock US), Dr Eggs (Hong Kong rock fusion) Department (rock France ), Nika (folk groove France), Harp N Gun (folk France), The Chase (Pop rockFrance) Aissate (world music France / Mauritania) ... I made travel my music in France and Spain, played in festivals ...

Initially, "Guilhöm" project was born as a recreation. Some songs folk lofi , vaguely blues , recorded at home on a wooden guitar, a few modest pieces , some nostalgic note accumulated without actually engaging in a specific direction, but with a true desire to escape. Influenced by travels in India and Asia the idea was here:
Daring finally to venture into more acoustic and peaceful environments, just make my fingers dance on the neck of a guitar ... allowing the spirit to travel and operate in a way a return to basics.

In the background, I wanted to mix all my influences (folk, blues, rock, song but also world music) to open the four horizons but also to be unfaithful to my first musical loves (electrical, metal with Ipecacuana , industrial with Bran Terror)

Gradually these very intimate songs have shaped the new arrangements, suggesting new musical colors, new environments, many roads to be taken, suggest mental images and sensations . I write (in English or French) poetic lyrics sometimes leaving wide room for interpretation , but often tinged with nostalgia.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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